Interview with a MilBlogger: Bryan from A Major’s Perspective

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Our profiles of milbloggers are an ongoing feature here at You Served. This week, we spoke with Bryan from ‘A Major’s Perspective‘. See what he had to say here below. Thanks for taking the time Bryan!

You Served: What made you decide to start Blogging?
A Major’s Perspective:
During my first deployment overseas to Iraq I was extremely fortunate to work with reporters such as Jim McMillen (AFP), Stefan Zaklin (EP), and Michael Yon(Independent Blogger). I saw the hard work they were doing trying to tell the entire story of the American Soldier to the American People. I felt as a professional military officer it was my duty to do this also. As I returned from Iraq, though, one event led to another and before I knew it I was heading back on my second deployment to Afghanistan. When I returned this time, I was going to school at the Army’s Command and General Staff College, and had the time to reflect and write. I took advantage of that time, and launched my blog shortly afterward. As a Military Officer I believe we have a duty to explain to the American People what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and to tell them all the good that is happening. Good that is being done both by the Iraqi’s and Afghans and by our troops. Every day in both of my deployments I witnessed an event that the American People should have known about, but somehow never did. If we don’t tell those stories of compassion, personal fortitude and courage, no one will.

Bryan You Served

YS: Who has your blog helped you connect with or stay connected with?
AMP: There are two essential groups that I have connected very strongly with. The first is the military blogging community and the military community as a whole. The second is citizens of foreign countries where certain crisis events have been occurring. During some of my discussions about the Tribal Areas of Pakistan, we had comments sent in by a gentleman who lived there. This alternative perspective added a great deal of information to our understanding of the issues. The same occurred during the recent Georgian Russian Crisis, where Russian Federation citizens were sending in Russian news stories translated into English. I have learned a great deal from them, and added much to my ability to empathize with different countries. I may not agree with them, but it does not mean we can not sit down and have a civilized conversation and debate about the issues across the blogosphere.

YS: What is your favorite thing about writing a military blog?
AMP: I love talking about soldiers. They are the most courageous and kind people in the world, and it has been the greatest honor of my life commanding them. My favorite articles to write are about their courage, their compassion, and what they do everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep all of us safe. Recently the US Army and the Department of Defense offered us the opportunity to sit down with a combat medic who had been wounded in Iraq three times in one year, and choose to stay there with his troops. His story is one of heroism and selfless service, and it is one that until the other day the American People had not heard. I love writing because I get to share with the American People stories like his and those of my men, who sacrificed so much for them.

YS: Would you recommend writing a blog to other soldiers or veterans?
AMP: Yes I most definitely would. The first reason is I believe we have a duty to explain to the American People what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The second is that people need to know the heroism and sacrifice that their Soldiers, our Countries’ sons and daughters are making. Third, if a person is having issues with what they saw or did during deployment, it is another chance for them to talk with other soldiers and assist in their recovery.

YS: Do you read any other military blogs?
AMP: Yes I do. There are a number of absolutely awesome sites that are out there. I’ve only listed a couple, since the list is so long, but in no way is this list inclusive.

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