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The Kessler Family, Orange, MA

Mr. Long,

Thank you for your recent follow up to our home purchase. I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme satisfaction with working with your company and Mike Mange in particular.

I owned a home purchased on a VA loan but sold 10 years ago, as my youngest son has graduated this year it was time to purchase a new home again. When I purchased my last home I worked strictly with the bank, they did not have any experience with the VA loan process and it was a very cumbersome,tedious, and often times painful process. This time around I was researching what was new in the VA loan world and found your company. I did my home work and found VAMortgageCenter has a number of recommendations from esteemed business magazines online. I was impressed and gave you a call just to get some fact finding.

From the first phone call I worked with Mike Mange, I must say I work in the medical industry and deal with customers directly daily and like to pride myself on Customer Satisfaction, but I could definitely learn some things from Mike. Mike Mange is the most professional person I have ever dealt with from any company. From the first call he answered all of my questions no matter what time day or night, and everything he told us was going to happen did, right on schedule. Mike lined us up with a realtor who called within an hour of Mike forwarding them our area of interest. Just top notch service all the way around.

I know a home purchase is never an easy process, but thanks to VAMortgageCenter and Mike Mange everything went as smooth as possible. I have already started telling ex-military friends if they need a home or refinance call VAMortgageCenter

Photos of the Kessler family sent to us shortly after moving into their new home. Click to enlarge.

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