Rage Company and iPad Combo a Huge Success, and Relisted!

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Some of our eBay auctions are a hit, some are not so much. We take the good with the bad and keep in mind that the US economy is still struggling as the world economy fears toxic debt. However, we are blessed that the combination auction of Rage Company and an Apple iPad were a SMASH success selling for $1,010.00! The good news doesn’t stop there. It’s only just begun.

The winner of the auction, after paying the winning bid, has made the decision to not accept the iPad they rightfully won and just accept Rage Company. What is to come of the iPad? I, Redshirt, will put it great use, don’t worry. Just kidding! Another copy of Rage Company along with the iPad is back on the You Served auction block!

Really, could this be happening? I must admit that I knew this was a possibility almost a week ago. The person who won the auction contacted me offline with a plan to place a high bid this morning. I told them that was fine and that is how many people work an eBay auction in their favor to keep the price low. Apparently, I didn’t quite understand the point at first. The person just wanted to donate some money to Soldiers’ Angels, get a copy of Rage Company, and if they happen to win the iPad, they would donate back to You Served for auction again this week.

My mouth dropped. I think I stammered a few words before I said that was a great offer and a wonderful idea. I didn’t know quite what to think or do. If this really happened we would raise a lot of money this week for a great organization and have a crack at doing it again the week following. How could I refuse?

The future winner had requested that I send a reminder to bid. They aren’t an eBay pro and needed some pointers. After the quick email, I got a phone call.

“I just put in a bid for $750 and was immediately out bid,” they said.

I replied, “Okay. That’s pretty cool actually.”

“I need bid $800. I got out bid.”


I was getting pretty excited that someone else was willing to bid way over retail for the iPad. The conversation continued with my excitement continuing to grow when the future winner said they had been outbid at $1,000.

They asked, “Think I should go $1,010?”

I didn’t want to seem like I was pushing them to keep going or anything, but they offered. “Sure, if you want to!”

“I just bid $1,010. Holy crap, I have the winning bid!”

The rest is history, as they say.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this week’s winner. Your generosity is truly appreciated by everyone here at You Served. You, along with everyone that has won our auctions, are shining examples in this sometimes dark world, and I truly wish that there were more people like all of . Perhaps if there were, we wouldn’t be fighting a Global War on Terror, perhaps oppression of freedom wouldn’t exist. Again, thank you. You all have earned your places on our Wall of Honor.

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