Jamming Out After Hours, Part III

September 10, 2012 By
Posted in Milblog Family Reunion, Video

Here is the last video in my installment of three. This is Josh LaBove from the Texas Rock Band ‘7 Years Today‘ jamming out at the hotel after-hours party after the first night of the 2012 Milbloggers Family Reunion. He is sitting next to fellow band-member Mylon English (playing bongos) and Dave Bray from Madison Rising who throws in a little background vocals to Josh singing. This is the third part of a three video series I videoed in the late hours after the first night of the Milbloggers Family Reunion. It was during this 3rd jam session of the night when the hotel staff informed us that we had to keep it down since was after 2:30AM and as you can hear in this video, Josh cranks it up.

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