Eight years later and soldiers still hate the beret

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It has been eight years and soldiers are still heavily complaining about wearing of the beret. Since I wore the (maroon) beret for eight years as an airborne soldier, I was more than familiar with its shortcomings when it was made the new headgear in 2001. I enjoyed wearing it as a sign of distinction and esprit-de-corps for those years, but even in the field we quickly went to the patrol cap. In Alaska we always had one ear freeze, and only the tip of the other maybe warm (if we pulled it down far enough). We cut out almost all the cardboard inside the front, we shaved them down to almost nothing, we were always pulling on them. I will always cherish those years on jump status and wearing of the maroon beret.

However it was not a practical headgear. When we went to it Army-wide in 2001, I predicted many of the issues mentioned in the above article, but not the ACU related complaint. I must say this is the first time I have heard that one, and it is a great argument. The Army has changed the ACU coloring and design a few times since coming out with it to make sure that all parts of it and all accessories matched one of the 3 colors of the uniform. But we still have a black beret that sticks out like a “tird floating in a punch-bowl”.

Let hope the complaints are heard and the wear of the black beret every day is changed soon.

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  2. The husband and the son have both hated the beret. The husband is prone to skin cancers – the beret gives NO protection. The son wears glasses – in the rain, he’s blind! And when I think of how some folks look wearing it – some wear it like a shower cap, some seem to be trying for the Matador look, some for the French artist. It was a lousy idea from the get-go.


  3. Well of all the years my hubby wore the “Green Beret”; I never heard a single complaint about it. In fact Special Forces were forever grateful to President John F. Kennedy when he awarded them to wear the beret in 1962. (Some were wearing it before that but it was good to have it made official.) The green beret was a symbol of distinction that was the goal of every SF in training group. In fact many young folks nowadays are not familiar with the term “Special Forces” but they know what you mean when you say “Green Berets”. LOL

  4. I have been out of the Regular Army for nearly twenty years (Medically-Honorably discharged as an E5 AUG89), and when I served I wore the softcap with the Battle Dress Uniform, and the garrison cap with my Class A Uniform (The soon to be obsolete Army Greens). Frankly, the Rangers should have been allowed to keep their Black berets. Personally, unless I belonged to the Rangers, Airborne or Special Forces I would not prefer to wear a beret.

  5. I hated the beret! I often did not wear it if I could get away with it. Give it back to the Rangers, its THEIRS! to hell with everyone being ‘special’.

  6. Whoever wanted the beret full time was obviously not out in the elements of the weather year around. This beret offers no shade to your eyes during outside events ie. such as change of commands, formations, and day to day activities. I think the Army needs to go back to wearing the patrol cap full time and wearing the beret with the class A and ASU uniforms for a more casual look.

  7. I used to not wear it in formations, even after getting write-ups. Often we refused if it was raining out or sunny. Half wear it, half dont in the guard. Screw the high-ups.

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