Madison Rising playing the Star Spangled Banner LIVE

September 10, 2012 By
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Madison Rising performing the Star-Spangled Banner from You Served Radio & Blog on Vimeo.

This video was shot from my HD FlipCam at the 2012 Milblogger's Family Reunion held over Labor Day Weekend at the Soldiers' Angels Soldier Support Center in San Antonio, TX. Madison Rising came all the way down to TX from NYC thanks to the support from VUHL and put on a hell of a show. You may notice some back up vocals in the video. Those are provided by our very own CJ Grisham who could not contain himself and just had to sing along, :-). Pay close attention to the start of the video as lead singer Dave Bray is giving a history lesson as to how and why this song was ever written. You may learn something.

These guys are really starting to get noticed and they need to be. They are an awesome band and their music and message needs to be heard. Wendy sent me the following link to a great story about them,

I hope this post gets them some more traction and fans also. Right now they are in the final stretch in a kickstarter fundraising campaign. Three days ago they only had $14,000+ raised towards the goal of $50,000. As of the time of this writing they have 39 hours left and they are at $38,040. They are just under $12K from being able to fund their next album and tour. Check out their kickstarter page at and watch their videos. If you like their music throw them a few bucks and help them make the goal. It will be money well vested.

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