This Week on eBay: Rage Company and a Surprise

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Rage Company Cover

On Thursday 29 May April, after the conclusion of our current auction, we will be listing Rage Company, A Marine’s Baptism by Fire (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) by Thomas Daly. The auction will run for one week and will conclude on the afternoon of 6 May, just a few hours before I interview Tom on You Served Radio. But what is this surprise? Keep reading! CJ and Troy don’t even know about it yet!

Rage Company chronicles Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines in their deployment to Ramadi, Iraq from November 2006 through April 2007. Readers of A Soldier’s Perspective will recall I was deployed to Iraq from February through September 2007.

Surprise? Yeah, I’m getting there. Hold your horses!

I am currently reading Rage Company, and it is making me remember a lot of things I heard during briefings but had forgotten about. I won’t get much into the book right now since I plan to write a full review after I finish reading the book and Tom comes on the show.

apple-ipad_2 Okay, I’ve made you hold your breath long enough. I’ve been working with Tom’s very lovely publicist, Callie Oettinger, over the last week on a very big something special to go along with the hardcover edition of Rage Company that will appear on the You Served auction block to benefit Soldiers’ Angels. The marketing department of Rage Company’s publisher, John Wiley & Sons, has agreed to donate one Apple iPad to this week’s auction. The winner of Rage Company will also receive an Apple iPad!

The full details of the auction will be announced Thursday and a link to the auction will also be published at that time. Until then, start hyping the auction to your friends and family! Remember that all money raised from our eBay story goes to benefit Soldiers’ Angels and the amazing work they do to benefit all of us serving our country.

Update: Yes, the date was supposed to be 29 April. Sorry about that!

6 Responses to This Week on eBay: Rage Company and a Surprise

  1. Spock is not a redshirt. That picture is deceiving….. *grin*

    Great auction action, Marcus!

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  4. addend correction:
    did you mean Thursday 29 April not 29 May?

  5. I think there are redshirts in the background!

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