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I have written about the great benefits of a USAA membership on this site before. When it comes to insurance, etc. nobody can touch what they offer. When you see the Progressive, Geico, etc. insurance commercials, pay attention. You will never see them compare themselves to USAA, becuase they cannot compete with USAA.

Well USAA has now opened up their eligibility to more potential members. If you qualify, I strongly urge you to check them out.

USAA membership is now open to anyone who has honorably served in the U.S. military.

Starting with our first eligibility expansion in 1923, the USAA family has grown by embracing an ever-larger portion of America’s active duty, retired and separated military members. Each time, we have been careful to ensure that USAA has the financial strength, the staff and the technology to maintain our high standards for exemplary member service, competitive pricing and value. Opening our doors today to all veterans who have honorably served, regardless of dates or length of service, fulfills our mission and leaves no one behind.

If you know veterans who honorably served but haven’t become USAA members, please share this news with them by checking out so that they may know the value of USAA and, by joining, their spouses and children can enjoy the benefits of membership as well.

27 Responses to USAA opens up eligibility

  1. I have been a member of usaa since 1970. My husband (now deceased) was an army officer. My father served in the army during world war II. He passed away in 1973. Can his daughter (my sister) become a usaa member?


  2. if my deceased father served in military, can i get insurance with usaa?bosom o

  3. if my deceased father served in military, do i qualify for usaa insurance

  4. Kenneth Laughinghouse

    My father is deceased, retired Mstr Sarg Army.As his son am I eligable for USAA ?

  5. marialyce v bumpus

    My father served in the navy, but is now deceased, I don’t think he was a member, can I become a member? My son is a member and in the national guard.

  6. Victoria Lewis

    Hi ,

    Both my brothers served in the military , can I join usaa?

    Victoria Lewis

  7. Hello,
    My father served in WWII and is deceased. I am his adult daughter, divorced in 1986 and not remarried. His death was a year after my divorce. Do I qualify for insurance?

  8. This is a bogus story. I called usaa today as I am a widow of a veteran who served 20 yrs, worked for homeland security and passed away while still employed. I was asked a couple of questions and quickly connected me to progressive ins co for a quote. What is the deal with this? why am I not eligible to get USAA ins. I think this sucks.

  9. Did anyone try contacting USAA to change their policies? I’d like to start a petition or something and I wrote to customer service, but the only thing they said was that their enrollment changes from time to time and keep checking back. I find it rather confusing that USAA is for military & immediate family, but people are still denied b/c their deceased loved ones didn’t register for USAA. My mother and I were denied membership even though my father (now deceased) served in the Army for over 20+ years, and my brother (also deceased) served for 20+ years in the Navy.


  11. My father was a twenty year retired veteran, disabled served from 1941-1961. Am I eligible?

  12. you can only join if your relative..father, mother or grandparents were registered members.

  13. I am a veteran. I served from 1982 to 1989 in regular army and I am constantly denied without giving a reason. Can someone tell me why?

  14. I am a veteran from Army 1982 ti 1989 regular army E5 seperated and I was told I wasnt eligible. I wasn’t given a reason.

  15. My son served in the army for three years does he qualify to join usaa and if he can be a member may I join as his mother?

  16. If my son served in the army for three years is he eligible to join usaa? Also as his mother can I join?

  17. My husband served in the navy but is now deceased, my daughter is currently employed by USAA for approximately 20 years. I have never remarried, can I please become a USAA member?

  18. My father is deceased, but he was retired from the Air Force. He had 29 years in the Air Force. I am his older daughter. As his daughter can I become a member of USAA and get auto insurance?

  19. The deceased military member must have been a USAA member first, then their children and spouses would be eligible to join USAA after their death.

  20. My father, grandpas and 2 brothers all served and serving in military. Is it true that i could get life insurance for my family.

  21. My husband served but didnt sign up. He was disabled. As his widow can I join?

  22. All, if you think you can qualify for USAA then just contact them via their toll free number on their website to verify your qualification.

  23. I just called to join and was told I’m not eligible! My husband served in the US Navy for over 20 years, died from a service connected disability and I’m not eligible…..that is an injustice. I was told that since he never signed up for USAA before he died, I would not be eligible……BUT here’s the irony……when he was still alive my husband wouldn’t qualified either because at that time they only insured OFFICERS, and he was an E7. Shame on you USAA for your treatment of countless military vets, widows etc.

  24. my father just passed in nov 2012, I never heard of USAA till a few months ago…he was a WW2 vet and Korean war POW. my mother nor I am eligible for this insurance its a disgrace…I would sign a petition how do we get it started…I don’t see the harm its only more money for them? I could be over simplifying it by saying that but really what’s the harm.

  25. My father is deceased am I eligiblge to get usaa insurance.

  26. USAA will not allow any direct relative of the veteran to get insurance unless the Veteran had a policy with USAA previously. I tried and failed. Don’t waster your time if that is the case.

  27. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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