Sec Rumsfeld at MilBlog Conference 2011

May 2, 2011 By
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MilBlog Conference 2011 started out with quite the bang. We’ve had big name guests appear by video address and teleconference, but nothing compares to former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s personal appearance.

Sec Rumsfeld was very down to earth and had some insightful thoughts on many topics from defense spending to running for office. After the session, Sec Rumsfeld gladly signed copies of his new book Known and Unknown (B&N, Amazon).

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  1. Theodore Manna

    Let me first thank Mr. Rumsfeld,one of the most distinquished service records in America`s history.I was there sir,the same as I am on the battlefield in Afghanistan and on the deck of every ship we sail,if your in the military,I care not what your duty is,from turning a bolt to typing a keyboard to flying jets,your are a necessary part of what it takes to preserve Freedom.
    I `m going to stand next to this guy as I`ve stated before,I`m thinking he`s most likely in,for it is the spirit in which we do things that count so much,when you are in a position of such high responsibility,this is the what must guide the decisions,surely they`ll always be a doubt,however knowing you did what was right will minimize any questions as to actions you have taken. Great Conference and thank you

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