Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence (PDMRA)

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On August 7, 2007, the Army released a message informing Soldiers about the new Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence, or PDMRA. PDMRA is a new category of leave similar to administrative leave in the civilian sector. It is a DOD program intended to compensate Soldiers with days of non-chargeable leave when required to mobilize or deploy with a frequency beyond established rotation policy goals. The program only applies to deployments and mobilizations underway on, or commencing after, 19 Jan 07. I want to take a few minutes and try to explain this very confusing policy.

First and foremost, Soldiers should recognize that there are no tax benefits like combat zone exclusions for taking this leave. This program does not replace or circumvent traditional leave accrual. Soldiers will earn both their standard 2.5 days per month as well as PDMRA, if qualified. I’ll break this up into Active and Reserve (National Guard) forces.

After 12 months deployment, eligible Soldiers earn ONE day of administrative absence. Those Soldiers with 18 months deployed begin to earn TWO days and those with 24 months will earn FOUR days. The deployments must occur within a 36 month period. Here’s how it works:

If you deployed for a 15 month tour AFTER the date above, you earn one day of PDMRA PER MONTH after the 12th month. Months 13, 14, and 15 each get one day for a total of three. If you deploy for 21 months, you earn two days of PDMRA PER MONTH after your 18th for a total of six days. Each month past 24 months earns four days per month. Now, this must occur within a 36 month window. If you deployed for 15 months and then didn’t deploy again for three years, your count begins back at zero for PDMRA. The only difference for the Reserve forces is that they have more time to accrue deployments. For those Soldiers, it is a 72 month window.

The deployments that are creditable under this program are to Afghanistan, Iraq or certain theater units and other areas as determined by the Secretary of the Army. For Reserve component Soldiers, creditable mobilizations are defined as mobilizations under Title 10 only and only include INVOLUNTARY mobilizations unless the duty is in conjunction with “deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.” It gets a bit confusing for Reserve components, but here is the actual policy:

…for the Reserve component Soldiers, creditable mobilizations are defined as mobilizations under Title 10, United States Code, sections 12301a, 12302, or 12304. These are involuntary mobilizations. Voluntary mobilizations under 12301(d) /CO-ADOS, Retiree Recall) do not qualify for PDMRA, unless the 12301(d) mobilization/duty is in conjunction with ―deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.‖ To qualify for PDMRA under a 12301(d) period of duty the Soldier must have documentation showing their Iraq/Afghanistan duty under Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE) on their LES showing the payment of Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger pay to verify the period of Boots on Ground (BOG) in Iraq or Afghanistan. More than 50% of the entire 12301(d) mobilization ―time‖ must occur BOG in Iraq or Afghanistan for a 12301(d) to qualify for any PDMRA. For example, one month of CZTE can be authorized/earned for one day in theater. Technically, a 12301(d) Soldier traveling to Iraq or Afghanistan one day per month for 6 months would earn 6 months CZTE and have an LES that indicates 6 months CZTE. However, that does not qualify the 12301(d) Soldier for any PDMRA since 50% of the mobilization ―time‖ was not preformed in theater.

For active component Soldiers, creditable deployment time commences on January 19, 2004, or the date that is 36 months prior to the Soldier‘s initial deployment, whichever date is most recent, and includes the day of the Soldier‘s arrival in theater through the date of departure from theater. For example: If the Soldier deployed October 10, 2007, creditable deployment time for the Soldier would include previous deployments back 36 months to October 10, 2004. A deployment on December 21, 2013, looks back 36 months for previous creditable deployment… December 21, 2010 in order to calculate the number of days of PDMRA earned. Make sense? It does to me, but if you’re CORNfused, that’s what the comments section is for. Ask away! The following image should explain it a little better. The red blocks account for deployment time. For qualified deployments, a number appears indicating how many days of PDMRA you have earned for that deployment.

PDMRA Example

PDMRA Example

Now for the REALLY confusing part – the Reserves and National Guard. For Reserve component Soldiers, creditable mobilization time commences on October 7, 2001, or the date that is 72 months prior to the Soldier‘s mobilization, whichever date is most recent, and includes the day the Soldier is initially mobilized through the date the mobilization is terminated; includes the effective date of the Soldier‘s mobilization orders through the date of the expiration of the mobilization order, to include periods of R&R and temporary duty (TDY) outside Iraq and Afghanistan for TDY periods of 30 days or less. For example: A deployment on December 21, 2013, looks back 72 months for previous creditable deployment(s)…December 21, 2007 in order to calculate the number of days of PDMRA earned. PDMRA accrual for RC Soldiers includes all qualifying mobilizations, not just to Iraq or Afghanistan. Only mobilizations under 12301(a), 12302, or 12304 qualify to accrue PDMRA. A 12301(d) period of duty also qualifies when it is documented that the 12301(d) period was in conjunction with a deployment in support of Contingency Operations in Iraq or Afghanistan; deployment time for this purpose includes the day of the Soldier‘s arrival on Title 10 at MOB station through his REFRAD date. PDMRA days do not continue to accrue while Soldier is on transition leave and/or extension of mobilization orders for the purpose of PDMRA usage. Here’s the reserve graphic explanation:


I think these images make a bit more sense than trying to explain it all. I could have saved a lot of energy just posting these at the beginning.

Now the question on probably every Soldiers’ mind is “how do I use it?” PDMRA can be used during any R&R leave period or in lieu of using chargeable annual leave at home station. However, you can’t add the PDMRA to R&R time. If you have 20 days of leave saved up and your R&R is only 14, you can’t extend that time period to use up your leave. You only get to use the 14 days. Soldiers may use PDMRA leave within 12 months of returning from deployment or during PCS travel. If you don’t use them within 12 months of returning from deployment, too bad, so sad. Leaders must make every effort to give their troops this time off within that timeframe. We owe it to them!

Soldiers who return from deployment due to an injury or are deemed to be “not fit for duty” will have one year to use their PDMRA from the day that they are determined to be “fit for duty.” This is good news for those Soldiers recovering from injuries sustained as a result of combat or their deployment, but stuck somewhere like Walter Reed for extended periods of time. Soldiers who are getting out of the Army can combine their ETS (terminal) leave with PDMRA.

PDMRA days do not continue to accrue for those Soldiers on transition leave and/or extension of mobilization orders for the purpose of PDMRA usage. It also doesn’t have a cash value like normal leave does. If it’s not used, it goes the way of GM dealerships and just disappears without a trace and no “cash out” option. For those Soldiers in the Reserve component with federal, state or local government civilian employment, you cannot by law receive civilian pay while using this leave. Since you are considered on active duty while taking this leave. However, there is a provision in the law that allows you to elect to receive Assignment Incentive Pay in lieu of PDMRA. For this purpose, the AIP would be valued at a rate of $200 for each day of administrative absence that otherwise would have been authorized/earned under the PDMRA program, but can’t exceed $3,000 per month. To request this, simply use the 4187 process (see your 1SG).

I hope this cleared up some of the confusion or lack of knowledge about this important way our nation shows its appreciation for what we’re doing. Our media likes to highlight all the down sides of these deployments while completely ignoring worthy programs like this, additional pay, and other benefits that Soldiers receive during and after deployments. We take care of our own and this is just another example of that.

If you have any further questions about the program, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section so that others can learn along with you. Also, please see your PAC or 1SG. However, since I’ve been contacted by a few First Sergeants myself, they may not have the answer. In those cases, provide them with this link to educate them. They’ll thank you for it!

For services other than the Army, this program SHOULD work the exact same way. It’s a DOD program, not an Army one. We are just better at getting the word out there! ;)

Oh and I almost forgot, you can access a special calculator to help you figure out how much leave you may be due by clicking HERE.

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  2. MAJ Craig Driskell

    “PDMRA days do not continue to accrue for those Soldiers on transition leave and/or extension of mobilization orders for the purpose of PDMRA usage.”

    Where can I find an ALACRAT or policy tht states that PDMRA days do not continue to accrue while on tranisition leave?

    Thank you.

  3. i am a irr soldier and have been deployed to iraq again. my first deployment was for 15 months while on active duty. this deployment is for 14 months and i am basicly a reservist. how do i figure out how many days i should get

  4. Sir,
    the current PPG and the above traffic can help out. Once you “morph” to terminal leave, the calculation in completed: hence, your “free” days are calculated. If you disagree with this, please check with your personnel section (S/G/J-1) for further guidance. When outprocessing, it is to your best interest to nail thin ENTITLEMENT, not gift, to your entitlements.
    SGM W

  5. Upon review, replace a couple of “n”s with an “s”… FAT FINGERS

  6. Do you earn ordinary leave (2.5 days a month) while on PDMRA leave?

  7. I hope someone answers your question. I am in the same boat right now. I was deployed active duty Jan 05 to Jan 06 and I was pulled off IRR Jan 25 2009 for deployment to theatre. There’s actually a lot of us in the same situation and it seems like no one knows anything about IRR and policies and when you call ST. Louis you get sent to a voicemail and they never return your call.

  8. I am AGR and have deployed with the same Reserve unit within a four year period. Since I am “Active”, I do not fall under Reserve 72 month rule, but fall under the 36 month criteria. My Reserve Soldier counterparts, who I deployed with on both mobilizaitons, have earned 30 days and I have earned 1 day. AGR Soldiers are often forgotten about when these new programs are developed. Am I missing something here???

  9. I was active duty and deployed twice to OEF and then ETS’d to the National Guard and I am on a third OEF deployment, did I loose my PDMRA days from active duty or should they roll over?:
    Active Duty (OEF)
    15 MAR 2004 – 27 MAR 2005
    17 FEB 2006 – 28 FEB 2007

    National Guard (OEF)
    21 APR 2009 – 20 APR 2010


  10. MSgt Angela Ash

    I am a member of Air National unit and we have had several deployments in the past several years. It appears several of our folks may be eligible for this program. Can we access the calculator to input air national guard members?

  11. Please explain what “in conjunction” means that I copied from the article above that refers to Reserve and National Guard Soldiers:

    A 12301(d) period of duty also qualifies when it is documented that the 12301(d) period was in conjunction with a deployment in support of Contingency Operations in Iraq or Afghanistan; deployment time for this purpose includes the day of the Soldier‘s arrival on Title 10 at MOB station through his REFRAD date.

  12. When using the PDMRA calculator, what determines whether to use 12031d-(OIF/OEF) or 12301d-(OTHER)as the USC?

  13. SSG Martin Livingston

    How do I find out which USC code I was mobilized under? It does not state it on my orders. It only says that I was mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

  14. I am currently deployed to Iraq with the national guard, I was on a prior mobilization for 22 months also with the guard although it was stateside. I cannot get any answers as to wether I qualify for the PDMRA leave or not. My first mobilization was Operation Noble Eagle and was title 10.

  15. I was deployed to Afghanistan from February 1, 2006 to May 28, 2007. I am currently deployed to Iraq from November 27, 2008 to November 21, 2009. When I used the calculator, it said I do not get credit for my last deployment and that when I do get back in novmeber, I will only have aquired 24 days of leave. Is there a mistake or does my last deployment not count? My previous deployment is within the 36 month window. I was also deployed in 2003 to 2004 to afghanistan for 10 months but that is way outside the window. Thanks

  16. Sgt Irving-Moyer

    I was involunterly mob to Fort Hood TX for 365 days in 2008 and am now on CO-ADOS orders at Fort Dix under Title 10 12301 (d) for another 365 days. I had no break in service and am/was in support of OEF. Would I be entitled to PDMRA days?

  17. I don’t have acess to a calculator and don’t understand how my first deployment will be used for the calculation. Can you help me with a calculation:
    Oct 01–Oct 02 OEF
    Mar 06 – Apr 07 OIF
    Jul 09 – Jan 10 OIF

    How much PDHMA will I have at the end of Jan 10? Thank you

  18. I was deployed twice with the National Guard and then with the Army Reserve within 36 months do i qualify for PDRMA?

  19. I was in the marines and went to iraq and afghan. now I am in the army in iraq again. Does my marine tours count with the PDMRA? It is all with in the back-to-back 5 year time window. Can any one help
    marine side army
    oef 04-05 oif 08-10
    oif 06-06

  20. If PDMRA balance is over 30days does the company commander sign off on it or does it have to go to the BDE SGM or commander

  21. A Soldier can use PDRMA in place of their charged RR leave.

    For example, Soldier has earned 13 day PDRMA, takes 15 days RR from Iraq. Are only 2 days charged while deployed.
    Or does he have to wait until he returns to use this leave.

    SSG Budzisz

  22. I just recently returned from Afghanistan and earned 31 days of PDMRA, NOT including my regular Leave. I recieved my PDMRA at Finance during DEMOB. When they add your PDMRA it is the whole time your on title 10 from mob, tour, demob and leave. I had 16 months from Iraq 04-05 and just finished Afghan 08-09 for 13 months total. Both deployments were with the National Guard. So after 12 months you get 1 additional day and when you get to 18 you get 2.5 additional days. But they do not go back to your previous deployments and give you leave for them it is just add for the current deployment. I hope this helps.

  23. Is there a maximum number of accruable days for PDRMA leave?

  24. i was authorized 24 days of leave based on the following dates: 27 jun 04 to 25 may 05 next deployment was: 6 oct 06 to 6 dec 07. acording to the calculator and based on my current deployment i will have earned about 27 days, does my S-1 have to substract the 24 days that i previously earned or do i qualify for the whole 27?

  25. I am a reservist that has been mobilized since jul 2005 continuous. I have trained soldiers that have mobed and deployed to afg/iraq. I want to know about this pdrma and how it works toward soldiers like myself, do i get? I am on tittle 10 orders …somebody help!!!!!


    I am in the National Guard & extended during my 2nd tour.They calculated my PDMRA & regular leave. They are trying to send me home in time to use both types of leave before my orders end. Is the PDMRA supposed to be used after my orders end?I’ll be losing 2 months in country & sounds like it would affect my PDRMA calculations. Can tou clear this up for me?

  27. What a great program! I wish they would extend it to the Navy as well with all the deployment time.

  28. When using the PDRMA calculator if some body is AGR do you use AGR or MDAY. The reason I ask is that AGR’s are removed from title 32 status to title 10. Could somebody help me with this question.

  29. LS1 Donald Wrenn

    I will have completed a total of 5 tours after this one, i received respite leave after my second mobilization, did not receive any after my third, I am now on my fourth mobilization and my fifth deployment (I did two tours back to back)….all of my tours were in a combat zone, I have been told that there are certain numbers on my MOB orders that determine which ones count, I am a Navy reservist,how do I tell which ones count?

  30. Do I lose my perdiem when I use these pdmra days? I was told no but one S-1 shop and yes by another S-1 shop. I am confused. thanks. SFC P

  31. SGT T – I have done the same thing for years. As far as earning PDMRA days while stateside it depends solely on your mobilization code. 12301 orders do not earn PDMRA days while stateside. 12302 orders do.

    SSG Koontz – The Army has the right/option to send anyone back early to use all earned leave, whether it be PDMRA or annual leave. That practice has been used for a while but it is going away in some places. It is at the discretion of the unit you are deployed with, as their mission dictates.

    Robert – if you are AGR you use AGR. You are not a M-Day Soldier.

    SFC P -you are NOT entitled to perdiem while on PDMRA leave, just like you are not entitled to it while on ordianry leave.

    You can use the calculator at to see what PDMRA entitlements you are eligible for. Keep in mind, when going to this caluclator you have to have your USC code. Title 10 and Title 32 do not work.

  32. I am in Iraq and I volenterred to extend for another rotation, buy the end i will have 19 days of pdmra leave. The unit is trying to send me home with only the reg. leave, insted of using the pdmra and the leave to leave theater sooner. Can they send me home and once my leave is used up and my orders are over, can they extend them for the 19 days to use the pdmra? I dont understand what they can and cant do? I thought you had to use both reg leave and pdmra before the end date of your orders? Can someone please clear this up for me?

  33. Yes your orders can be extended to account for your PDMRA, that’s what they should be doing to allow you to collect it

  34. My question is. If your in the Reserves and National Guard and a MDAY soldier, does the soldier still have 12 months to be able to use the PMDRA leave? Lets say if a soldier didn’t want to take it right after they got back we cannot put the soldier on orders so they can use their leave so what happens?

  35. I was denied PDMRA in October 2008 when I got off my second deployment with the Arkansas Army National Guard. The contractors demobilizing the unit at Ft, Benning then by my USP&FO in Arkansas. I have made the rounds with the IG. My commander flat out refuses to support me on this issue. The AGR soldiers who deployed with me enjoyed this benefit but none of the M-day soldiers were allowed to receive it. How do I get it?

  36. Many of our soldiers are currently on our second deployment. We are being told under no circumstances as a NG soldier can we exceede 400 days from the original order. I did not take a R&R during this deployment. I will earn 34 days od PDMRA leave and have my 30 days+ regular leave remaining. Am I trully to loose this or will our orders actually be extended out to allow us to us all that is awarded. I will be Demobing through FT Sill and that is the info being provided. Any input to this would be a greatly appreciated.

  37. For those who are questioning how many days of PDMRA they have, take note of this:

    PDMRA “not” used within 12 months of returning from deployment or during PCS travel are lost. PDMRA days cannot be retained and carried to the new PDS for later use.

    This was from the ArmyG1 website (

    Make sure to use it up while you can.

  38. ALCON,

    For those in a Reserve component who are wondering what USC code to put – that would be in block 14 of your DD214 you received when seperating from Active Duty. That is the comments block, and it will contain what USC you were ordered to active duty under.

    For those soldiers who were in the 34th Infantry Division “Red Bulls” Minnesota National Guard and deployed from Aug 2005 to sometime in 2007 ours seems to be a special case as we were never awarded PDMRA. Our legislators are still batteling it out.

    Special instructions would have to be implemented since we were never given it nor the opportunity to use it and it is now past 12 months since the end of deployment.

    And so we hurry up and wait…as soldiers do.

    SSG G

  39. SSG kuehlman timothy

    i am heading for Ft knox i am on med hold and heard from a soldier
    that he lost his PDMRA while there the commander said that it is under commanders discretion and he lost it he is national guard so
    what is the deal from what i read here he cant do that so somebody please give me some answers


    whar army regulation covers \pdrma\

  41. were can I get a copy of pdmra

  42. I was just wondering if I got deployed from 08-13-04 thru 08-13-05 as an active duty.I went from active duty to National Guard and I am currently deployed from 10-01-09 thru 10-01-10 am I eligiable for this program since I am National Guard now do I get the 72 month speration.


  43. I was wondering if i qualified for PDMRA. I was on active duty from Aug of 1998 – Apr of 2008. I was deployed to Iraq from Sept 03-04 and Oct 06-07. If you could please let me know what i have to do to see if i qualify or a contact number.

  44. I was wondering if I qualify for PDMRA. I am a reservist currently on OIF active duty beginning May 10, 2009 through Aug 10, 2010. Also I was on OIF active duty during Aug 27, 2006 – Aug 20, 2007, and OEF active duty from Apr of 2003 – Sep of 2003. Also OEF from May 2002, through Feb 2003.

    If you could please let me know how many (PDMRA)days I have accumulated or qualify for will be appreciated.

    If possible, please provide a contact number.

  45. I WAS DEPLOYED FROM FEBUARY 16,2006 THRU JULY 14 2007 AND RETURNED BACK TO MY UNIT IN THE TEXAS ARMY NATIONAL GAURD SO DO I QUALIFY FOR THE (PDMRA).I was with the 149 aviation at balad anaconda,iraq fro 15 months.

  46. SFC Patricia Bunns

    Sorry, but I am still a little confused about the PDMRA. I served in KOSOVA in 2006 to 2007 until I were MEDVAC to Fort Knox for medical treatment until REFRADing June 2008.
    My question is do I qualify for PDMRA since KOSOVA was considered a combat zone and I received Hazard Duty Pay.

  47. SFC Patricia Bunns

    I still confused.

    I served in KOSOVA 2006 to 2007, until I were MEDVAC back to the states for Medical Treatment in May 2007 at Ft. Knox WTU until June 2008 when I REFRAD. MY tour to KOSOVA was considered a Combat Zone and I received Hazard Duty Pay.
    My question is do I qualify for PDMRA?

  48. Sgt RichardJones

    I was deployed to Iraq from Jan 2005 to Jan 2006; then I was on mob orders from Jan 2006 to Feb 2008 under 12301(d) deployment to OIF/OEF. I went under the PMDRA calculator and said I was due 52 PMDRA days. However they say I’m not able to collect because the Mob site I was at should have gave me my PMDRA days. I thought that they were paying people who didn’t get to use those PMDRA days. So why are some people getting paid and some are not. It seem to me; if you pay some for lost PMDRA you should pay all.

  49. So AGR soldiers do get to earn this leave and If so do we fall under the 36 month or 72 month window?

  50. I was deployed in 2004-2005, Our unit just got back from another deployment three months ago and since then I dropped to the IRR. When I recently found out that a few of the marines from our first deployment were taking this PMDRA leave that I was unaware of I contacted the admin chief. They told me since I demob’d so soon they did not have the PMDRA information for me at the time of my check out (too lazy to find out the information before we came back). So since the PMDRA cannot be “cashed out” is there a way to fight this and possibly get this leave I earned back? I contacted my OIC and I was told there is nothing they can do. I am about to write to my state representative, but is this even going to make a difference? Thank you for any help.

  51. SFC Ryan (Asst. IG)

    I was deployed to ODS/OIF Aug 2002-Jul 2003, OEF Aug 2003-Aug 2004, OEF May 2006-Aug 2007 (40 months). I never received the PDMRA benefit. I am in the National Guard and was told by my G-1 that because of the date in August I returned, National Guard Bureau (NGB) set a date and I am now out 60 days of PDMRA benefit. I am waiting for the NGB IG to get back with me not only for my own info, but since I am an IG he said I will be getting many others in my situation that will likely come to me on this issue. Any thoughts??

  52. All the Army Guard guys out there need to hound your personnel offices and get paid for your days. The Air National Guard is not even considering paying me, yet. I have gone through the IG, my Congressmen and I am one step away from a lawyer to get the $14,800 that the Air Guard owes me.

    Time is running out you must get paid by 27OCT2010. The following is straight out of the National Guard Bureau Office of Legislative Liaison, FY10 National Defense Authorization Act and it is Public Law:

    Post-Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence Allows up to $200 for each day of administrative absence that a member would have earned between January 19, 2007, and the date of the implementation of the PDMRA program had the program been implemented during that time. The authority expires one year from the date of enactment of the NDAA. The 40-day limitation previously included in the House and Senate bills was removed. (Sec. 604)

    If I am not mistaken The Army implemented the policy on 17AUG2007 and the Air Guard still has not implemented the policy.

  53. If a Soldier is deployed in a Combat Zone, can the Soldier take PDMRA during the deployment, instead of doing an R&R?
    If so, can the Soldier submit for PDMRA leave more than once during the same deployment?

    • SFC Nicholson,

      The soldier would have to have been deployed or mobilized once before to receive PDMRA Leave. If this is the Soldiers’ first deployment or mobilization then he/she wont receive any PDMRA Leave days.

      However, if this isn’t the Soldiers’ first deployment or mobilization then they should be able to use those days just as they would any normal leave days. I’m not sure how it works for deployment but i do know that the Soldier will be able to use those days instead of ordinary leave days while mobilized.

      My apologies if i didnt answer your question, but i saw this question as I was just submitting a DA 31 to use my PDMRA days before getting off AD.


      SGT Darris J. Butler

  54. I was a mobilized NG soldier from 23 Feb 04 through 21 Feb 07.
    Of those 3 years, the first 2 were under the 12302 orders from 23 Feb 04-21 Feb 06. The last year was COTTAD which states does not qualify unless in a combat area which I wasn’t. On 22 Feb 07 I went Regular Army. I am now deployed to Iraq from 12 Dec 09 through 11 Nov 2010 this year. When I use the PDMRA calculator I qualify for 48 days. Is this correct since I am now Regular Army? I never rec’d this entitlement when I switched over since I had no break in service. Thank you for your time.
    SSG Jessiman

  55. orders are as follows:
    23 Feb 04-22 Feb 06 12302 OEF USAR, 23 Feb-21 Feb 07 COTTAD 12301(d).These are listed on DD214. 22 Feb 07 RA switch. 6 Dec 09 through this year 11 Nov 10 RA OIF. transitioned from RES to RA no break in service. I hope this is clearer for you. Thank you

  56. Wade Simoneaux

    I am in the national guard…I deployed from May 04-Sept 05…And now I am deployed again since Jan 10- Aug 10… How will the PDMRA work for me?

  57. We (the unit i am with now) are only now learning about PDMRA. After reading about the Minnesota NG, I am sad to say we might be in the same boat. Many of us have done about 36-48 months of OEF/OIF (or in support of) from a prior deployment and may not get those days we have earned. We are now on demob status and going thru the process. It is a sad thing to read, that we, citizen soldiers who leave our families to support our constitution and way of life, do not get a chance to enjoy the benifits that we have earned, simply because the information was not put out in a timely manner, and with specific instructions to the units. Hopefully God will be on our side.

  58. I was an AGR soldier. Deployed on 7 JAN 06 Untill about 20 APR 07. I then went back on title 32 AGR. I did only 1 deployment. Am I entitled to anything???

  59. I’m confused. An AGR soldier is normally on Title 32 (NOT Active Duty nor does he/she count against Active Duty #’s) and when mobilized converts to Title 10. “IF” the AGR soldier is NOT a Title 10 AGR soldier, shouldn’t that soldier be authorized to accrue PDMRA days while deployed if otherwise qualified?

    I know the calculator has AD, AGR, M-Day etc to select the soldiers status, does the “AGR” in the calculator consider the differences in a Title 10 AGR soldier and a Title 32 AGR soldier ? They [Title 10/32] are totally different animals and I think that a Title 32 AGR soldier should be/is authorized to accrue PDMRA days; “IF” they qualify otherwise (72 months etc).

  60. I’m the admin clerk in a National Guard unit. I’ve done alot of research on PDMRA. I still have a couple questions so that my unit’s calculation sheets are correct. I couldn’t find these answers anywhere. I will be using the minuteman calculator.

    When listing prior deployments in the start & end dates, where on the DD214 do I get the exact dates needed? Is it blocks 12a. & 12b. or do I get them from the Remarks section in block 18?
    I noticed that the start & end dates in block 18 is only the time in country which ends up being 9-10 months. But I also read that RC/NG dates start from the time of mobilization which is block 12a. But then block 12b. is the date of separation from AD which looks like the date after the orders get extended for the purpose of using leave/PDMRA.

    I dunno. I’m so confused.

  61. I have a question, my Husband was deployed from kansas with the 161st FA with the red bulls Tour began oct 2005-july2007. They hit sand in Iraq in april 2006 and were suppose to return in march 2007, but they were extended til july 2007. We just recieved his PDMRA but it wasnt that much money and everyone around us is getting between 7,000 -10,000 dollars. we received only 1,900. Everyone that received that took there R&R as well. So I dont know, I mean we are greatful for what we have received but could there possibly be an error and who do we need to talk to, to make double sure. Thank you for your time

  62. i am currently deployed at this time. this will be my third tour. the dead line to file for PDMRA is 01 OCT 2010. will i still be entitled to this when i get to DEMOB station, or should i stat a DD form 827? please advise. Thank you

  63. SSG Jennism I am a 42A58 that just returned from AF in Apr 10, I have found that using the orders for the previous RC/NG deployments will make the PDMRA (DRAFT) more correct…..and that is what you are doing is a draft. The de-mob station will be the finial determination of the PDMRA. The point of a draft is to find out who needs an extension to use their PDMRA.

  64. Husband wounded and then returned to 3rd Army Fort Stewart deployed a total of 15 months, now retired. What documents and where do I find these documents just in case they are misplaced in storage. As time is ticking and we just received data. Whom is our Military pay officer for the state of Georgia? What point of contact information is provided for following up?

  65. I have a Soldier that was deployed to Iraq in 03-04 and again in 04-06. Since this PDMRA benefit came out after his/her return home but not in between those certain dates of 19 Jan 07 – 18 Aug 07, is there still compensation available for the SM in this scenario? I appreciate any information.


  66. Army reservist
    Kuwait on invol orders – Aug 2004 to Oct 2005

    Active Duty – operational Support (ADOS -VIRQ-OIF) training from JAN-APR 10 (various orders – all continuous period of time all showing training for OIF) – I was croossleveled to unit tem ordered to a Army school and various training events)

    mob orders – APR 10 to APR 11

    COntinuous orders (no break in service) from JAN 10 to present –

    WHat is covered under PDMRA – Specifically period JAN-APR when I was on orders prior to actual mob – I will have spent more than 50% time in country before being released.

  67. I went to AF in 04/05 do I still get the benefit? And if I do what do I have to do to get them?

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  69. I was deployed from 10 February 2003- 09 September 2004 to Kuwait-Iraq. Do I qualify for the PDMRA?

    Doug Whorton CW2

  70. Michael O'Harran

    I read through the forum and it answered my big question of whether I qualified. I do. I’m activated currently and from my last activation my former chain of command submitted on my behalf the PDMRA request for the $200 thing. I did not fully understand it. So if that goes through, I would cash in for that period and now be short that time when I come off orders from my current activation? If so can I cancel that request for the money so I can use the leave at the end? If I do cancel, will I not be eligable for that leave since I did not use it in 12 months, but it was brand new and we did not know about it since we REFRADed in JUN 2007? If that is the case than do I take the money because I won’t get anything else? Thanks for your time. I hope you can send the reply straight to my email since I’m currently in transit and usure if I will check the site again.

  71. SFC Perez-Carmona, Luis

    I was involuntarely mob, mobilization category code “V”, to Fort Buchanan PR for 365 days in 2008 and in 2009 voluntary re-mob at Camp Shelby, MS. under Title 10 12301 (d) for another 365 days. I had no break in service and am/was in support of OEF. Would I be entitled to PDMRA days?

  72. Sir, I’ve been trying to get some answers since Feb.I deployed with the Nataional Guard twice. I accured 61 days, I’m currently on active duty. My question is can I get paid for those days? If so where do I go from here.

  73. Sir,

    Is it true that you can only receive pdmra once and then it’s gone? We’re being
    told that since we received,and used, prmra days on our last mobilization, that we will start
    over at 0 months on our upcoming mobilization. I am a RC soldier, and this is my
    third deployment/mobilization in the 72month window. The PDMRA calculator says
    I will start accruing at 4 days/month on my upcoming mobilization.

    Thank you!!

  74. SFC Kevin C. Robb

    I am a member of the Army Reserve mobilized for the third time. My first mobilization was from Sept. 06-Sept. 07, second time from Sept. 08- Sept 09, and presently from Sept. 10 until 06 Jan. 12. The first two mobilizations were for 365 days. My present mobilization will be for 531 days. I have not used any PDMRA. How many days of PDMRA have I earned?

  75. I am a member of the Army Reserve mobilized for the four times. My first mobilization was Dec 04 to Jan 05 in Iraq, the second from Mar 05 – Oct 05 in Iraq, the third from May 09-Jun 10 in Afghanistan, and presently from Jun 10 until Jun 11. I have a break in service. I have not used any PDMRA. Do I qualify for PDMRA for the current tour? How many days of PDMRA have I earned?

  76. I am looking for an offical document or POC for “Provision in the law that allows you to elect to receive Assignment Incentive Pay in lieu of PDMRA. For this purpose, the AIP would be valued at a rate of $200 for each day of administrative absence that otherwise would have been authorized/earned under the PDMRA program, but can’t exceed $3,000 per month.”

    I am also looking for an example of the 4187.

    Any information would be greatly appriciated.

  77. i been deployed mar 2003 thru april 2004, nov 05 thru nov 06, aug 08 thru feb 09, and current deploy from Aug 2010 thru jun 11… how many days have i earn during this time.

  78. deployed mar 03 thru april 04, nov 05 thru nov 06, aug 08 thru feb 09, currently deloy aug 2010 thru jun 2011, how manys days of leave accured.

  79. Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. I am a reservist who deployed in 2008 for a total of 9 months 22 days, of which only 4 months and 4 days was boots on ground in Iraq, my unit held me back at Bragg due to issues that were not my fault. I am currently deployed and by the time this deployment is over the total deployement will be 11 months, of which 10 months will be boots on ground. Do I qualify for PDMRA? is it the total from both deployments when figuring boots on ground? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    SGT. Simpson

  80. SGT Duncan Alan T

    I deployed 2004 nov 15 – 2005 nov 1 ( title 10) under the title operation enduring freedom in Ft. Irwin,CA . I also did a short stint (title 10) 2007 may 05 – 2007 aug 08 in Ft Hood ,TX mob for Iraq but refraded. Im currantly deployed to Afghanastan 2011 dec 4 – 400 days will i recieve any (PDMRA)

  81. SSG-Santiago,Camilo

    I am in the Reserve. I deployed on OCT 2004 to DEC 2005… And now I am deployed again JUL 2010 to AUG 2011. How will the PDMRA work for me?

  82. Edward Polanec

    If a Reservist/National Guardsman returns from deployment and is de-mobilized, can the earned PDMRA be used in conjunction with Transition Leave or do they have to use the PDMRA, return for 1 day and then start transition leave? The guidance only states it can be used in conjunction with PCS leave or does the return to homestation count as PCS and NOT transition leave?

  83. LtCol Michael Kavanaugh

    ANG Predator pilot. Was invol mob’d for two years (Dec 2007-Dec 2009) and the 72 month look back captured a total of 92 days of PDMRA. I began inquiring about it five months prior to the end of my invol mob (end date of Dec 2009). The command said they needed Predator pilot and could not allow me to take my accrued PDMRA. Further, they told me they could not extend my 2-year invol mob orders to facilitate taking the accrued PDMRA due to laws not allowing extension of invol mobs beyond 2-years. As you said, there is no way for the Guard to pay out the accrued PDMRA leave. I filied an congressional after this occured. The reply from National Guard Bureau was, “Yes, he earned the 92 days PDMRA. However invol mob time ran out before he was able to take it, so we annotated it on his DD Form 214 and he can take it on his next involuntary mobilization.”

    That was at 19 years and 1 month active years into my career. Needless to say, I didn’t get involuntarily mob’d again and I feel like I’ve been completely cheated out of this payment. The intent of the policy was circumvented.

    Have you heard of this before and do you know of any sort of recourse to help toward rectifying this situation?

  84. LtCol Michael Kavanaugh

    I’ve been on two invol mobs now with the Air National Guard. One from Dec 2007-Dec 2009 and another back in 2003-2004. Our personnel center calculated the PDMRA time at 92 days. I requested to use it about five months before the end of my invol mob in 2009. However, the command chain stated they were unable to allow it due to the demand for Predator Pilots.

    Further, they said they could not extend my invol mob to allow me to take the PDMRA leave.

    I filed a congressional with Senator McCain’s office. the result was a letter from National Guard Bureau stating, “Yes, he earned the 92 days of PDMRA. However wartime demands did not allow for the taking of the leave. The 92 days have been annotated on his DD Form 214 and he will be allowed to take it during his next involuntary mobilization.

    That DD Form 214 was issued to me at 19yrs one month of active service in the National Guard. As you are probably thinking, I did not get involuntary mobilized again before my retirement, which is in about five months.

    The purpose of this regulation is to curb excessive involuntary mobilizations of members by Guard, Reserve and Active duty commands. The penalties are steep if they step across these lines excessively and continuously. This program is also intended to provide some relief to those members who are victims of these excessive involuntary mobilizations. However, if these commands can simply say, “Sorry… we couldn’t adhere to that policy” then what good are policies to begin with? Why should members have faith in the military system?

    I’m at a loss here. Have you heard of similar circumstances and where/are there any other avenues to help rectify these types of situations?

    Thank you,

    Michael Kavanaugh, LtCol, AZ ANG

  85. My husband is questioning his eligibility for the PDMRA. He was deployed from October 2008- October 2009 (12 months), we PCS’d to a new duty station and deployed from August 2010 – current. He’s preparing to redeploy home, but is being told since the deployments were not with the same unit, he does not qualify, even though there are two deployments within a 36 month period. Is this correct, or can we provide documentation of the previous deployment to qualify him.

    Thank you,
    Army Wife

  86. I was deployed to Iraq from Sept 2009-November 2009(I know, less than a few months). It was cut short due to the troop withdrawal. I am currently(June 2010-June 2011) activated for a deployment to Afghanistan. Will I get PDMRA and how much? Does my short tour overseas have any impact?

  87. I was deployed to Iraq for less than 80 days from Sept 2009 to Nov 2009. I am currently activated for Afghanistan 2 years later. Will I get PDMRA and how much? Does my shortened tour have any impact?

  88. Can a Commander tell a Soldier that they can not use their PDMRA leave.

  89. Does anyone know the actual regulation or DODi that covers PDMRA? I need to find the reference that says PDMRA can be used in conjunction with terminal leave or other leave. One platoon SGT in my unit is saying that PDMRA can only be used for block leave.

    Thank you.

  90. Shannon Lightfoot

    I have been mobalizated several times over the past decade but never received PDMRA. How do I get it now?

  91. I deployed AUG 06 – MAY 07, then AUG 07 – APR 08, now on deployment JAN 11 – NOV 11. How will my PDMRA be calculated?


    I was in the NG and deployed a couple of times until my last return in late 2006, then I became Regular Army in 20070808, in 20081215 my unit deployed and I was left as Rear D, when they re-deployed in 20091215 I went with my unit members to check my past PDMRA status from NG and I wast told that I had 54 days from my NG deployments, but I had to deploy frst before I can collect those days. Now I am deployed from 20110402 until 201204??, do I get those 54 days plus current deployment days or did I lost any of those days? And if so, for what reason?

  93. I was deployed Feb 09- Dec 09 then sent to the WTU because I got hurt while I was deployed. While in the WTU I went over my 18 years of active duty and applied for Sanctuary. I got accepted and was sent to Ft Hood, Tx 31 Jan 2011 to finish out my 20 year career. Once I signed into the company they told me I was deploying to Iraq and I left in Apr 11. How do I calculate my PDMRA and can I use it in conjunction with my terminal leave when I retire Aug 12?

  94. Michelle Wissler

    I have 2 questions… 2nd question has 2 parts…
    1) I am deployed for the 3rd time. My 1st 2 deployments were with a NG unit (7FEB03 to 10FEB04 & 12JUN06 to 31AUG07. My 3rd (current) deployment is my 1st AC deployment (12NOV10 to ??NOV11). Do my previous deployments with NG count toward my PDMRA time?
    2) If an AC Soldier deploys with a unit and upon return PCS to a new unit and is again deployed – let’s say the dates are 01NOV07 to 01NOV08 & 12NOV10 to 12NOV11, can the new unit disregard the previous deployment when calculating the Soldier’s PDMRA? If not and the S1 tries to disregard the previous deployment where can the Soldier get assistance?

  95. I deployed Aug08-Aug09, PCSed to a new unit. I deployed with my new unit in Nov 10-Nov11. Do I qualify PDRMA?

  96. I was deployed on noble eagle (title 10) jan 21 2003- jan 21 2005 24 months then deployed on OEF sept 2005- Oct 2006 13 months. Then I went on an ADOS tour CCMRF (502f orders) feb 2009- sep 2011. I am now on pre mob ados orders (502f) started oct 1 2011 they will run until july 8 2012 I will then go on tilte 10 agian july 9 2012 and stay on until july 2013, I never recieved any PDRMA leave will I be entitled to any

  97. MC1 Richard Wolff

    I am a Navy Reservist on my 3rd mobilization. All of my orders were 12302.

    The 1st was for 12 months, 2nd for 12 months, and my present 3rd is for a total of 9 months. I have never been granted PDRMA previously because the administrative people said I did not qualify at Gulfport, MS.

    Obviously they were wrong or just didn’t know… so my question is can I obtain the days missed from my 2nd deployment (22 days) and use them in conjunction with the days acquired after my current tour is up (40)?

    My 1st deployment was May2007-May2008, 2nd was Dec2008-Jan2010, and present tour is Sep2011-June2012.
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  98. I am currently a Reservist on Active duty deployed in OEF, are my AC tours for OIF creditable under the RC 1:5 ?
    EX: Returned in NOVEMBER 2007 of AC, redeployed APRIL 2011 RC. can I use PDMRA, or is it NO since it was AN AC tour?

  99. My first deployment was 12 months/9 months boots on ground second is 12 months/10 months boots on ground. these were within 36 months. And for the Guard. Does this qualify for a total of 19 months?

  100. I deployed in May 2007-Jul 2008. That is 15 month deployment. The regulation if slightly flawed in the asspect that once you are done with a deployment you are not credited immedately in this program. I put the information into the calculator and it has a calculation of 25 days. Now because I was immediatly reassigned to a non deployable duty station then I was not able to take advantage of this program. Now I am on my fourth year long deployment the regulation and policy give me nothing for leave even though the caluclator has me accured of 25 days. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Who would this have to go to inorder o make this right for all service members?

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  102. What is the current status of the PDMRA program for Active Duty Soldiers? Was told yesterday it has ended.

  103. Why i can not receive cash for the PMDRA days,i donot know if i have time to use it . i do not want to lose it.

  104. SSG.Francis,Jermaine

    I deployed n May 2002 and and then turned around and redployed in Dec.2003 and spent 365 days boots on ground.I’m currently deployed now,so do i qualify for PDMRA!

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