About YouServed

YouServed was a Military Blog and Podcast to discuss military issues, promote new initiatives and provide information on military benefits.

YouServed Radio aired its last episode on 18 December, 2012. This page remains in memory of over 4 years of amazing shows.

Notable YouServed Guests

  • Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
  • Lieutenant General (ret) William Boykin
  • Medal of Honor Recipients Paul Bucha and Leo Thorsness
  • Former Army Captain and author of "Outlaw Platoon", Sean Parnell

YouServed Stats

In YouServed's four amazing years, over 1 million visitors found their way to the site, with 7,500 weekly listeners to the BlogTalkRadio podcast.

YouServed has also been mentioned in thousands of media outlets, blogs, military sites and print publications.

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