Valentine’s Day Sentiments

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My Valentine is home, but I have many friends and loved ones whose Valentines are overseas or out in the field today. I wanted to post a few sentiments I found doing a search. If your sweetheart is at home with you today or if he or she is thousands of miles away, I hope that you both get to find a way to remind the other how much you love one another. Yes, we should do it daily, but isn’t it nice that we have an excuse to lavish each other with a little extra love on a given day?

Here are a few I found from various sources (Links to the sources are the end). Do you have a special poem you have written? If so, please share it in the comment section.

Red roses, chocolate, and champagne,
Are not enough for me,
My Lord, I need protection
For my Valentine at sea.

My Valentine is far away
Serving in Iraq,
No flowers, chocolate, candy hearts,
Please Lord, just bring him back.

I share my love with all the world,
She’s stationed in Iraq,
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers,
Ask God to bring her back.

On days like today
When the sky is gray
And my mood is gloomy
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer
I curl up in your shirt
Take out our pictures
And lose myself in the memories
The laughter and the love
Bring a smile to my face
And for that time everything is okay
I turn to you and
Though you may not be anywhere near
You still bring me cheer

It’s love,
Our special love,
Deployed love
Reaches across oceans
Connects heart that are worlds apart

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Link 1
Link 2

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