Cash Out VA Loan Refinance

See the Basics of VA Refinancing

PLEASE NOTE that the following information is strictly educational. VA Mortgage Center does not offer VA Refinancing options. To use your VA Loan benefits for VA Refinancing, please visit Veterans United Home Loans and get started today!

VA Streamline Refinance Information

A VA streamline is a quick and easy way to lower your rate and save you money.

  VA Streamline Benefits Include:
   No out-of-pocket costs
    In some cases, No appraisal required
    No income verification required to qualify

Lower Your Monthly Payment

The Fed has reduced interest rates yet again bringing them down to all-time record lows. Analysts predict a large increase in interest rates in coming months so the time to refinance is now! Whether you are currently in a VA Loan, or are in a Conventional loan, a VA refinance can save you big every single month.

Getting started with a VA Streamline Refinance is easy. Contact Veterans United Home Loans, and get started today

New Cash-Out Refinance Option

Recent legislation has created a special opportunity for you to refinance your existing mortgage into a VA Loan with great benefits. The Veterans' Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 allows you to free up cash with a Cash Out Refinance, up to 90% of your current loan-to-value. Use the cash out program to pay off debt, make home improvements simply have more cash on hand each month.

VA Mortgage Center does not offer either of the popular VA Refinance options; however, to use this benefit, please contact Veterans United Home Loans today!.

VA Mortgage Center is a VA Approved Lender. Not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by a government agency. Mortgage Research Center – NMLS #1907

To learn more about your VA Loan benefits, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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