Dr. Phil: Vets with PTSD Are “Damaged Goods”, “Monsters”

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PTSD: civilians just love to paint veterans as riddled with this disease, causing them to become violent, unhinged lunatics who will explode at the slightest provocation. Look at just about any news story where a violent crime is committed by a veteran, and PTSD is almost immediately floated as the reason. In the media narrative, violence and PTSD go hand-in-hand. At the same time, troops are criticized for not coming forward and admitting they have a problem, and seeking help for it. (Gee, could it possibly be because we paint veterans with PTSD as homicidal lunatics?)

Dr. Phil, arguably one of the most popular talk show hosts on the planet, decided to feature this issue on his show this week. And while he could have taken a reasonable approach, he went straight for the gut instead. Titling the show “From Heroes To Monsters”, he painted a picture of vets with PTSD as ticking time bombs of violence, describing them as damaged goods who “destroy families” and “dismantle marriages”.

Editor note: the video after the jump WILL autoplay.

One of Dr. Phil’s guests, Matt, is a former Marine who struggles with PTSD. He speaks about how, while deployed to Afghanistan, he repeatedly stabbed an enemy combatant in the face, even after he was dead, to get his anger out. He also claims he saw “lots” of innocent people killed, including women and children. (His last name isn’t given, so it’s impossible to verify his claims of killing women and children while deployed to Afghanistan.)

After Matt, Dr. Phil featured Mark and Heather. Mark is another veteran with PTSD who admits he has violent rages, says his life has been destroyed, and is afraid of what he will do to his family. Heather’s husband, Duane, had PTSD. He beat her and set her on fire.

The common thread between all of these stories: violence. Did Dr. Phil ever stop to point out that most veterans with PTSD don’t end up setting their wives on fire or stabbing people repeatedly in the face? Of course not. Indeed, recent research has found that the link between PTSD and violent behavior is actually weak. Another dirty little secret Dr. Phil didn’t feel was necessary to point out: civilians get PTSD, too. In fact, anyone can get it — anyone who has been through a trauma. According to the VA, about 7-8% of the general population will get PTSD at some point in their lives. For veterans, the risk is slightly higher, although not by much at 11-20%. And, believe it or not, the symptoms of PTSD do not include sudden violence such as setting your wife on fire or stabbing people in the face. Common symptoms include reliving the event, avoiding situations that remind you of it, feeling numb, feeling jittery, suddenly being angry or irritable, having trouble sleeping, etc. Setting your wife on fire? Not so much a normal occurrence. While relationship problems and violence may occur, acting as if it is a foregone conclusion (as Dr. Phil did) and saying that vets with PTSD are “monsters” is ridiculous and offensive.

It has been noted time and again, including here at You Served, that there is a stigma associated with veterans who have PTSD. While things may slowly be getting better, we still have a long way to go. And clearly, that goes for civilians as well. When the leading daytime talk show host runs a show calling veterans with PTSD “monsters” and “damaged goods”, it’s no wonder that there is a stigma attached to PTSD. The media gleefully paints vets who struggle with it as ticking time bombs, as stereotypes of lunatics about to snap at any given moment. The narrative isn’t new… but I don’t ever recall seeing veterans being so blatantly insulted by being called “monsters” and “damaged goods”.

I’m curious if Dr. Phil honestly thinks it’s helpful to paint such a negative, violent picture of veterans struggling with PTSD. I would wager he doesn’t care at all about how this affects our military. Because if he did, this show wouldn’t have existed. What he has done is continue to spread a false and harmful narrative about our troops, which spreads the stigma associated with PTSD even further. And what does that do? It encourages veterans who are struggling with symptoms of PTSD to become even more reluctant to come forward and seek help. Why would they? They’re being told that they’re monsters, damaged goods, violent abusive lunatics. While Dr. Phil is by no means the only perpetrator, this is by far the worst example I have seen in the media.

Having PTSD does not make you “damaged goods”. Does having cancer make someone damaged? What about depression, or bipolar disorder, or any number of other diseases? Telling someone who has PTSD that they are a monster and therefore need to get help makes about as much sense as telling a woman who has breast cancer that she’s damaged goods and therefore needs chemotherapy. It’s not going to encourage anyone to actually seek help. What it will surely do for vets, though, is reinforce the idea that they are somehow broken, that they’ll be judged and punished for having PTSD, and make them think that they are right to not tell anyone and to not get help. None of our troops who are afflicted with PTSD are monsters, they are not damaged, and 99% of them are not violent, homicidal maniacs about to snap at any moment.

The men and women who serve in our Armed Forces give up so much. They sacrifice their time with their families, their bodies, and their lives. For some, they sacrifice their mental health. This does not make them broken, or crazy, or violent, and it especially does not make them monsters. Meanwhile, here is Dr. Phil, taking the sacrifice and exploiting it, calling our troops — who have already given up so much for us — monsters. He should be ashamed of himself.

If he has any honor at all, any gratitude for the service of our veterans, he’ll issue an apology and a retraction. You can contact the Dr. Phil Show at:


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168 Responses to Dr. Phil: Vets with PTSD Are “Damaged Goods”, “Monsters”

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  2. Cassy, good job for taking Dr Phil to task on this. It needs to be repeatedly addressed until they catch on that it is UNACCEPTABLE to perpetuate the violent veteran with PTSD meme.

    • I am not sure what to make of this, as someone who has been in the military for a total of going on 15 years, I have been deployed to Iraq and while yes, I have not officially been diagnosed with PTSD, I do have several of the signs and symptoms. As far as the damaged goods crack, I am still currently serving in the military. If I were damaged goods, the military would not allow me to remain in the military. As far as being a monster, I believe that my wife of 12 years and my 3 beautiful kids would disagree. While having PTSD can be a somewhat debilitating disorder, it does not determine who we are as a person. While yes, those of us who have PTSD are susceptible to irritablity and occasional outbursts of anger, it is ultimately us who decides what our actions are going to be. Yes, my wife and kids do tend to make me angry at times, I do not attempt to set them on fire, or harm them in any way, instead, I go outside and smoke a cigarette, in essence, I take a time out so that I have a chance to calm myself down so that I won’t say or do anything that I might regret. Am I damaged? Possibly, but I can still function like any ordinary person. A monster? Definetly not. I gladly serve in the military because there are people who don’t have the b*lls to, and there are people who for one reason or another, want to but are unable to. It saddens me to think that I and others like me have and are serving our country to defend Savage’s and other peoples rights to say the things about us that they do. For those people, I say… “If you don’t support and stand behind our military troops, feel free to stand in front of them!” It doesn’t matter if this war is pointless or not, when you are in the military, you go where you are told to go when you are told to go there and do what they tell you to do. We may not like it, but that is just the way it is.

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  4. Dr Phil was trying to say PTSD and multiple deployments were the reason for Hasan shooting up Ft. Hood before any details were released too.

  5. Dr. Phil is a hack and psychologist imposter who does far more damage than good.

  6. I have had PTSD since 1968 and have done quite well considering that fact!! I have a wonderful wife for years and 5 children!!! Ask them if I am DAMAGED GOODS or a MONSTER!?!? I knew there was a reason I never watched this jerk and it upsets me that he would pick the veterans of this country to try to add drama to his show!!! To my Brothers I say SEMPER FI to This so called doctor I say screw you!!!!!!!!!! oops my PTSD just reared it’s ugly head (LOL)

  7. Mike H. in Spokane

    It occurs to me that Dr. Phil is damaged goods because he’s an entertainer and everybody knows about them!

  8. I’ve served my country, got ptsd AND I’m bi polar. I do VERY well, thank you very much. I’m not violent, don’t snap on others or hurt them and I’m certainly not damaged. I’ve always said Phil was a frickin idiot and now he’s gone too far! Piss off and die, Phil. My family is perfectly happy without you and that mindless dribble spewing from your mouth you like to call intelligent speech.

  9. waaaaaaaaah you went to Iraq and now you’re f-ed mentally. Pointless war, waist of money, you don’t get my sympathy for being a pawn.

    • Savage, thanks for your heart felt comment relaying how you have exactly zero clue about the military and PTS. You’re quite the shining example of how Dr. Phil only made people much like you hate the military even more. Hope to see you around more.

    • It doesnt matter if its a pointless war or a wast of money. WE made the choice to elect the people in office that made this choice for our country. you are ignorant my soilder doesnt think of it as pointless he thinks of it as a duty to his brother and sisters to his country he had the guts to stand up and take one for the team. i would say to you savage if you dont want to stand behind our soliders you are more then welcome to stand in front of them or MOVE to another country that would accept you lack of patriotism.

    • Savage you are the one who is f**ked. Take your head out of your a** before commenting on a subject you clearly know nothing about. Education is free. Take advantage of it. You may learn something before opening your mouth and looking stupid

    • savage is just looking for attention. there is no other reason to post a comment like that on a thread like this.

    • Savage – As an antiwar organizer myself, I say this with all sincerity: You’re a horrible person, you lack compassion, and you’ve lost all sense of perspective. The troops weren’t the ones who started the war, and for all your bleating about the war being a “waist [sic] of money,” it’s the troops and their families who are really paying the cost of it.

      Even the hardcore Marxists would at least try to show some condescending pity. At best, you’re just a jackass. Do us all a favor and tip your Big Gulp of Diet Mountain Dew onto your keyboard.

    • Savage…Everyone is entitled to there opinion. I love people like you…unappreciative,selfish, worthless,idiot scum suckers that feed off and live in the very country that our soldiers and veterans have protected!!!! Really, how dare you! You…Savage are the kind, that Dr. Phil should be exposing as “damaged goods and Monsters!”

    • your clueless. do you think the same about our vets from viet nam, korean, world 1 and 2. my husband “viet nam” father “korean” step son “afganistan” all thank you for letting them know their time spent fighting was such a joke and a waste according to you…

  10. I’m old enough to know that this “damaged goods” is a way for Lefties to paint themselves as better than veterans because they chose not to serve. In their hearts they know that they had neither the honor or the courage to serve a single day in the military, even during peacetime. It’s a left-over from the Viet Nam protest days, but serves cowards well today. PTSD surely existed with veterans of all wars, but it was the anti-war (read anti-conservative) movement that saw to it that the very rare instances of PTSD leading to violence got front page coverage and became a mainstay of Hollywood movies. Cowards can never make themselves feel better about their cowardice, but they can make themselves feel morally superior by showing just how correct they were to not get involved in the military by making sure that all of us veterans a painted as damaged goods, while they play the sympathetic supporter. But in their heart they know they are still the real damaged goods.

    • Lefties? Is Ted Nugent a leftie? HA HA HA
      Come on man, let’s be adults and call out people’s BS no matter what side they are on. Phil is POS, plain and simple.

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  12. Why don’t the people who run their mouths volunteer? Whether it is to do volunteer time to a Fire Dept, Police Station or even become an honored member in society as a military member. The stigma of “PTSD Monsters” and “Damaged Goods” comes from people who aren’t volunteering or serving their country, that I’ve seen. Yet we, as I am an active duty SFC (Sergeant First Class) in the US Army, will continue to serve and protect this Great Nation and protect DR. PHIL’s and everyone else’s “Freedom of Speech”. I would love to see you (Dr.Phil) do just one 9-12 month long combat tour away from family and your “Glorified Career” and see how you act. You won’t be able to talk your way outta harms way when the Mortars, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), and multitude of bullets come your way, all that being in a FOB (Forward Operating Base). I don’t believe you would hack it.

  13. Thank you for outing Dr LanPhil for the pig he is!

  14. Really?! Seriously?! This is Ridiculous!!! I am writing in to them. This is COMPLETELY uncalled for. Maybe HE will be the one with PTSD once he finds out that his ratings start going down, how angry America is at this, and HOPEFULLY when his producers cancel his show. This is why I DO NOT watch those shows (not to mention the fact I am REALLY not interested in watching them ever) and the news! They NEVER report anything good about our troops and they will stretch any little grain of bad into boulders and huge things. Boycott Dr. Phil!

  15. One has to recognize that Dr. Phil makes his money off of women. Anything that makes men look bad is food for his dislike of other males. NOTE that most examples are male.

  16. I think Dr. Phil was trying to point out how devastating PTSD can be and the need for more public awareness and help for those affected. The treatment has been through psychotrophic drugs and/or cognitive therapy with some benefical results. Many do not seek treatment and suffer in silence while others speak out and deal with the disorder in their own way, but in any case the problem is not eliminated.

    If you or anyone you know is truly interested in permanently eliminating a PTSD problem, contact me through my website banishblocks.com for a completely private discussion.

    • Dr. Sherry Buffington… With all due respect, I appreciate what you are saying Dr. Phil was trying to do, but lets face it, it’s about ratings and capturing a audience. This was completely done in the wrong way and portrayed the opposite message. It should have been about educating the public of the realities of PTSD, the veterans and soldiers sacrifice, and available resources to help and paint this in a positive light of gratitude
      and healing. I am a very loving proud family member of a soldier and veteran that has suffered from PTSD and sacrificed so much for our country!!! Truly…Truly he is one of the most, if not the most amazing man, I have ever know!!! I have often thought if only there were more rare heroes, men and woman, just like him!

  17. I’m a civilian, so while I have suffered traumatic events they are nothing like what the members of our armed services have endured.
    But to call anyone who is suffering with PTSD a “monster” enrages me beyond belief. Let’s be honest here, “Dr. Phil” is a publicity lover. he’s not a licensed doctor, but calls himself that to give himself a catchier name. He’s trying to get people to tune in for shock value. Instead, people need to contact the station that aired this episode in the local area and tell the station that this is exploitave and inappropriate.

  18. Johnathan Mouton

    Thanks alot Phil, I would like to call you Doctor but we all know the truth about you. So to cover up the facts about yourself, you chose to belittle the greatest part of America by bashing our troops….MY TROOPS!!!! It is so easy for you to judge off of the media because your show research department is just as jacked up as yourself. I suffered with PTSD for 7 years and if anything people with this disease is very scared and lonely. So for you to have a show about veterans who are monsters because of PTSD I beg to differ. To the soldiers who were on the show… next time please go see a real doctor to evauate you instead of giving this “Monster” an oppotunity to exspose to people who will never walk in the shoes of a soldier.

  19. Shame on you Dr. Phil – how about portraying BOTH sides of the coin – those with PTSD that do well also, and are NOT the “monsters” you speak about in this very one-sided episode? You do ALL soldiers with PTSD a disservice by this show. Every soldier who has been in a war zone has PTSD to some extent. I have seen in in my own husband, who, thank God, deals with it in his own way and has never laid a hand on me, nor do I believe he would. Very surprised at your insensitivity and lack of compassion for those who suffer in silence in their own way without harming anyone…

  20. DR PHIL IS NOT A DOCTOR. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology which makes him a Physchologist unable to prescribe medication or any real medical treatment reserved for Medical Doctors in the Mental Health Field (Psychiatrists). He did not attend medical school and therefore is NOTHING BUT “Phil McGraw”. It should be illegal to present himself as a DR. But it fits the Liberal Media agenda of disinformation. PHUCK YOU PHIL! and your sellout career. By the way I just decided… You can refer to me as “Supreme Court Justice” Beaurline and you are charged with disrespecting Honorable Americans who actually serve America. I find you “guilty” of misrepresenting said Veterans and sensationalizing the title of your “show” for ratings and personal gain. I hereby “sentence” you to shut the PHUCK UP, PHIL! Unless you are ready to retract your commentary, your FALSE TITLE, and issue a sincere apology to those who served this County and those viewers you fed your BS to! (pun intended)-Jeff Beaurline US Navy (ret.)-

  21. It’s obvious that Dr. Phil has never served or spent time around Veteran’s. I didn’t watch him before this and I sure as hell won’t watch him after this! I know many fellow Vet’s with PTSD and none of them fit the mold or description he points out.

    Dr. Phil, you sir, are a disgrace to your profession! You have done a great dis-service to your audience and those who have served. GTH!

  22. The reason the media and the government want to paint veterans with the brush of “monsters” or “damaged goods” is because they don’t want to have an honest conversation about their own bad foreign policy mistakes. If a veteran gets upset and voices his opposition to things he sees on the ground, the media/government can just say he or she is just a lunatic suffering from PTSD. It’s just a slick way of crushing a vets freedom of speech.

  23. I don’t understand Dr. Phil if, you, have not lived with or taken care of a veteran with PTSD how you say they are monsters, you are taking it to fact that with the elaborate stories you brought to your progarm on Tv are those of all veterans. This is not so. I am a Vietnam Veteran Wife of 41 years. Times were tough at the beginning-he came home right after TET 1968. He says he can only celebrate being home every four years. He went out of country February 28, 1968. He has been diagnosed with PTSD-our family learned the reasons for night sweats, jerking of the body, not touching or reaching over him while sleeping. It is called controls. Stories of what happened are not good-their scarey and sad, but he gets buy with working a job over 30 years, raising 2 daughters & providing us with love and caring about us. Please apologize to the vets that aren’t out of control and help those without crase words.

  24. Dr. Phil, if in fact you are a doctor, you are a doctor of what? I am a soldier and have been for thirty years. I have PTSD and yet I am happily married, I hold a well paying job, I am also a college student who has been on the Dean’s List twice. Yet according to you I am still a monster because of PTSD, I call B.S. You sir are the monster since you portray yourself as a doctor and what have you done to help individuals like me with PTSD besides of course turn society against us. What I hear you spewing from your mouth is HATE and while we as soldiers will defend to our death your right to call us monsters we don’t have to like it or stand for it. You claim to be a doctor and you have a national television program shouldn’t you have done a little better research and found other soldiers who like me are trying to make a difference in this world and in our lives as we live with the PTSD that you claim makes us monsters. As a “doctor” shouldn’t you be trying to help us instead of turning the world against us. Because of people like you many soldiers will suffer in silence and not get the help they need, you as a doctor should be doing more to help not hurt! Be advised too, its not just soldiers that have PTSD, victims of rape or any traumatic expirience can have PTSD so I guess the little girl down the road that was violently raped and has all the classic symptoms of PTSD is also a monster, according to you! One last question for you Dr. Phil………..When have you served your country?

    • Dan…Thank you with deepest gratitude for your serve to our country!!! I honestly couldn’t have said this better myself…I COMPLETELY AGREE with EVERYTHING you said!!!!!

  25. Marine Mom Mary Hampton

    Okay, let’s roll. Everyone who has a loved one who ever served in the military, and anyone who was ever in a car accident or was in a traumatic life experience, like 9/11 or in Japan for the Tsunami, everyone needs to contact un-Dr. Phil.

    Here is the website page to contact him or simply bing it. (I also boycott google)


    He should have spent a week on the topic, not condense and poorly portray those with post-traumatic stress.

  26. Savage For your inability to have respect for ppl that have died so you would have the chance to speak out against the military you should be proud of yourself. as for doctor Phil its very obvious he has never had a tragic experience in his life first off PTSD is not just a military affliction, it can happen to anyone. PTSD is a basic lack of ability to cope with certain situations. living with PTSD myself i work hard everyday to keep “sane” as i call it but i and many like myself we revert back to our training for many things. in the military we are use to ppl following orders with out saying “why” or giving us “grief ” we expect a certain about of respect when we are outside the military we do not get these things as we expect. Dr.Phil should also thank a vet for having PTSD because that is a result to giving our all everyday to protect the US and her allies.. We made a choice to serve due to whatever it being honor or loyalty it might be a duty whatever our reasons they are our own and for you ppl that made the choice not to serve you will never understand!! i have been in the US ARMY and its components for 18 years and my love for this country goes with out saying i have lost friends and family and i have never once blamed the army for any of those losses my friends made the same choices i have made and i could not have stopped the deaths of my family members even if i was there at the time.. is that cold i don’t think so it is rational thinking that’s one of the things the army thought me.. as for all others that have PTSD
    POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME it could be you if you were Raped or Saw someone die in a car accident or other traumatic event don’t be so quick to Label the Military as monsters we are the 1% of the people in USA because only 1% of these ppl are the ones that cant maintain at little to no fault of their own

  27. USMC Wife and Mom Camp Lejeune,NC

    Alright then I am a USMC WIFE AND MOM and my husband was in Gulf War and Iraq and my son was in Iraq and Afgan, They both came back with problems,, Try serving with your husband and son over in Iraq, I thought I was going to have PTSD.. My husband Ret 30 yrs from the USMC and my son has been in for 12 yrs.. Yeah they have seen allot over there.. I had to get my husband and son HELP .. Since the Military did nothing so we paid out of pocket to seek help with there PTSD, I think that if I did not do this for them things would be different for them.. They got the help .. We joined cause we wanted to not because we had to.. I took them to UCLA they were over the top better then getting help from base.. So Why can’t we have these types of services on base?? But we are not MONSTERS.. Just go and walk in there shoes for a few days and see if you have any problems.. This is WAR and it is HELL… Well you are the Dr I hope that when this SHOW airs that you will talk on where our Troops can get the BEST care like UCLA and have the Dr’s on these Military bases that have knowledge on how to TREAT these guys and gals that are coming back.. My son friend has PTSD so bad the VA hospital put him on Medical marijuana but Active Duty can’t have any help like this. They Military does not even want to use Pain Pills all that you get is the 500 MG to 1000 Mg of Ibuprofen.. I just see that so many troops fall through the cracks or if you ask the Military for Help then you are not being a good military person and might not be ready for deployment, Then you have to hear this from your Co and Xo .. There should be no PROBLEMS for them to ask for help and not let this hurt your time being in the Military.. To many deployments, I have a Friend of a Friend and her hubby just left for his 10th Deployment.. WHY???? That is crazy .. Enough, Enough.. Bring our Military Home and should not worry on Cost at all , They should be able to go anywhere in the USA and get the Right kind of care, If they can fight for the USA and Die then there should be limits on who is going to pay for this.. Dr Phil you want to do something for these guys and gals then Let’s start a Web papge and have names and Dr and that can help them.. Not call them Monsters.. They are not MONSTERS they need HELP.. How come I was able to help my husband and son and get them the Right kind of HELP.. Oh yeah I took them outside the MILITARY to UCLA where they have the Top Doc in the World …

  28. william gladney

    Take a man/woman put him/her alone. 12,000 miles away from home. Empty his/her heart of all its blood. Make him/her live and sweat in mud. This is the life I/we choose to live. This is the soul to the devil I/we give. So have your parties and drink your beer, while young men and women doe over here. Protest the war and have your fun and still refuse to carry a gun. There is nothing else for you to do. Yet, i am suppose to die for you. There is something you should know and that’s where you should go. I’m already here so its to late. I’ve trade all my love for hate. I will hate this place until i die. I will forever hear my mother cry i saw his head and the blood he shed just as doc said “another is dead” It was the highest price a man/woman could pay. So you can live. We Will get our tattoos of skills and tears. So you can scrutinize for many more years. but don’t forget we will always know “YOU NEVER HAD THE BALLS TO GO!!!!!”

  29. I take great exception to your rationale in this PTSD issue. And I hope over the next several months you learn just how much the American populous know about the issue. I hope to be around when you try to spin this so I can laugh at you. Sincerely Patrick L. Kelly

  30. I am usually a fan of most of Dr Phil’s show but this one makes me rather sad. These people only reach a breaking point due to their PTSD and become, in Dr Phil’s words “Monsters” because the government tosses them aside like the days garbage when they get back for their deployments. I would be pretty messed up too if I went over and did what they did. It’s a sacrifice they make without realizing that when they get back and they have does this amazing act of self sacrifice not only for their families and friends but for perfect strangers as well, that they are going to be ignored and treated so poorly. If they were giving the proper treatments and help and not taken advantage of, you would see that rate of them turning into “Monsters” drop by a great deal. Seems like Dr Phil is basically saying for people to treat these men and women like lepers when they get back. It’s just not right.

  31. I saw the episode and Dr. Phil will normally dog any man or a woman who is abusive. In this case he was pretty compassionate toward the men who were on. In one case, the man was acting like a monster, PTSD or no PTSD. In fact, i thought he went a little light on the man. Before anyone jumps all over me, I’m a former soldier and military wife of 20 years. Soldiers certainly aren’t saints and sometimes they can use their service as an excuse for bad behavior though that was not the point of the show.

  32. Dr. Phil is assuming he is the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to psychology and self motivation. Oh and he of course is an expert in everything.

    My mother use to have a saying she would apply to people like Dr. Phil “That man loves to talk and his favorite thing is the sound of his own voice. He has no idea what he talking about so walk away for he is nothing more that the village idiot”…Mom was always right on when she applied this to a person and Dr. Phil you fit the mold here!

    Your manipulation of the service people you had on your show wash shameful! Talk about kicking someone when they are down and you call yourself a psychologist …I would call you a rating seeking sensationalist! How could you be so inhumane as to portray our heroic service people in this manner and in front of their countrymen on national television?

    You have done as much if not more damage as the enemy to our troops with this type of inflammatory, untrue propaganda…yes propaganda for it’s nothing more that. You need to issue an apology to the armed forces and their allies who keep America free and safe for people like you to earn inflated incomes and have the freedom to go spotting off the verbal diarrhea on national television day in and day out.

    I wonder how you would handle yourself after a tour in a combat zone?

    In closing, you should be ashamed of yourself, ashamed to call yourself a psychologist, ashamed to manipulate a brave service-person struggling with PTSD, ashamed of your cowardly on air tactics and last but not least ashamed to call yourself a patriot for a patriot would never manipulate these brave service people for the of gaining a few rating points.

    Your show should be cancelled and deemed a detriment to the country’s well being.

  33. When I first saw Dr. Phils advertisment that he was doing this show…I sent out a post stating my disgust. This man will DO ANYTHING for his ratings. Most likely he and “his staff” offered those that appeared on his show help but didn’t bother telling them the title would be “from hero’s to monsters”….. Why is it Americans will look to some t.v. talk show dr. wanna be verses listening to what their own minds tell them is right or wrong? It is WRONG to assume you can buy a 2.00 magnet that says I support the troops for the bumper of your car, and think you’ve done your part. It is WRONG to continue to allow the people YOU VOTE FOR to approve continued DEFENSE BUDGET CUTS…do you NOT understand that those cuts mean cutting MEDICAL CARE for our troops? Do you NOT get it? They aren’t being cared for properly BECAUSE…..AMERICA refuses to GET INVOLVED in making SURE that your leaders are doing their job and ensuring they are getting proper HELP! Why has no one stopped and questioned the fact that the first lady is supposedly advocating military families while at THE SAME TIME….her husband The President and Commander in Chief approves CUTS CUTS CUTS to the defense budget??? Am I the ONLY one who see’s an issue here? How many of you know that TriCare is the sole healthcare insurance for military members, retirees and their families AND that John McCain headed a committee to CANCEL TriCare for ALL retirees and their families?? That, ladies and gents will mean that the very service members and their spouses who served this country on and off the battle fields for 20 PLUS YEARS… will have NO HEALTHCARE INSURANCE….a benefit they were PROMISED when they signed up to protect you and your freedoms. THAT will mean NO HELP for the recently drawn down troops suffering from a variety of health issues. WHY is it that Americans with the power to vote are NOT on the phones and writting letters and protesting on the streets EVERYDAY to their elected officials letting them know YOU WON”T STAND for our troops being ignored and not properly cared for. Do you people REALIZE that we allow more money for those on welfare/food stamps than we do for the care of those very men and women who volunteered to DIE for us??? A THANK YOU….is not near enough! Stop being “shocked”, stop claiming that you support the troops, stop behaving as if your grateful for all they have done because it’s clear that isn’t the truth otherwise…….we wouldn’t have so many of them suffering everyday and going without proper healthcare and going without proper pay increases. We wouldn’t have our leaders chopping away at the defense budget. Stop turning to shows for the answer and GET INVOLVED with HELPING them and truly supporting them. Our men and women in uniform were NOT sufferers of PTSD, they did not leave for the Middle East missing arms, legs or being scarred by fire BEFORE they signed up to protect this nation….they CAME HOME this way and it is OUR DUTY to take a stand and be the one’s who NOW do the protecting! God Blessing them, and praying for them ISN”T ENOUGH! Take a stand for the troops. There is an election coming up. HOW MANY OF YOU will put tough, well thought out, QUESTIONS to the candidates regarding what they will DO for our troops, our military? So far not ONE QUESTION has been addressed in the Republican nomination candidates regarding our troops. The same will hold true when the current President begins his re-election campaign. Be truthful and admit it……in your life, the troops and their suffering is a non-issue. THAT is WHY they come home and continue to suffer.

  34. This is too funny. Seriously to anyone who needs this statement: if you don’t want to support and stand behind us, please STAND IN FRONT OF US! If you walked a mile in any soldier’s shoes, I would love to get your opinion then. We are the 1% that was BRAVE enough to take a stand for what we believed in! For the 99% that didn’t, no worries, but don’t judge!

  35. Really Dr. Phil!? You spend some time in a combat zone, and go through what we went through, and THEN tell me that you are damaged goods, and a monster. We did what we needed in order to ensure the safety of ourselves and the guys/gals on our left and right. PTSD is a normal occurance to abnormal circumstances. There are accident victims, rape victims, etc that suffer from PTSD, are they monsters too? I think you may want to reconsider your view of the issue. Go to a combat zone, and get bombed on a daily basis, come back and try to reintigrate in to the civilian world and tell me you do not have issues.

  36. This is why I only seek help from military associated centers. Some of us don’t seek help and may never decide to, offering your services means nothing unless we make the effort.

    • Vet,
      Please do not let DR. Phils dumb @ss from seeking help. I am, and have soldiers under me who have issues from our deployments. There used to be a stigma attached to getting help. However, I do not feel that is the case anymore. I have encouraged my guys (no offense ladies, I am in the Infantry) to seek help. PTSD are issues that will not and do not completely go away. Without a positive outlet, and a good support network, it is tougher to succeed. They teach us how to kill effectively, but do not teach us how to reintegrate back to civilian life. An oversight (perhaps), but we have to make sure we take care of ourselves and the servicemembers on our left and right as well!

  37. Ok, when I saw this I was appalled!!! Then I watched the Dr Phil episode that this whole uproar is about and wonder how many of you actually watched the Dr Phil show episode before saying all of the horrible things you are saying? Dr Phil was not only very respectful of the soldiers who served but he gave them the help they so desperately wanted/needed. These men came on the show asking for help and he sent them to specialized treatment centers at no cost to them, there families or the government! He should not be slammed but praised for what he has done. Watch the episode, then judge!!!! …. Don’t take someone else’s word for things before you investigate it yourself!

  38. “That dog don’t hunt” Phil! ;-)

  39. THANK YOU SHAUNA!!!!! They were talking about the specific cases of the show’s guests for that day, not all veterans in general. Quit lumping yourselves in with these extreme cases and then act “offended”.

    I watched the entire show too with my husband who has PTSD and his father killed himself over PTSD. None of us were offended, and we thought the hope and resources that Dr. Phil gives through himself and his advisory board was wonderful.

    Again, don’t lump yourself with these individualized cases and stories on which the TITLE of the show was about, which is WHY it was posed as a question and not a statement!!!!

  40. So according to Dr Phil warriors with PTSD are “monsters”. Really? All 500,000 of them? Do some due diligence and research the illness you quack!

  41. While I can’t speak definitively, since I didn’t actually see the show, I will say it sounds to me like his approach was no different than any other doctor’s. At the end of the day, I get the impression there is no objective way to diagnose or treat PTSD, so his words are just that – an opinion – and we all know about opinions.

    With regards to the title, I can understand the outrage but a couple of points need to be made.

    1) I have no bias for or against Dr. Phil. Truthfully, I couldn’t care less what he does or does not say or portray.

    2) I have become a “monster” of sorts. Let’s review…driving a car through my house, destroying 2 vehicles and a garage, attempting suicide, constantly in rage, nightmares, disassociation, and so bloody much more….doesn’t sound like a “normal” person to me. Every single day I wake up wondering if today will be my last on this planet. Every moment of life is spent living on a razors’ edge – between “normalcy” and complete loss of my faculties. Every person I speak with does not have a definitive solution.

    3) Get over yourselves! Again, you are taking words, however ambiguous, and twisting them to fit your own desire for attention. I’m sure the intent was not to offend, but to describe the difference between normal and abnormal behaviour. I would recommend you take that anger and put it toward something beneficial.

    4) Most of the negative posts I’ve read throughout the Internet have been made by spouses defending their vets condition. For that I say, “THANK YOU”. On behalf of the rest of us “Monsters”, I don’t think it really matters what anyone call us. We DO NOT live in the same world as the rest of the world. The number one issue we have is wanting to live in a world without fear, rage, distrust, disassociation, numbness, etc.

  42. For those who haven’t watched the show, please know that this article is inflammatory nonsense and taken out of context. Dr. Phil offered guidance and counsel to these suffering souls, never labeling them with the derogatory words mentioned. And, geez, how about a little more compassion for those who’ve served and are now struggling with NORMAL emotions due to what they’ve inflicted on innocent victims?? You who are pious about your service and condemning of soldiers who now suffer (many have seen worse things than others, remember) are a HUGE part of the problem for veterans. Quit being self-righteous prigs and realize that not all are meant to KILL.

  43. I think Dr Phil’s approach is great! For decades ptsd has been pretty much swept under the rug…making it more easily ignored. By addressing the problem in the manor to which he is, he will brew up some controversy (makes for good ratings) and will bring this subject to the forefront, by using a common stereotype of wounded service men and women. By bringing this out in the open in such a manor that pisses off “JOHN DOE PUBLIC”, will open up serious discussions and hopefully some much needed aid to the suffeering individuals…PURE GENIUS DOC!!!!!!!! I am certain in my heart that Dr. Phil has or had no evil intent towards our sevice men and women.

  44. I haven’t seen the show, but I get the general drift. I am not here to attack Dr. Phil or the show. I am here to put in my $.02! I did serve one tour in the Navy. As a civilian with PTSD, who has suffered with PTSD most of my life, I can tell you that it has been hell. Relationships have been very difficult and etc. I do not consider myself as damaged goods however, I consider myself to be injured. Just like a person that has been in a car accident or any other kind of traumatic event. Injured is the correct word to use, NOT damaged!

  45. I watched the show and I think my filters are probably a bit different than most of you who have PTSD. I do not suffer from PTSD and do not have a family member with it. However I am in grad school to get my MA in Counseling so I can work in this field. I am on your side. I am also not a fan of Dr. Phil because he sensationalizes things and he did this with this show. Showing the same scenes over and over lead is sensationalism. And because he sensationalizes things (which of course gets ratings) he showed three extreme cases. I really wish he would have provided a more balanced program in that respect. I wish he had a panel of PTSD sufferers and their spouses to really talk about this, what’s being done to treat PTSD and what more needs to be done. Dr. Phil had the opportunity to be a better advocate and he fell short. And the title of the show was also designed to get viewers. It was misleading though. You are not monsters. Now to address some of the misperceptions. First Dr. Phil is a doctor in that he has his doctorate in psychology. He at one time was licensed to practice. No is he not an MD. Second, while he had three extreme cases, he did give the proper respect and honor to the Marine and Soldier featured. He is also using his resources to get them help as well as the wife whose husband set her legs on fire. He also put information about PTSD on his website and talked about what causes it at the beginning of the show. So, could he have done better? Without a doubt. However, if you want to make your point to his producers about his show, please do it with as much respect as possible so your opinion will be taken seriously. The best advocates for getting additional funding for PTSD research and treatment are you the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors and their families who suffer from it. You are the face of PTSD. You are the ones our president, congressmen and military leaders need to be hearing from and seeing. Don’t allow the current administration to do its usual double speak. Hold them accountable and likewise, hold Mitt Romney accountable and all those seeking election in November. You deserve it.

  46. You are the monster! Dr Phil! and I use that title lightly! What could you possibly know about this? Did you put on the uniform and go there? Did you go and put your life on the line? I think not! How dare you insult the the bravest and best people in this world! because in my opinion it is an insult to all of the men and women who have served and are still serving in our military! none of us who have ever had the experience of going into those kinds of situations can every truly understand what it would be like to do so. I could never truly understand it myself but my heart goes out to all of those men and women who went to serve our country and to help to restore justice. They should never be looked up on or called monsters! They should be admired and looked up to for all of the sacrifices they have made for so many! I love all of our military people they are some of the finest people on this earth and should all be treated with the greatest respect and honor we can give. and in my opinion regardless of what you or anyone else says they will always be my heroes!

  47. Dr. Phil’s comments are the most idiotic I have heard. As a veteran with PTSD I am deeply insulted. He has know idea what he is talking about. Veterans and members of the military should boycott his show. The unemployment rate for veterans returning from combat is around 36%, much higher than the national average because of people like him who have placed a stigma on veterans. I can only say Dr. Phil is an idiot in my humble opinion.

  48. Dr Phill needs to be sent to boot Camp, trained to kill and then taken for three tours to Afghanistan and Iraq and let him drive over a few mines and lose some limbs and then sit while they are pot shooting at him….then keep him up all night during manuevers and then shoot at him all day……then and only then…..bring him home and sit him in his home environment and see if he feels or acts differently…..

  49. Dr Phil,
    PTSD is a national issue, the story you have sensationalized “From Heros to Monsters” only tells part of the story. With the military being 1% of our American population do you think it is really fair to highlight the trauma that has impacted our lives. How about a story on PTSD that impacts everyone in the USA, Policemen, Firemen, EMTs, Rape victims, and crime victims – the list is endless and as a professional you should bring to light the other 99% of the population.
    I am a Veteran, I have PTSD, and I AM NOT A MONSTER! I have a problem and I am getting help for it, I am unemployed and have been asked during job interviews if “I would go Postal”. I have been immediately “medically” disqualified from employment when I admit; I have been in for counseling to help with my PTSD. We as Veterans prepare for these questions and with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans current unemployment rate pushing 17%, many veterans are removing military service from their resume. I find it very sad you would take advantage of me and sensationalize this horrific problem. Please follow up with a story that shows the successes of proper care and counseling that return any person with a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to society as productive citizens. We need your help and by painting us in the light you have done, I fear you have closed the door to recovery for many that might have sought help but now fear the label MONSTER.

  50. Debbe In Florida

    “Dr.” Phil blows me away I used to watch him until I realized that he thinks he knows something about everything. I didn’t watch the show that everyone is referencing, but reading all these posts I am so glad that I didn’t. My dad served in WWII, we have pictures of what went on over there in the Philipines, all the bodies stacked up to bury, other things which I see in the pictures. His horrible stories of what he and his military brothers went through were horrific!! I hold the upmost admiration and respect for ALL Military men and women regardless of branch, rank or if they were on the front line or not. I’m really not sure what PTSD is, but I think it must have something to do with the pain, agony, fear, flash backs, and horrible things seen while in combat! Dr. Phil, you seriously need to see a Dr. yourself and you owe all the men and women that have served and are still serving this wonderful country of “YOURS” an apology. You should be ashamed.

  51. Although I didn’t see the show, this angers me a lot. I currently am dealing with my son who has been diagnosed with PTSD after 2 deployments to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. His time is finally up in the Military and they are treating him like he’s a piece of crap, his medical records are mysteriously missing and his paper work to be discharged didn’t get taken care of. This is my oldest son who was full of life, happy go lucky before he joined the Army. This has cost him a marriage and a son. My son is a human being who has fought for our- including Dr. Phil’s freedom. My guess is that Dr. Phil is one who has never been deployed or been in a combat zone? I spoke with my son just hours ago and he is not a well person right now. 2 tears ago, stationed at Ft. Bragg he tried to kill himself, they kept him over night and released him the next day, saying there was nothing wrong with him… My youngest son is currently deployed to Afghanistan and yes I’m preparing myself to deal with yet another son who went over there a happy, full of life young man to return home not the same young man. Dr. Phil- you need to get on your knees, kiss this American ground and apologize to all that have fought for your freedom and came home with PSTD.

    • I served in the Army from 95 – 01 and never saw “war” time so I can only imagine what your son experienced to cause him PTSD. My heart goes out to you! However, I am not surprised at the treatment he is now receiving from the Army. I witnessed how they treated my good army friend with his pay and his health which both led to his death. They chew you up and spit you out. Fortunately I found out and educated myself about the military Industrial complex and decided not to re-enlist. Now I mean to cause no disrespect. God bless both your son’s unselfish servitude, but they are merely tool’s in a system that serves no other purpose than to gain power and control and to make men wealthy. I am so sad to tell you that your son’s are not fighting for our freedoms like they think they are. When you see that our right to peacefully protest our gov’t is taken away with HR347. When you see that American citizens can be locked up indefinitely with out proof or due process with NDAA. When you see that your property can be seized for its resources and national martial law is now more easily legalized with Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness. When you see that our internet privacy crushed and the internet is to be used as a spying tool with the soon to be passed CISPA.You start realizing that the only people destroying our freedoms are not sitting in cave halfway around the world and praying to Allah, they are sitting in Washington legislating our rights away. May you, your son, and your family find peace.

  52. Lupe Velasquez

    I am a veteran from the Viet-Nam war. I was awarded a silver star for my part in that fiasco. I have PTSD, I am rated at 31 on the world scale for sanety. Afther my discharge all I’ve killed are two dogs, they had broken backs and their owners couldn’t do it.I don’t hunt or hurt any living thing. I help everyone I can,in whichever way I can to the best of my ability. Am I one of the monsters that Phil is so scared of. Phil, kill your show or your sponsors should , because everyday there is a future vet with PTDS out there that is fighting to keep Amerians free. Everyone, the smart and/or ingnorant. Stay home and avoid running into a real American Hero,ie…monster.

  53. I am a veteran with a VA Disability Rating of PTSD. I also advocate for other veterans and help them write their claims. Although not ALL veterans diagnosed with PTSD are ticking time bombs… Many of them are. I do not believe that sugar coating the issue will help the those service members who are more effected by their traumatic experiences than others. I know three veterans right off the top of my head who have either shot someone as a result of a PTSD related flashback or have attacked a loved one at night during a dream induced flashback. My other veteran friends (myself included) with PTSD are more likely to deal with anxiety & depression & isolationism. PTSD needs to be addressed realistically and forthrightly. In my honest opinion, I don’t believe Dr Phil was attempting to disparage the troops, but to bring to light the need for proper diagnosis (as there are many VA docs and DOD docs who are pressured by our government to NOT diagnose it because they don’t want the veteran to make a claim).

    • I agree that PTSD can result in violence, depression, etc. I feel that the Dr. Phil episode sought to vilify all those with the diagnosis. I have over 18 years Active Army service and I have diagnosed PTSD and I haven’t committed any violent crimes and i have pretty bad physical symptoms. The public only hears about the extreme cases…. I would like to think that the majority of military sufferers dealing PTSD do so in a way that has not resulted in murder and mayhem.

  54. The community college where I teach has a large veteran population, many of whom suffer from the hidden monster called PTSD. They do well because they are welcomed with open arms and given positive, unconditional support. The vets tell other vets how we roll…and that’s why so many more of them come to our little CC than the Big U 10 miles down the road.

    Now, if ALL groups treated our vets as well, they would be better able to deal with their PTSD.

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  56. Did anyone even watch the show? I’m guessing Cassey the writer of the article did NOT. As a military spouse with her husband currently deployed, not once did I feel like Dr. Phil was demonizing the military, nor did he EVER say that they were monsters, those quotes were actually pulled from news headlines he was using as an example of how people don’t understand PTSD. He actually offered both of those vets top notch help and made a point to let people know that not everyone gets PTSD and that those who do the symptoms etc, vary. Not every military member suffers from PTSD nor do all the ones who do become violent. The first think he said when they came on stage was to graciously thank them for their honorable service. So before making judgments and making statements watch the show. Stop letting any and all media fill you with biased opinions, not based on fact or truth but on their own personal bias and agenda. http://drphil.com/shows/show/1833

  57. Here’s a quote from the show Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and author of The PTSD Breakthrough, offers new hope for PTSD sufferers and their families. You don’t have to be a soldier at war to suffer from PTSD — if you’ve survived a traumatic event, tune in Thursday 04/19/12 From Heroes to Monsters?

  58. I did watch the show and I was disappointed. My brother has PTSD from Desert Storm and I was interested in this show. Dr.Phil made the whole show pretty much about the violence. He should’ve never called these men “Monsters” they are not they saw and lived through horrible situations that I know I could not live through. I was hoping that Dr.Phil would’ve had a few show’s on this topic and the different situations that our VETS are in. NOT ALL VETS ARE VIOLENT! Some are disconnected from reality and suffering in silence. I was hoping as a family member to get some more information on PTSD and how I can help/support my brother. Dr. Phil should’ve brought to light the lack of funding at the VA’s across the country and how hard it is for our VETS to get the help they needed. This is such an important topic and he dropped the ball in my opinion. So much more info could have been given and it wasn’t. Yes the violence from these men is intense but not all of our VETS come home like that. They are not “damaged goods” when you say “damaged goods” it makes people think that they cannot be fixed and they are hopeless. I thought you are suppose to build people up not bring them down with calling them “Monsters” and “damaged goods” . So much more could’ve been done on this topic and this show and Dr.Phil screwed up big time and failed to educate anyone.

  59. This is tragic, to continue stigmatizing PTSD and playing on the public fear of mental illness. Not only is violence toward others NOT listed in the medical manuals as a symptom of PTSD, there is not a single research study linking violent behavior with the diagnosis of PTSD. PTSD is painful, and if there is anger, it is inner directed—not at others. This is why we have suicides from PTSD.

    Combined with OTHER psychological and substance abuse problems—and the possibility of brain injuries (TBI’s) from combat—however, violence can result. Dr. Phil ignores these things, like the “self-medicating” (addiction) that was going on, for example. Additionally, in many cases, psychological issues prior to entering the military can be a major factor. All of these are ignored in this “Fright Night” piece of mumbo-jumbo that does nothing but heighten the fear of our men and women who have served their country. I suggest an article that looks at all the aspects of this tragedy, at http://www.policesuicidestudy.com/id13.html

    It’s time to END the stigma and do something that actually helps these people.

  60. I stopped watching Dr. Phil when he did a similar hit piece on homeschoolers. The level of manipulation was staggering. For example, the homeschool guests were told that they couldn’t bring anyone younger than 18 years old. Dr. Phil brought in bus loads of students from surrounding schools to be in the audience. Nothing like stacking the deck.

  61. Nice attempt to hijack this into a campaign issue, Diggs. But “cowardice,” political affiliation and your lack of understanding of PTSD and its tragic consequences have nothing to do with it. We need to end the stigma–now. This “show” only perpetuated it.

  62. Danielle Esparza

    I agree 100 percent with what Amy Dickinson wrote and with the majority of you all that agree we need to end the stigma now; the stigma of “monsters” and also the stigma that getting help makes you weak.

  63. thanks for the update on Dr. Feel. He represents the no spanking, no discipline, feelings first generation except when it is in regards to those who serve their country in dangerous jobs. i wrote a letter to him telling him to apologize for his very slanted show like the many he has done in the past. doubtful he will apologize though, arrogant people rarely do!

  64. To the genleman who says waaaaaaaa im all fed up ect ect ect. I was an a machinegunner in the usmc, thank god I didn’t get tapped to participate in a war. But these men and women volunteered their lives and ask for nothing in return, not even a thank you. But as a vet you reserve the right to demand respect in the sense that people like you don’t need to say shit like that. People like you need is to keep your mouth shut and quit acting fucking stupid. If our vets and active military are pawns guess then lemme ask you…do you pay taxes? You’re a fucking pawn just like us then. Maybe it was a pointless war and lots of money waisted but nobodies asking for your simpathy, just some understanding. So while you sit on your ass, probably a worthless, dodgey cunt, w no morals or values the rest of us men and women, “damged goods” or not, are going to say at least we did something in our lives and tried to make a difference instead of sitting around complaining about everything. Oh and by the way, I personally want to thank YOU for your taxwife contribution towards the 2 free trips to the mediteranean. I had a blast!

  65. The Marine said he SAW lots of innocent women and children killed, he did not say he killed them. If you see a VBIED or any other suicide bomber incident then you ARE going to see innocent women and children that have been killed. Lets not twist the words. The truth is that more innocent men, women and children are killed by the terrorists with their non discriminating tactic of using Suicide bombers and VBIED/IED’s.

  66. For the last 4 years and 7 months I have served my country in the U.S. Army Infantry. I have been deployed twice, once to Afgainistain for a year and I was a late deployer to Iraq for 3 months. It dose not matter if your a soldier or a ciliviain, anyone can suffer from PTSD. I have it and have been treated for it for the last year now. The fact that this man says that PTSD makes soldiers into monster is a perposterous. Anyone can become unstable form PTSD not just soldiers. Dr. Phill should publicy apoliligize and resign from doing his show. Or the network should kick him off TV. I know this won’t happen, but I will do all that is in my power to see the man banded form TV for life. Infantry Leads the Way!

  67. I did see the show. I thought Dr. Phil did a very good job with the time that he had. He took two very extreme cases (that had asked him for help, by the way) and told their stories. Those two families will be getting some very expensive help from Dr. Phil and his sponsors. It does not mean that every soldier that comes home will have PTSD. There are varying degrees of this sickness and they should not be afraid to ask for the help.

  68. Although Dr. Phil may indeed be an a$$hat, I find the first sentence of this story horribly inaccurate, demeaning, and possibly damaging.

    “PTSD: civilians just love to paint veterans as riddled with this disease, causing them to become violent, unhinged lunatics who will explode at the slightest provocation.”

    No evidence was given to support this claim, so I won’t try to refute it. But it is damaging because it paints all civilians as the a$$hat that Dr. Phil is, and discourage veterans from seeking help because of the false perception that the majority of Americans would seem them as himicidal maniacs. Good job Cassy.

  69. Anne-Marie Mendonca

    Dr. Phil and staff, I hereby sentence you to Douchebagistan. There are many, many people there that could greatly use your editing techniques and one-on-one counseling sessions to enhance their already douchey existence.

  70. Mere is correct, Dr. Phil is not suggesting all PTSD sufferers are monsters and he makes the express point that we all owe these veterans a tremendous debt of gratitude for their service. I welcome his generosity toward the veterans and their families who are suffering in silence and media condemnation. PTSD is not equivalent to going Postal.

  71. For those of you people stating that this hock doesn’t have a doctorate…. He has a phd in experimental psychology. It may be a lame doctorate, but it is one. I’ve never watched his show, and will carry on doing so. As for the title of the show in question, yea it’s a little bit on the politically incorrect side, but it is what it is. PTSD is something that needs to cone to light. Most doctors have no idea what to do about it, so end up pushing pills for too long before the issue is addressed. It’s too bad that there are so many misdiagnoses when it comes to the problem. We need to step up and raise awareness in prefer to have this stigma beat! And to the idiot who is bashing the people who keep you and you’re piss poor attitude free…. If it want for these men and women, you would be living in a country with government regulated internet usage, ang probably put in front of a firing squad for that remark. This is why it should be mandatory to serve a minimum amount of time in the military in the USA and Canada!

  72. I am a Vietnam Veteran of 1968-1969 at 18. I’ve been dealing with PTSD for 44 years. I am a service connected disabled Veteran. Back then there wasn’t a name for the peoblems the men and women had with they came home. Hell, we were treated like dogs when we came home. I use to watch Dr. Phil until he started turning on the people on his shows. People go on his show in hopes to get some help and let the Nation know. I have been married 5 times and I never tried to kill any of them. I would think they wished they could have killed me. This was all before I knew I had PTSD. All that time I thought everyone else was screwed up. I won’t go into the nightmares and flashbacks. I’ve had my times of anger and I still have my moments. Right now I live alone and I really like it this way. I hardly ever go anywhere except to shop for food, cloths and the Veterans Hospital. I am better off living alone. I have less stress that I really don’t need or want. Dr. Phil looks at us as being “Damaged Goods and Monsters.” What he is saying is that we are not victims in any shape or form. WE ARE VICTIMS OF WAR TOO!!!!! I am going to contact Dr. Phil and everyone in this contact list above and tell them what I think about his shows.

  73. While I do see both sides of the story, I do have to say I am frustrated at the blatant way Dr. Phil (and his staff/sponsors) tried to get more viewers for ratings. IF the point of this show was to truly bring to light the suffering of our Armed forces dealing with PTSD, the title alone didn’t show it. It seems as if the show is purposely using the stigma associated with PTSD to pull in more viewers.
    And while I understand that the people on the show asked for help, I think it would have been prudent for Dr. Phil to find more soldiers who have less extreme cases of PTSD. This would have highlighted the fact that not everyone with PTSD has the potential for violence, yet still struggle on a daily basis.
    My husband was recently deployed to Afghanistan, and has mild PTSD. He has trouble with certain situations, has dreams of being overseas, and has a shorter temper than before he left. But he is far from “damaged” or being a “monster”.
    It would have been nice to see an effort made to show that people who have PTSD can still be normal. I dislike the fact that the show showcased the worst possible scenario, and could have been handled better and in a more tactful manner.
    As my husband put it: “If you’re going to try to educate people on an issue like PTSD, do it fairly. Don’t just show extreme cases for ratings.”

  74. Withheld to protect my family!

    I did a brief stint in the Air Force, and by God’s grace was not sent to Viet Nam.
    However, I suffer from PTSD from a sexual assault when I was very young. (8 years old) To this day I have NEVER told my mother, and I never will. There is nothing she can do about it, so why lay a guilt trip on her she does not deserve?! Later in life I was Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism). In my case, extremely HIGH functioning.
    Back in the 1970′s, many people, when hearing I had served in the military SPAT on me, including one cop!
    Until I became a Seventh-Day Adventist, NO church would have me. THESE people are giving me the unuconditional love that other churches only preach but do NOT practice. As a result, I’m making great progress.
    My wife and I have suffered personal verbal insults by somoe Clatsop County Sheriff’s deputies over their radios on OPEN channels because I’m seen as “different”. Years ago, another cop in a different jurisdiction stated over his police radio that he would kill me if he thought he could get away with it. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate because I CAN function in public. I understand better than most people why veterans and others with PTSD shy away from the public and don’t seek help!
    Dr. Phil, you ignorant, arrogant FUCKING bastard! I have never retaliated against anyone for the harm they have done to me. I have never struck my wife in anger and I never will. We are comiing up on our 24th wedding anniversary. First and ONLY marriage for BOTH of us!
    Hey, Doc! Have you considered changing your last name to MENGELE??!!! (NAZI Doctor who did some really BAAADD Shit!)

  75. It takes a lot of nerve for someone who has never served or probably has never actually spent anymore than a talkshow interview around those of us who serve to sit here and judge any of us. I have met many with PTSD and other problem due to their service and they are great people who work regular jobs, go to church and raise families… not destroy them as this pompous ass says, maybe we should stick his ass over there with some of the front line troops and show him what reality actually looks like.

  76. I have been working with Veterans for the last 40 years and have had great success with them, when the Vietnam vets came home people who called them baby killers and some spit on them and the first time in my life that I was
    ashamed to be called an American and Cried because of the way they were treated. I served in the Air Force and have a son that was in Afganistan and now have 4 grand sons and a son in law over there now. I am working with 26 vets from all of those wars as we call them, we call it Group therapy and have changed all of their Meds and am happy to say all are doing well. The greatest thing I am told is that they sing in the shower and some are happy for the first time in 40 years.. Praise God the Ability he gave me. The memo is that I will do this till the day I die.

    Dick Sargent

    I give God all the praise.

  77. If I posted in the wrong place, please forward to good old Dr Phil.

    John Eder

  78. Bill VVA Member

    What a shame. I thought he was an intelligent man, a caring person.
    Does he have any idea how deeply his actions (statements) have cut into some Veteran?
    His actions tell me : I’ll use this no matter who it hurts – It will put more mony in my pocket,
    up with my ratings on the backs of the defenseless.

    On longer a Dr. Phil watcher or a buyer of any of his advertized products.

  79. I wonder how much combat time Dr Phil has in the combat zone? I can’t finad anywhere that saids he even served in the military.

  80. I and my fellow comrades would like an apology in public from you on your latest statement of us being DAMAGE GOODS. I do not care what your intentions were, the remark should not have been said. Of course we have been through things because of the war but as a Dr, so you call yourself, you should know better. Yes, civilians paint us with so many names and actions but now we got to be DAMAGE GOODSd? If this is the case Mr. Phil because right now I cannot call you DR. WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE AMERICA DO WITH DAMAGE GOODS????? The Department of Veterans affairs have therapist that take care of whom you call DAMAGE GOODS and these hard working Dr’s will never say to us anything negative. They fight for us to live a normal life and to know the difference between fight or flight. What would you tell us? Exactly DAMAGE GOODS! We fought for our country and other countries willing and did not care what will be the turn for us UPON OUR RETURN as Americans. I am disgusted by your remarks. I have served in the middle east 5 different deployments and thank God I made it home and some of my comrades did not. They are gone fighting for a cause we believed in. I can’t stop anyone for their freedom of speech but we look up to you and your in the lime light in Americans living room every day and now you can say we are DAMAGE GOODS? I want an apology you! Not to just me but to all the service men and woman who have fought for this country. Let me tell you what I think, I am a BSM graduate after the war and working on my Master’s as we speak so that I can be competitive to work in America. I do not know what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan that changed me but i do know that it is a struggle to get back into society but people like you that we look up to that SHOULD understand us or keeping us below the scale. What kind of Doctor are you? Apology and I am taking this up with the Department of Defense because you of all people should know better and if you do not stop we will always be label as you say we are,,,,DAMAGE GOODS. How dare you? Your show I will never watch and will get it out to my fellow comrades also. I guess you think you can just say what you want and yes, I do have PTSD, TBI and the works but I never regret how or when I got it because it happen in the defense of protecting my country and other people that cannot protect themselves ( like you). I can’t believe you? Wonder what you would say to civilians that have never been in the Military and suffer from PTSD? Are we DAMAGE GOODS because we are military or is it that you don’t know what you are talking about? You wouldn’t last one day in the desert!

  81. Dr. Phil needs a swift kick to his testicles. I’d do it , but afraid the line would be too long.

  82. I am a veteran who was in Kuwait when George W Bush had his stupid countdown, so i have been there and done that. Dr. Phil needs to watch what he says he should know better be a “doctor” and all. I have lost to many brothers in arms because of PTSD and they were not “Damaged Goods” they were the people that went across the world to make sure you have the freedom to says this stupidity. Before you make any more stupid statements go over seas and see for your self what “damaged goods” are doing, but im guessing you wont go any where but to your lavish office.

  83. Phil was probably one of those guys that had a school deferment or daddy knew someone to get him out of the draft

  84. This is disguisting. I am a 22 year Air Force veteran who has also been diagnosed with PTSD. The comments made about “Us” sicken me. You should really do your homework and find out what PTSD is and is not before stereotyping people with the diagnosis. I am not nor was I ever a “Monster”. My husband and my son stuck by me even when we didn’t understand what was happening to me. “Damaged goods”…not even. It’s amazing that the people making these comments have not served in war. We’ve seen some things that others will probably never see. You pat us on the back while we’re serving and keeping your freedom, but you disgrace us when we retire/seperate from the military.

  85. I would love to see you (Dr.Phil) do just one 9-12 month long combat tour away from family and your “Glorified Career” and see how you act. You won’t be able to talk your way outta harms way when the Mortars, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), and multitude of bullets come your way, all that being in a FOB (Forward Operating Base). I don’t believe you would hack it. The stigma of “PTSD Monsters” and “Damaged Goods” comes from people who aren’t volunteering or serving their country.

    “You are doing a tremendous disservice to our Veterans. Shame on you! Do you really think you are qualified to make a diagnosis on EVERY Veteran? Are you now a PTSD expert? Are you also now an expert on our Veterans? Veterans with PTSD have struggled hard to finally get some respect and treatment. Now you have destroyed their self-worth and accomplishments. If PTSD Veterans commit suicide over your destructive actions, their blood will be on your hands. You are a fraud and a phoney. At least our Veterans are genuine. I will always feel safe with our Veterans. You on the other hand need to be committed. You’re a danger to yourself and others.”

  86. they need to take doc phil off the air all togather he is nothing but a jackass does nothing for anyone at all

  87. This article puts its own spin on critical problem for vets and their families. More American lives have been lost to suicides/homicides by vets than American lives lost in Mid East combat. This is not something created by Dr Phil. These guys need real help not political rhetoric.

  88. Richard Luchsinger (USN Retired)

    I was Never able to stomach that low-life so called doctor – after reading this I am one veteran that maybe would snap if I were around him and hear him talk that garbage. dr. phil, what have you Ever done for your country except maybe cheat on your income tax?

  89. I am a veteran too. But I think we have totally missed the point. Dr. Phil is a (or should be) a non-issue. This man started out as Dr. Phil before he had even earned the doctorate. I think it goes to show just where this man stands. It is sensationalism and he was created by the sensationalist Miss Oprah.

  90. Grant Fox OIF Vet

    Damaged goods and Monsters? How dare you! I myself suffer from PTSD and so does my brother and many other people I deployed to Iraq with and not one of them have ever harmed anyone. A few may have relationship issues but guess what. Most people do with or without PTSD. I demand an apology not for me because I can care less what you say. I have never even seen your show. But, I know how hard it was for me to come forward and seek help. Yes, I had problems on New Years and the 4th of July from fireworks going off but never once did I hurt or feel anger towards anyone. Not until now! Your statements made me sick and made me feel sad for all the Soldiers who will read or see your show and push them even further from seeking the help they need.

    Grant James Fox!

  91. Dr. Phil knows nothing about being a human yet he does know something about being a douche. Calling some one with a disease “damaged goods” is definitely not politically correct and I bet it borders discrimination. Imagine someone in a wheel chair being called damaged goods on national tv. The networks would be on damage control for months and would be donating tons of cash in their “I’m so sorry” campaigns.

  92. Fred Rendon Jr

    I suffered from PTSD for thirty five years after Vietnam. I was mostly a monster to myself and my family but only in the way I abused myself with drugs and alcohol. I attended a program in Dallas called Pathways (produced by Dr. Phil) and I got over the PTSD. I have known many Veterans with PTSD and only one or two were violent and one killed a guy after his return and is now in prison for 27 years. I have been suicidal but I never wanted to hurt my family. In my first marriage I did try to chock my wife while I was having a nightmare but I stopped when I woke up. I do not think Dr Phil does not care. The VA is the organization that is letting veterans run amuck with out help. Their idea of help is medication. If anything should change it is the treatment of veterans by the VA not Dr. Phil. I have been dealing with the VA for the better part of forty years they are the monsters. They are the ones who deny claims to veterans suffering from PTSD and can not hold jobs to sustain their families.

  93. A wife of an Iraq War Vet with PTSD

    I caught the latter half of this episode after my mom called and told me about it. I NEVER watch Dr. Phil. I did watch this though. Honestly, I did not think that he over-dramatized at all. These were obviously real cases, and Dr. Phil DID offer these Vets and their families assistance. I do not think it was done in a bad fashion. I think the title of the show was taken out of context. I can tell you, I was able to both sympathize and also relate to the young couple that was on there. I forgot what their names were, but the husband was suicidal and riddled with survivor’s guilt. He was disrespectful to his wife and called her names like bitch and whore, and he put his hands on her a couple of times. He also said that he attacked her in his sleep. I seriously saw my husband and myself in that couples’ place. My husband is 40% disabled through the VA and is being sent back to war! No one will listen to me…not his command, not the VA! No one! Actually, the majority of VETS that I know with PTSD…ARE violent, short-fused, abusive, disorderly, disrespectful, and unloving! I have worked with a lot of Iraq/Afghanistan Vets, and I’d say about 8 out of 10 will fit into the categories above. Those who don’t fit into those categories typically don’t qualify for diagnosis by military/VA standards or if they do, they have lower ratings. (That has been the case with those I’ve worked around or with…or those that I know.) Yes, PTSD is a ticking time-bomb situation.


  95. I wonder how many people commenting on here actually watched the show? I am the wife of a disabled vet with PTSD who at times has had extreme anger which is manifested by verbal abuse and destruction of various items in our home (holes in walls, broken oven glass, broken vases, glasses, pot lids, decorative items, etc.). Yes, when he is in one of his rages, I would describe him as a monster. His two teenage daughters have nothing to do with him as a result of this behavior. I have contemplated leaving him. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall Dr. Phil referring to his guests as damaged goods, and I watched the entire show. As far as Heather, I don’t recall him saying her husband had PTSD, rather he was an abusive husband and Dr. Phil told her SHE most likely could suffer from it as a result of the abuse she endured. He also set these two guys up with top notch treatment centers to help them deal with their problems. And no one twisted their arms to come on the show. My husband has been discharged for 10+ years. He’s been seeing a VA psychiatrist for over 4 years. In my opinion, he’s gotten piss poor care of his PTSD at the VA. They put him on old school meds, with tons of side effects and don’t monitor him properly. (I am a nurse, so I have a little insight into this aspect). It seems to me that everyone wants to sugar coat the problems and realities of war, and what our troops have endured. I love our military, but let’s be real folks, it’s not a cake walk for our men and women while their gone, or when they return. Once we realize this, and give them the help they DESERVE, maybe WE will be able to give them THEIR freedom.

  96. One more thought… I am reading a lot of comments on here about Dr. Phil ever serving his country in the military. Do you people question the nurses and doctors at the VA centers you visit if they’ve served? I bet most of them haven’t. Why don’t you then question their capability to treat you? Just saying….

  97. ok, now this makes me mad. i watched this show, and he wasnt calling them monsters, he was calling their behaviors that. he thanked them for thier service many times, and he mentioned how many people dont know what ptsd is and how it can affect anyone that has gone thru something traumatic. even on other shows, like about rape or abuse, he mentions how those victims suffer ptsd. i cant believe that someone would turn his words around like this. and alot of military people have ptsd, how could u not if u ever went on a tour?!
    he didnt say all vets were monsters, and yes people who set thier wives are on fire, vets or not are monsters, and there is a strong possibility that if that one guy did not join or suffer any traumatic event in his life,that he would not had set his wife on fire. all the other symptoms that are associated with ptsd, these people expressed the experienced. he didnt paint any bad light on the vets, 98 percent of the vets i know suffer from ptsd in SOME way, as well as health problems. he was shedding the light on vets with ptsd and letting it be known the reason they are behaving they way the are behaving and educating the family on it, and letting the vet know that he is there to provide them with the help that they need that the MILITARY IS NOT PROVIDING FOR THEIR TROOPS. he was telling them he understood why they did what they did and that it is understandable that they are behaving like this, that there is hope for them, that he didnt want the one guy to even think about committing suicide. the one guy mentioned how he felt as if he was a burden to his family because of his behavor, he was self medicating himself with all kinds of stuff because the MILITARY wasnt offering the right help.
    i am vet and i still have a lot of friends that are in the military still and alot of them would agree with me on this. grow up people and stop causing drama! there is enough false reporting in the news now a days, why add to it???????

  98. I am a Army veteran that served active and reserve duty from 1979 – 1994, I volunteered for duty assignment during the first Gulf War. But was kept stateside, for training, and got out because of a service connected back injury, 20 %. During my time in, I saw many training accidents that were horrible, but nothing compared to what our troops have been experiencing in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I try to put myself in their place, by multiplying my experiences and imagining them happening every other day, but it is hard to do when you don’t live with apprehension and fear everyday. I to suffer from PTSD, but from a civilian job site accident while doing some roofing back in 2005, I was three and half stories up on some staging when it collapsed. I fell between 45 – 50 feet, hitting staging, the main roof, porch roof and then the ground. I was without a pulse or breathing for several for a couple of minutes, and have had 9 surgeries since that fall. In the past I had close calls before while on the jobs, always shrugged them off. I have or had a TBI from it, my moods are sometimes unpredictable, get pissed quickly, don’t tolerate the lack of common sense or stupidity, do not sleep all that well, like to be alone and a couple of times my personallity has changed. To the point where I almost ruined my relationships with my daughters and girlfriend, took almost a year to get back into their lives. I still ocassionally have dreams of that day, though I do not really recall anything, I wake with sweats, panic, rapid heart rate and scared. After counciling and on a med plan, the dreams do not happen as often, thank god. Now as for Dr. Phil, he is an ass for saying that our soldiers are damaged goods or monsters, he apparently has no clue what he is talking about, the majority of PTSD patients are not violent or mean. The two that he had on his show were at the extreme end, the majority do get better through therapy, peer counciling , and medications (hopefully meds always being low dose or as needed, and hopefully no narcotics).I have friends that have PTSD from Vietnam, and the first Gulf war, though mine is civilian job caused, 90 % of symptoms (lack of a better word) are about identical. But I understand that the soldiers version is more complicated due to psychological trauma (s) built up over time. But by Dr. Phil calling them Damaged goods and Monsters ( no matter what context he meant ), how is/will that help or benefit them in their healing process. I agree he did this show for ratings and money, but before his show is completely cancelled, he should do one more. On this one, have all the most up to date information on this Disorder on hand, have specialists from all over the U.S., Canada, U.K. etc on the show to discuss treatment plans. And to have veterans from WWII to the present that have suffered and are suffering from TBI’s and PTSD of varying levels of severity to openly discuss it publicly, to come up with best course of action for treatments. If I have spoken or said something out of line to offend my fellow veterans, I apologize, and feel free to tell me so.

  99. Charles Warden

    I am a veteran, I use the V.A. for medical care. When questioned about having PTSD, my response is my childhood provided enough opportunities for the condition, long before my military service. I am also ADD which was not diagnosed in my childhood and am told I am “high-functioning”, meanng I have learned how to function in my own ways without meds. I am a human being who has had troubling experiences and finds ways to deal with the aftermath for me. Every person who is traumatized deserves a chance to find peace and if not, at least a chance to find a way to be able to function in society. The best advice I found was to find others who had similiar trauma and discover ways to work through the ripples it left in their lives. You are not alone and cutting yourself off from others is a bad decision in my experience. I hold out hope for all of those affected.

  100. carol marshall

    do you know what ptsd can do to the veteran AND his family. obviously not. WE live with this day after day. what my husband saw and had to do in viet-nam, is unthinkable to you and me,but he did it for you and me. crazy NO, traumatized yes, damaged goods ,no. what are you thinking? monsters ,i know you couldn’t have meant that.God Bless all our vets and the men serving now..we owe our lives to these men.you just don’t know

    • Just a footnote to your comment. Not all men serve in the military. Please do not forget the women who serve as well. thanks

  101. DR.Phil needs to get a grip. My son served in 2 branches of the Military, twice in iraq, and twice in Afgahanstistan. He fought for your and my FREEDOM saw alot of horrible things. He too has PTSD, and TBI. He is Graduating from the university of Hawaii in May with a Masters degree in Psychology. He statrted a great program at the Va in Honolulu and has done all of his internship there. He is not a MONSTER and he nor any of his fellow brothers of the Military desrve such a disrespect. You Sir deserve to have your Butt kicked. How very Disrespectful of you to label all these GREAT men and Women as Monsters. You have your Freedom of speech and every other Freedom because of them. My Father was a Viet Nam vet and he worked hard all his life and is a Great man too. Along with my Brother, 3 nephews and Many other members of my Family. They also are not Monsters.

    You have no right to label them, I will Never watch your program or support your show . You have lost my complete respect.

  102. Dr. Phil, If you have never served in war, then, you don’t have a clue what it’s like. I served in Iraq and I have suffered from PTSD. How dare you call me a Monster or Damaged Goods. After all of my sacrifice for the freedom and serving my country honorably, you dare insult me. I have healed a lot over the last few years and I am a very peaceful, loving and happy person. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, labeling and stereotyping veterans like this. Do not speak for me! Speak for yourself, you selfish man. I will never watch your show again. You are horrible to the Veterans!

  103. I always thought he was an a-hole, now he’s just validated it for me! What a frickin’ jerk, where did he get his degree? Out of the same mail order catalog as Dr. Nick from “The Simpsons”! Thank you, Oprah, for foisting this POS upon us! BTW, I was never too fond of her either!

  104. I hope he retracts this garbage. !! I was married for 37 years to a Vietnam Veteran who struggled with PTSD. I do mean struggled… I lost him October 24 , 2010. The only consolation I have is that I know he is “finally” at PEACE.. It hurt so much to watch and not be able to give him relief. He had his demons, and a temper, but I never felt he was a monster. You are fortunate that no one in your family has had to be in combat… you may have a different tune. Very sad that you so easily pass such an unfair and hurtful and unjust label to my husband , and those who lost so much for you and yours. I hope you feel the pain and harm you have caused. They work so hard to get passed this type of judging and you blow it with your big mouth… The VERY PROUD WIFE OF A VIETNAM VETERAN !!!!

  105. I wonder how Dr. Phil would handle a combat situation? As someone who has been in combat and served this country, I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer from PTSD. I know of several combat vets who suffer from this terrible affliction and I don’t look on them as “damaged goods” or “monsters”. They are my brothers-in-arms and need to be given their due for what they have given for this country. Unfortunately, the sacrifices that we make, some don’t appreciate… Dr. Phil, Why don’t you try going into combat and see what we have dealt with and maybe you, just might, change your mind about our vets who suffer from PTSD.

  106. I’m sorry, but I am wondering if we are talking about the same Dr. Phil show, I have watched for over ten years now? Are we talking about the same Dr. Phil that has hosted several Christmas party gift shows to give back to our veterans and their families and the same one who personally thanks every single one of his guests who have served or are serving when they are on his show? Really? Dr. Phil did not demonize any of his guests, as “monsters or damaged goods,” which sadly many ignorant people do every day, who are unaware of what PTSD, with loathing comments as they walk by a homeless veteran. I watched the ENTIRE episode and yes, the cases were rather severe, but the reality is PTSD is ugly and sadly there are far more cases just like the ones described, going on behind closed doors every day. The purpose of the show was to educate, as knowledge is power and when we understand we do not fear, but rather gain compassion. Dr. Phil also offered to help these hero’s, who clearly deserve it and have not received the help they need and in fact it appears may have even saved one from endless thoughts of simply ending it all because he felt like a burden to his family and society. There are people who suffer from PTSD that have never been to war, but been a victim of child abuse, molestation, domestic violence, rape and many other violent crimes in which they witnessed murder or were tortured, who live right here in the USA and surely they don’t think it’s all rainbow and puppy dog tails. Society is who sees those who suffer from it as “damaged goods or monsters,” not Dr. Phil and in fact he has not only had them on his show, but offered them help and put links for help on his website for years. The sad reality is every single one of our men, women, who have served, are serving, given the ultimate sacrifice, and their families deserve so much more in support than they are receiving and that is a fact and tragedy. I applaud Dr. Phil for bringing this subject and issue to the public’s attention and for providing further information on his website because it won’t be fixed in the hour he has to discuss the topic. These brave men and women are heroes and deserve to have normal lives and there is far more than can and should be done to help every single one of them. My Dad was a Vietnam veteran, who was able to lead a normal and successful life, but to the very day he died would not sit with his back to a window and we called his name to waken him, rather than a gentle tap and occasionally suffered from nightmares. I know darn well he would have loved to see many of those who served alongside him receive the support and help they needed too and applauded Dr. Phil, for trying to bring attention to this issue. We should be focusing on how to get our veterans more help, rather than whipping a gift horse in the mouth and again, I have never seen Dr. Phil take this issue lightly, nor demonize and make anyone suffering from PTSD out to be a monster or somehow damaged. What I did see, was a man, not just talk show host, reach out to offer help and attempt to educate the public on an issue that has been ignored for far too long!!! Perspective is everything and we are all entitled to our opinions, but before we judge, perhaps we should look at the entire picture and ask ourselves, “What is the end result, the purpose and the intention of Dr. Phil and what did we learn from his episode?” I thank every single one of our men and women in the military and their families who have served and I pray that those who are in need or more services receive them. It is the least we can do for all that they have done and I also thank Dr. Phil for bringing this to the attention of the public, regardless of whether we agree to disagree about how we perceive the delivery, at least perhaps now with a greater understanding compassion will grow and our veterans will get the help they need and deserve, including those I have the honor and privilege to know and have served!

    • Thank You TINA!!! Very nicely said!! I dont think anybody watched the show. If they had watched the show, they would be able to tell that Dr.Phil does care!! My husband is now in the hands of some AMAZING TOP Notch Doctors in this country because of Dr.Phil!!!

    • Tina,
      Unfortunately you are missing the point. Where in any if the teasers for the show is it mentioned that the supposed “Dr” Phil is reaching out and helping Veterans? Where does it say that this show is bringing light to this disease? The title alone is offensive. Then you see the teaser and it just irritates me to no end. I personally know, and have known hundreds of people who do not and will not watch that man, each for their own personal reasons. There are, I’m sure numerous amounts of others that feel the same way. All that these people will see is a commercial that paints a horrific picture of Veterans. As a Veteran who comes from a family of Veterans who have served in every branch of our proud military, I don’t appreciate this, I’m discusted that Phil and his people thought it was a good idea to do so. Additionally his show in no way attempted to show any other Veterans who have PTSD and are able to cope and deal with it. Nor did he show how those that do deal with do so successfully. Not all cases are pretty roses and puppies and kittens, but just show a couple of horrific violent cases is just wrong. PERIOD!

  107. I have a grandpa and two uncles who served in the Army in the Korean Conflict as gunners. One cousin in the Navy, one in the Marines, and myself in the Air Force, who served under Enduring Freedom. I had worked odd jobs since leaving the service, went to school and earned two degrees. Since then, the past 4 years, I have had two temp jobs: each one lasting only three months. We need to take better care of our veterans who sacrificed everything to keep this country free. The Job Market is another thing. When will we wake up and help get these jobs to veterans who can be a valuable asset to XYZ Company. I have been struggling myself, eventhough not PTSD, just to make ends meet, barely getting by. The companies say they hire veterans, but out of the thousands of applications that go out, the veteran does not get hired.

  108. I am a USAF Veteran who has some issues with the loud noises of jets and sometimes air sirens (it gets my adrenaline way up), but to say I am a ragaholic or wreck is a bit broad. I adjusted to domestic life and am thriving. Hearing a public person such as Phil McGraw speak against me is a threat to our life. Really. Does he really think he is doing himself, or his country, a favor by speaking so vile regarding people who go to war zones to defend his awful attitude? His opion, in my thoughts, is VOID. God help him.

  109. Hey, Dr. Douchebag, why don’t you shut your stupid pie hole, and crawl back up Oprah’s fat behind you piece of crap. We proudly served our nation you retarded ass, something of which you cannot say! instead of pointing fingers and proclaiming people monsters, pluck the plank from your own eye. You TRY, and i emphasize TRY to psycho-analyze people that have had to fight for their lives, as well as their friends, there are veterans that are so torn up about war with PTSD that are committing suicide left and right because of MORONS like yourself. It’s people like you calling soldiers Monsters that cause families to lose moms and dads to suicide. Get a life Jack-ass! Does anyone even watch your stupid pyscho-babble, you know who needs help it’s you! and STFU!

  110. Dr. Phil is not a Clinical Phsycologist, as he claims. He has gone the way of Jerry Springer, etc. with nothing but smut. It is jusy my opinion but, the stories he put on are nothing more than people paid to act out. He is, probably the least credible (DR) on TV. I watched him for a few months, wgen he first came on, then I realized he is noithing more than a egomaniacal Texas blowhard.
    I served in Viet Nam, I had PTSD but I was able to work through it, by myself. I haven’t had any problems for several years, although I never experienced rage outbreaks. Maybe my case wasn’t as bad as others.
    The idea that PTSD causes all the violence, is absurd. Veterans of wars go through unthinkable trauma but, the mental toughness of the indivual determines how he handles his life.
    Continue to support the Vets, they need to know that the US is behind them.

  111. I did not see this “Monster” show, but just read about it. Dr. Phil owes a HUGE apology to the world for saying these bad things about our vets. I just read that only 1% of the vets with PTSD will do something bad. What is the % of the general public doing something bad? My son-in-law has PTSD and he is NOT A MONSTER! There are people who will take advantage of the term PTSD. Be careful of women who use this as false accusations against veterans with PTSD. I know of one woman who accused a guy with PTSD of physically abusing her when actually she was the one abusing him. She wants to hide that she has a mental illness. She has called the police on him a few times and now there is court stuff happening. She accused her last husband of raping her children and all that was not true with more court stuff we had to go through. We believed her that time as you see they were our grandchildren. Obviously now you know I am talking about my daughter. Please beware of these kind of women.

  112. went to nam in 67 to 70 , rocketed every day had 3 close friend kia, called baby killers, had sh.. trown at us in sfo airport, was pronounced with ptsd in 70. living with it for 40 plus years , was embarishment to my children because of this now living in final phase of leukemia as a result of exposure to agent orange. proud to have served what is your major malfunction. hiding behind a book does not give you the right to thow the first stone. respect the rights of those who choose to give you what you have today

  113. Dr. Phil sleeps on a pillow of money and apparently has never risked his life in any endeavor. He can sit and listen to others and then spew his knowledge from books and previous interviews. That’s entertainment.

  114. It does not suprise me to hear such stupid remarks from the liberal establishment. Money, fame and disgraceful conduct is the ture nature of the simple. I am a Viet Nam veteran, we served our nation when it was not popular to do so. We did our best while many of our leaders and celebrities ran off to Canada or evaded service. The thinking of the world makes no sense. When you read the wisdom of proverbs as recorded in the bible you will begin to understand that man is a fool and desperately wicked. What does the scripture say, “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” Numbers 23:19 NASB. Man can not recognize the truth because he is blinded by lies.

  115. ptsd dont make you psychotic i suffer from it but beating his woman and setting his wife on fire has nothing to do with self control the marine corps teaches “Self Control” maybe that dude is just normally psychotic only time i can see rage is if your life is being threatened like pulling a knife or firearm on you then yes it will infuse rage from ptsd

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  117. edwardhalstead@hotmail.com

    Well here we go again people who live under the very securities that we provide them with trying to describe who and what we are, I to suffer from PTSD ask my son are daughter if I am a monster therefor ask my wife? She is very upset that this article even made it on tv,my family loves me very much and they help when the nightmares come,but I don’t set people on fire or beat anyone up, we as a family are learning to live with it.Then when you have socalled doctors protraying me as a monster or damaged goods,what are people supposed to think? Recently me and my family were robbed they everything of value in our home thankfully my family were unharmed,and I wanted ass someones ass for doing it! My poor son had all his stuff taken from him thank god he has a supporting family that helped him get through it he’s seven he understands what happened my baby girl is only two she doesn’t understand, but I feel like I’m fighting a war all over again right here at home.It’s hard to cope sometimes, but in no way do I consider myself as a monster. I am heart broken that I even have to defend myself to society,it’s hard enough to get decent employment as I am struggling with right now,then to have doctor’s on nationally televised programs saying we are broken,I just hope and pray society does not have to endure or see what some of us have been through! I ask AMERICA to stand up, be proud and support the young and older soldiers! Give them jobs and support when they are in need they still have alot to offer society they are not “damaged goods”,Don’t throw us away like yesterday’s trash! It’s time’s like these that I wonder what the hell we are fighting for? but then I look at my children and I know the answer! You can call us what you want,but we know what we are, “SOLDIERS”

  118. I’am a proud mother of a soldier who is currently serving in Afghanistan. My son and his brothers are no monsters, but are heros that keep us safe but not without sacrifices, they are our sons,grandsons,husbands,brothers. To call them monsters is complete idiocy and ignorant. I stand strong as an American and as a mother of a hero not just to my son but to all of our SOLDIERS!!!!!!! To those of you that see our soldiers as anything less then shame on you and just maybe you are the “Damaged Goods” the real “Monsters”

  119. This saddens my heart to hear that you judge the many by the few who have gone to the extremes…there is no doubt in my mind that there are hundreds of thousands of of soldiers and veterans who do suffer from PTSD and other physiological traumas. As a “doctor,” how can you just call these heroes such mean things and just try to outcast them? You say you want to help people, but how can you do that when you are so cruel. This is unacceptable and I know that i am not the only one who thinks so. As a proud wife of a currently deployed soldier to Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom and as a sister of a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I can no longer support you or your show. Shame on you for not caring enough to want to help the soldiers with PTSD – you might as well treat them like rabid dogs, take them to the pound and have them destroyed if you thin that they are all “damaged goods”

    • Brittany, you wrote a very good statement. would you please go to this site and read Heroes in Pain…. I think this site had mislead you and others…………….

  120. Dr.Phil has done more for my husband then the VA EVER HAS!!!! I understand people were upset by the title of the show…but common people!! THIS IS OUR REALITY! He needs help and the VA has turned their back on us in moments of crying for help. THANK YOU DR.PHIL AND TO YOUR AMAZING TEAM FOR LISTENING TO OUR STORY!! THANK YOU DR.PHIL FOR PROVIDING HELP TO MY HUSBAND!! Shame on everyone for feeling the need to bad mouth Dr.Phil when NOBODY ELSE has offered to provide my husband with the right treatments! Thank you VA for doing nothing but LIE and thank you VA for making my husband wait 6 years to get a primary doctor, and then making him wait 3 hours to be seen, and then NOT GET SEEN! I will forever be grateful for our experience on the show. It’s bringing awareness to this SERIOUS problem! Shame on you VA for feeling the need to bad mouth Dr.Phil and his team for providing my husband with the help….for taking time to LISTEN to our story and actually caring!!!! I am so disapointed in the VA. NOBODY has ONCE asked me or my husband how this affected US! We were on the show!!! We were brave enough to share our story and help bring awareness to this serious illness and yet, people are still to worried about bashing Dr.phil to even ask how the heck we are doing!!

    • Megan, I have been watching and I have listened. Blessings on you and your husband. It is almost funny how many people have stated they didn’t see the show yet they still are bashing Dr Phil. I am so glad you both got the help you needed. Having dealt with the VA myself I can understand your frustration with the system. Hoping and praying for continual healing for you both. Army 71-74

  121. Damaged Goods, Monsters… Not a chance. Our men and women of the Military are the reason we have FREEDOM. They deserve our respect, admiration, and any help that we can give them. They do not deserve to be called vile names by some anti-american talk show host, and exploited for higher ratings so that he can line his pockets with more money. I will no longer support this show, nor any of it’s sponsers, and I encourage all Military Family’s to do the same until Dr.Phil is removed from the air.

  122. Yes Sean Jet noise. I read Milissa’s post and I was in Balad Iraq. I never got used to the jet engines either. They were loud and constantly woke me up. I’ve never heard a louder noise than that. I worked next to the air field and jets constantly getting ready to go up, again it was horrible. I have decreased hearing and ringing in my ears due to this. Bombing was every single day on our base. Hypervidgelence is not something I was born with, it was programed into me. I can’t take loud noises anymore, nor do I even go the the 4th of July fireworks.
    Thank you.

  123. okay mr “dr phill” what kind of ignorant asshole says our soilders are monsters and damaged goods the only monster I see is the “docter” that said that. those men and woman our fihgting for our country and you have the nerve to call them monsters you are the monster sir they put there lifes on the line for us and this is the kind of respect they get! my brother is in afghanistan right now serving our country and he is my hero hes no monster and my grandpa is a Veteran and hes no monster ether so before you open you stupid ignorent mouth maybe you should really go get your degree in the medical field and have some respect for the men and woman that have and are serving this country! You should be ashamed of your self! That is all I have to say to the real MONSTER “dr phill”!

  124. I might be damaged goods but at least I still got my Life,my wife,my kids & my hair!

  125. All veteran and their family members please boycott Dr. Phil, also please pass this along and let’s get this bum of of the airwaves.

  126. Thompson A & B

    When Dr Phil decides to raise his hand and Volunteer to serve our country and defend the freedom of speech he is using to bash us soldiers that are suffereing from PTSD because we defended the very right provded for him to say all that bullshit……guess what then and only then will soldiers give a shit what he thinks. Till then I personally think he should eat every word of shit he just used. The only thing I can say to DR.PHIL is JUST FUCKIN SAY THANK YOU TO ALL VERTERANS WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SPOUT ALL THAT STUPID FUCKING SHIT THAT JUST FLOWED FROM YOUR LIPS…….I DONT SPEAK FOR ALL VERETERANS BUT MOST LIKELY THE MAJORITY……. DR PHIL SAY THANK YOU, SIT DOWN, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. Really does your brain even filter anything ity tells your mouth to say. Well guess what WE DONT GIVEA FUCK HOW YOU FEEL. The answer to that problem is dont bother YOU ARE FUCKIN WELCOME. When he raises his hand, signs the papers, picks up an M4 and handles buisness, then and only then will we worry bout his opinion bout PTSD. YOUR FREEDOM IS ON THE HOUSE, YOUR WELCOME, ENJOY ASSHOLE. YOU SHOULD NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!! PEACE

  127. Thompson A & B

    Dr Phil is just as bad as the rapper Soulja Boy with his stupid fuckin song —-Let’s Be real…….He says FUCK THE ARMY TROOPS!
    If you have not experienced that stupid fuck song, You should it is a FUCKIN GEM……That fuckin guy and Dr. Phil are both SMOTHERED IN STUPID..




  129. Therese Montgomery

    PTSD is one of the consequences of the sacrifices made by our wonderful veterans. It is the consequence which continues to relentlessly extract it’s measure over time. It is the result of the daily living under combat conditions where fear for ones survival is constant……and where that fear is pushed inside in order to perform in the field……just another sacrifice.

    Each of our vets deserves an extra measure of our love and understanding……from families, from the VA, and from the media which exploits them to further their ratings and careers. In addition to PTSD, many vets now suffer from cancer, diabetes, leukemia, as the results of exposure to agent orange and other chemicals during the time of their selfless service.

    If you know a vet……love him/her. If you see a vet in need……care by your actions. If you see a homeless vet……love him/her by your actions. Always act with love, otherwise, we have no currency to repay the sacrifices they have made.

  130. Dr. Phil just wants attention to be paid to the fact that there is an unnecessary pattern of redeployment going on which is in turn causing PTSD which can obviously reach dangerous magnitudes. Something should be done to PROTECT them, not REJECT them.

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  133. It’s not their fault.

    A PTSD brain is simply “running on empty”.

    Feed it… Fix it…


  134. I think I have PTSD something and I am civilian woman who is trying to figure it out and get the help needed. I thought Dr. Phil was a good guy, now I think is he one of the causes that regular people or those in the military can’t get the help they need. Well what if it has gotten so bad you survival is numbered unless you get the help you need, and it got that way cause admitting you had a problem meant you were a monster or a failure. That is how I feel, when I was a young girl my mother’s boyfriend would come into my room at night and put his hand up inside my vagina I remember just keeping my eyes closed so I could make it go away and I would just shut it out. A few years later while in elementary school I tried telling my mother however she just shut me down. Then he passed away in a car accident so I thought I forgot, then my best friends father in junior high molested me and made me do things I finally told my mother she didnt seem to believe. I had a son at 17 and I had drug abuse problems off and on my whole life. I have been in abusive relationships. I get better then life events happen. September 11, 2001 I was in the WTC mall area in the morning when the first plane hit, I was outside watching the building burn people jump and when the second plane hit running. That day I felt I had to be strong for everybody and so I shut out my fears to be strong for everybody else. 17 days later my fiance died of a sudden heart attack I was in the ER while they tried to revive him. I went back to the hospital that evening touched his body while they pulled him out of the freezer. People in my life said they were worried that after his death I would fall back into drug use they were right. When I met my fiance I was addicted to drugs. I have been addicted to drugs off and on since I was 18 all after traumatic events I have been strong I thought and I always just felt I could fix myself. My son lived with his father when he was younger then I got better made a good life for us away from all of my family. A few years ago something triggered inside my son had a daughter and I think I felt like a failure. Like why couldn’t I ever get it together enough to keep him from the same struggles I started using drugs again when he left home, this time I thought I had it together. Well I lost my job and since then my son moved to Texas cause I shut the door after he was gone for several months. He moved back to Texas he is 22 now. I was going to college I never did I actually had a good success in sales since the death I have never been able to really back on my feet I get better for a bit then I fall back, I live alone with my dog. I had to quiet school cause of the drug use and lack of money. I have been doing something for money that I think I try to find alright, I am scared to admit to the real people who can help yet I yell it to those who are addicts just like me I am selling my body. Today I realize though that it has gotten so bad that isn’t working I can’t leave the house I am trying to find ways to get better cause I don’t ever want to disappoint those i love. I don’t know how anymore I don’t have a job, well except seeing men and I know I am lying to myself thinking its all right. I am soon going to be 40 and I know I want to make a change I know if I could just get the chance I could if I could just get the help I could change my life I could help others if I could just the chance to get help and not have to figure it out on my own while trying to also pay my bills live I know I would help others. Today has been a day of trying to do that searching for answers I started out today trying to be positive thought it was working but slowly realized it wasn’t. Because I have always turned to drugs at the times the depression got bad or sex, I have always been scared to get the help I needed cause everyone considered me to just be an addict, I know that it isnt drugs cause I self indulge in other things too to try and cure, this the feeling I have today. I am hoping that people will see its not just soilders that have served the war, and its not monsters I have never hurt anyone in my life except myself I am one of the most giving persons I have ever known the problem is I give to the wrong people and I give to those who have drained me. I have watched Dr. Phil yet never reached out cause he made me feel like I am just an addict and how could I. I know being an addict is not the problem I know that if I could get the real help I need I could finally have a life of permanent change, I know the self help books they don’t work anymore the drugs, the compulsive shopping now the things to make money. I have 400 dollars in the bank and I am scared but I don’t want to sleep with someone for money. I don’t have insurance and I don’t want to tell just anyone I feel talking here because I feel like only place that might understand were I can maybe get some help. I hope so cause I really don’t think I can survive much longer, if you look at me you would never see it I think maybe that is why I haven’t been leaving my home in hopes that someone will notice and help me. I am scared to also just be called an addict, I am scared of losing my home, I am scared of disappointing my family, I am scared of never finding love cause of sleeping with men I am scared that no one will love me I am scared that I have failed as a mother and now I am scared that I am failing as a grandmother, I scared because I feel why wasnt I strong enough to over come all this I just don’t understand I have made progress the fall right back this time I am tired though the drugs have just given me the energy to feel like I was okay I know thats not true I dont even want the drugs I want change in my life and I want to feel I have a purpose. One thing Dr. Phil should know is my mother she will never admit cause she has been made to feel that way in her life but I know she has always just some how got by never graduated I don’t just think getting by works because I have ambition inside I have educated myself I have searched for a better life and i have had it. I also know that living alone just getting by letting yourself not fall in love this is not possible for me I have way to much love in my heart so PTSD is not make monsters are Veterans are not monsters no the people who are judging or who are generalizing those are the monsters you know I guess that is also why I have been able to be an escort cause I have in many ways felt connected to the men who I have connected with are those in a marriage were they have always been a good husband and for some reason they have been made to feel they have failed and they do to so they have found the help they need and not around and now I see I cant work cause all I am surrounded with those who degrade woman, I cant leave me house to find a job so I have been trying to search for what I can do. Anyway I am just wrambling on now and I am sorry I guess stopping by this site for the first time I felt comfortable to talk about it and maybe hope this will help me. I never have done anything so amazing like our Veterans have done for all of us so I guess with people like Dr. Phil in this world if amazing Veterans get called monsters then there really is no help for one’s like me? Well I am going to not give into that just yet just being here feeling comfortable to get it out I going to try. SO THANK YOU VETERANS YOU HELP WHEN YOU DON”T EVEN REALIZE YOUR NOT MONSTERS YOU ARE SAVIORS AND BEING HERE TALKING IS GIVING ME A LITTLE AMMO EVEN IF IT MAYBE SHORT LIVED I FEEL NO I KNOW ITS LONGER THAN A FUCKING DR PHIL COULD EVER DO AND YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOU WERE HELPING.

  135. I always deny my feelings, I being deploy three times in the past 5 years, was cheated on my first one, lost a good friend at the end of the first one, now my head is a daim hell, I saw too much, and no one can help me, I can’t sleep, i really don’t want to sleep, my nightmares, flashback, every daim sound around me make me feel that there is an incoming that is going to kill me or my family. I’m really struglling with this feelings, but I don’t want to get help, I prefere to fix everything with alcohol and just go back to work. I’m currentlly a miltary and I believe I can overcome my feelings, I believe that eventually this will go away, but since 2009 they haven’t. I really do prefere to just stay in my house, not socialize and just try to fix myself.

  136. My best friend served in Iraq, he has been diagnosed with PTSD. He isnt the same person that he was before the war. I live with his symptoms everyday.Prehaps, he is part of the minority. His behavior is erratic and unpredictable. He admits that he has issues but allways puts unreasonable conditions on seeking treatment. I fear for my safety during his fits of rage. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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  139. I think this is a little inaccurate and that you’re putting Phil down when in reality…if you went to his site and watched the show you might see something a bit different.

    First of all, the title he used, “From Heroes to Monsters?” is ended with a QUESTION MARK. He is asking if this is true. I don’t see perpetuation here. I see someone who is trying to create awareness to the public that this can be the reality of our veterans. The message seems to be from Phil that there IS help. Dr. Phil actually has much respect for our troops.

    I watched this episode and what I saw is a very compassionate man who wants to help WITHOUT judgment. Perhaps the phrase “damaged goods” is the use of sensationalism. But really (and btw: I have PTSD) PTSD is a type of brain damage, which is pretty apparent if someone goes from being a non-abusive, kind person to mean, nasty and abusive. Phil is also quick to say that it CAN BE healed.

    He’s not saying that all who have PTSD are monsters or that they are ALL violent. He is simply trying to help the men AND their families who ARE feeling such a violent aftermath of their particular situation with PTSD.

    Are you saying that even if someone DOES now have violence in their make up as a result of PTSD shouldn’t have that come to light because society at large will think that EVERY person with PTSD is mean, nasty and violent? Please, EVERYONE deserves to get help without judgment and that is exactly what I see Dr. Phil doing here.

    I just think that the people who become violent when triggered, take precedence and the help is more urgent because the lives of their families, people around them and even themselves are in immediate danger.

    Did you even watch the show?

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  142. Senator Diane Feinstein proposes that ALL veterans with PTSD disabilities will NOT be allowed to own firearms. This means no to a purchase, no to an ownership and yes to their confiscation of any firearms that they own.


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  144. I truly love your website.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you build this web site yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m looking to create my own site and would love to know where you got this from or
    exactly what the theme is called. Cheers!

  145. Hi Phil, You have done so many veterans a disservice by painting veterans with PTSD as violent and dangerous. I am a former US Navy SEAL and a disabled combat veteran. I was diagnosed with PTSD some 20 years ago. I have never harmed a living soul nor destroyed my marriage or my family. It is a difficult road to travel but with help from God, family. friends and doctors I do pretty damn well. I have had problems with anxiety and panic disorder but that is just the hand I was dealt. I don’t believe many of the stories of “veterans” who are violent and dangerous. I don’t believe that many of them did or saw the things they claim. They just want their 15 minutes of fame. If they were so concerned why don’t they give their last names and report the innocent civilians that they saw killed. I know numerous veterans with PTSD and they don’t commit crimes or act out. Thanks for perpetuating the crazed veteran view that was started after Vietnam and thanks to you and your ilk is being continued with today’s veterans.

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