March 2012 Spouse Summit (Arlington, VA)

February 13, 2012 By
Posted in Spouse and Family

Are any of you planning on attending? I am a day away from where it’s being held. I really need to find an excuse to be there! It looks like a wonderful event and they are still open for registration. Let me know if you go! I would love interview anyone who does attend!

Join us March 2-3 for the 2012 Spouse Summit in Arlington, VA!’s Spouse Summit is a first-of-its kind event aimed at informing and empowering military spouses. The Summit brings together Subject Matter Experts to address the most pressing issues facing military families today. Whether it’s learning how to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of career or education goals, or how the state of the economy could affect military pay and benefits, the 2012 Spouse Summit will cover the substantive issues which are crucial to maintaining the mental, physical and financial health of our military families.

Brought to you by the team responsible for the highly successful MilBlog Conference and SpouseBUZZ LIVE events, the Military Spouse Summit promises to be a must-attend event for military spouses.

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