A great ride….

April 30, 2013 By
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As I announced a couple of weeks ago, we are stopping the blogging here at You Served. I hope it stays up because I think we have a ton of good material here, but that will be up to VUHL since this is their site.

You may have noticed a flurry of blog posts over the last week or so. Sorry there have been so many at once, but these were all ones I had in draft versions which I wanted to get posted before the end of blogging here.

Ironically I have been courted by some other sites to write for them and fellow bloggers too, but between by own site at www.bouhammer.com along with the other blogs I write on, the Top Talk Radio show, my full time job, volunteer work and of course family maybe this is a break I need.

Anyway, it is all good and I will leave it in God’s hands. Like I said before, things change and I am honored to have written on this site for so long and the great opportunities that VAMC and VUHL gave me and the others who used to write here.

I encourage you to check out VUHL’s other sites and online presence at:






So thank you all for your readership, comments and interaction on this site. It has been a great ride….



3 Responses to A great ride….

  1. Lance Stockinger

    Thank you for the great ride! In my experience, changing tracks is never a bad thing. Good luck to you .

  2. Thank YOU. All the best to you.

  3. Thank you for your contributions!

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