Photo of the Day – Army Birthday

June 19, 2012 By
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This year, my Army turned 237! To celebrate, chefs on Ft. Hood baked a HUMONGOUS cake to celebrate. The cake was absolutely delicious.

Photo by CJ Grisham.

What was most impressive about this cake wasn’t its size or height. It wasn’t the great taste. It was actually the centerpiece on the first level.

Photo by CJ Grisham.

That is a chocolate replica of the Phantom Warrior statue that is in the background of the first picture. The Phantom Warrior statue was designed by Frank Frazetta, the same man that illustrated the cover of Molly Hatchet’s debut album with the same image. The chocolate replica, however, was created entirely by Army Chef Private First Class Jamie Nakamoto.

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  1. CJ, you are right…that cake was delicious and the chocolate statue impressive. I was able to enjoy it thanks to the 5-pound piece you brought back to the office! ;-)

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