Terrorists Living Better Than Troops

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Last week, pro-troop organization Move America Forward visited Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to spread some Christmas cheer to the troops stationed at the detention facility holding some of America’s most dangerous enemies.

move america forward guantanamo prison detainees gitmo

Visiting the troops at Gitmo were Move America Forward Chairman, Melanie Morgan, Miss Florida 2007 Kylie Williams, acting MAF Executive Director Catherine Moy, Director of Operations Ryan Gill, and MAF Spokesperson and Gold Star mom Debbie Lee.

“I can assure you that these detainees… live in comfort,” Catherine Moy said of her first-hand account. “Even the most dangerous are given movie nights if they behave, and they get to sit on an overstuffed couch in a climate-controlled room. It is all too good for people who want to kill us.”­

She initially felt as if she was somewhere other than the notorious detention center when she became aware that “They watch movies weekly, eat a menu of six different diets from which they choose, and they are given every consideration for their religion. The detainees at Guantanamo Bay are treated with kid gloves.”

But, she was quickly reminded why many of the men are being held at the center, when “one detainee made motions to me like he was cutting my throat. These are not nice characters. It is imperative that Guantanamo Bay Detention Center stay open, or we risk putting Americans and other innocents in danger.”

Delegates from Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, were given access to visit the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center holding some of the world’s most lethal detainees (the word terrorist is not spoken inside the detention centers) yesterday. The delegation traveled to Cuba to conclude their nationwide tour to honor soldiers serving away from their loved ones this holiday season.

Soldiers at Guantanamo Bay told the MAF delegates that they are tired of hearing about the bad things politicians and the media say and write about them. It is frustrating and insulting, especially when they bend over backwards to ensure that the Geneva conventions are followed to the letter.

soldiers guantanamo bay gitmo detention facility

Gold Star Mom, Debbie Lee, whose son, Marc Alan Lee was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq, commented on her experiences inside the detention center; saying, “Today I looked my first terrorist in the eye. My visit to the detention center where the non-compliant worst offenders are kept revealed the dark depravity of their souls and hatred towards the ‘infidels.’”

Some of the facts about the detainees that have not been reported in the media include:

- There are three medical personnel (doctors, nurses) for every ONE detainee.

- Detainees get prayer rugs, prayer caps, prayer beads and brand new Korans. The guards may NEVER touch the Korans. Only a Muslim may deliver the books to the terrorists. If the terrorists are especially good, they get a fancier prayer rug.

- They get to choose from six meal plans, which include vegetarian, vegetarian with fish, and high fiber. They are allowed to ask for fresh fruit if their fruit is bruised.

- They get to take art classes and learn how to speak English. This keeps their minds busy so they don’t think of other things to do.

- They most violent and “non-compliant” prisoners stay in state-of-the-art quarters. They have air conditioning.

- They get to play games such as soccer, chess, checkers, and exercise on exercise machines. They have a foosball table, but all of the faces of the little plastic guys are cut off because they offend the terrorists – seeing them as “false idols,” which is against their religion, therefore the military removed to not offend them.

In the wake of Obama’s announcement to close Guantanamo Bay because of inhumane treatment, Moy commented, “The detainees here are given better medical care than our troops who are serving in Guantanamo Bay. It makes me wonder if President-elect Obama has ever been to the detainee centers or if he’s just listening to radicals who have never seen the prison with their own eyes.”

gitmo detainees move america forward troops

If you recall, this is the place that Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin described as being run by “Nazis, Soviets In their gulags, or some mad regime, Pol Pot, or others that had no concern for human beings.” Or, how about this comment in the Congressional Record by Vermont U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy:

“Now that may sound like an experience from some oppressive and authoritarian regime, something that may have happened under the Taliban, something that Saddam Hussein might have ordered or in the fiction of Kafka.”

It is just disgusting what some American politicians are willing to say to appeal to the far left anti-military crowd in the United States. When terrorists decided to smash their TV and the TV room because a Palmolive soap commercial came on that revealed a woman’s arm, what do you think our response was? Yes, we got them a new flat screen TV – although this time it is encased in hard Plexiglas so they couldn’t destroy it again. Let me put it to you this way: if you children destroyed your family TV because they were mad about something, how long would it take for you to buy them a new one? Or, is a better question, how long will it be before they turn 21 and can buy their own?

9 Responses to Terrorists Living Better Than Troops

  1. Thank You CJ for this article! This makes me sick because I don’t want our enemies treated better than our troops! The terrorists just laugh at us I’m sure for being such suckers and giving them all of these things and yet some of them would slit our throats if they got the chance, as was mimed to Catherine.

    God Bless all of our troops who serve at Guantanamo or anywhere here or around the world! You have a tough job and we do so appreciate you!! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukah!

  2. And just think, essentially that is a jail. They get air conditioning in jail

  3. When I think about this I get Upset.
    Some people that do not have the idea of what they are talking about want to give this terrorist a trial in the civillian system.They are prisioners of war not common criminals.
    They attempted to destroy our way of life, they have killed inocent people (civillians), they express their toughts by acts of terror and yet we treat them like guests.
    Have you ever thought that we are one of the few countries that respect and enforce the Geneva Convention?.
    Have you ever thought about what happens to our young servicemen when they get captured?.
    I guess not but I want you to know, that they beat you, starve you, torture you untill they have had enough and then they cut your throat in cold blood.There is not Geneva Convention protection for us, there’s no medical attention for us if caught, there’s no decent food, no recreation,only torture; HOW ABOUT THAT!!!
    We are a country so great that in time our new commander in chief may give them citizenship and a wellfare check.
    Last but not least me being upset doesn’t ever going to affect my loyalty to MY GOD, MY COUNTRY and MY CORPS.I support our young troops 110%.
    God bless our servicemen that are willing to go were they are needed without questioning or hessitation. Freedom isn’t free, never was and never will…


  4. This really pissed me off. I severed my country as a Marine for four years. Then did two tears in a state prison for helping a family member of whom did something illegal, with out me knowing. Prision in Louisiana is shear hell. We had no AC and marine training was a peace of car compared to it. The food was crap everyday and I had hell trying to get my medication while I was in that place. You mean to tell me these guys can hate us and come into our country and kill had working people and this is how we treat them. I have a love hate relationship with this country right now. But, I am a citizen and I love all that my ancestors did for my family. I want to believe that we are not so stupid to let our own suffer. I have found that the media is being bought and paid for by the federal government so they will continue to do as they are told as to where this war is concerend

  5. My reaction to your story was shock at the stupidity of having Miss Florida stand in front of Guantanamo, everyone smiling. Let me tell you this: the horror of locking people up who are not guilty, of torturing people, this is the worst thing this country has done, and everyone in the world who has a living brain cell is outraged. Guantanamo stands for the hubris and inhumanity of the current administration. It needs to be closed. Human rights need to be respected.

  6. Dave_US soldier what unit did you serve in?

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  9. Hello, american pigs !
    Bin laden still run after nine years…
    The whole western world is falling apart from oil crisis, financial crisis.
    American superpower is drowning, what do you expect ?

    Acpocalypse is there and the master is coming.
    The master is angry at you, what ever you say.
    You will get what you deserve you american pigs.

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