Top (Whatever) Ways You Know You’re From a Military Family

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1. Your house is decorated in a mixture of German, Korean, Japanese, and Americana. Somehow, you or your mom make it all fit together well.

2. When people ask you where you’re from, you have to mentally make a decision on whether you want to say the last place you lived or the actual town you were born.

3. The addresses in your address book for friends met in the military have large Xs over them and the addresses aren’t 123 Elm St, but CMR-P Box 114, APO AE 91102 and you have a new entry every 1-3 years.

4. You have never had a “family doctor” and your medical record are incomprehensible.

5. Your pets answer you when you talk to them in German.

6. You can pick up and drop an accent better than a Hollywood star so you will fit in at your new school/community

7. You use papa and whiskey and juliet and Quebec and xray when calling out letters in anything that has letters. Non-military people will……pause when you do that cuz they recognize it from movies.

8. You don’t ever completely unpack cuz you KNOW you will move again soon, so why bother?

9. Class Six has meaning to you and it’s a little slice of heaven

10. You know your dad’s and/or husband’s social security number forwards and backwards. Even 20-something years later.

11. You have people all over the world who understand you and understand what you went through because of a shared experience, no matter your duty station. They will be friends for life.

You’re welcome to add your own in comments!!

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  1. Some more
    12. You are the most popular kid on the block when it is time to play “army” because you have all the weapons, uniforms, headgear and even rucksacks.

    13. Other kids may be grounded, but you are restricted to quarters.

    14. When hanging out with your friends, you probably have the most foul mouth of all of them and even teach your friends some new cuss-word combinations.

    Give me time, I will come up with more.

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