$5,000 Contest for Military Bloggers

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Bloggers can win up to $2,500 in our
“Best Military Blog” Contest.

We are awarding prize money for the top 10 military blogs according to our visitors. Total prize money for the contest is over $5,000.

The Contest:

VA Mortgage Center.com is proud to announce our new blog. In our continued efforts of educating veterans and those currently on active duty, we have decided to keep our visitors better informed with updates to their benefits and changes in the industry via a blog. Our goal is to update you regarding changes in benefits including va loans, GI Bill, insurance, and other benefits.

Since the mortgage industry is only so exciting and changes in your benefits only happen periodically we would like to feature guest bloggers from some of the most popular military blogs on the internet. This will allow us to provide a variety of other interesting posts related veterans. In order to find out what type of content our users like and to find the best bloggers, we are running a contest to find the best military blogs online. As a bonus to the bloggers, we are offering prizes as well as the opportunity to be a guest blogger on our site.

The Prizes:

We are awarding $250 to the top 10 military related blogs, according to votes from our users. And the top military blog will receive a total of $3,000.

All of the top 10 bloggers will be given the option to be a guest blogger (but this will not be required). If you want to Nominate a Blogger, leave a comment with the URL of the blog or check out the nomination and blogger information page.

Void where prohibited.

Let the Voting Begin:

Place your vote according to what blog you think deserves the award for “Best Military Blog”:

If you have other blogs you think should be added to the list, please let us know in the comments area of this post.

UPDATE 1/23/07 Noon Central Standard Time

The Contest has ended. Results will be posted shortly.

213 Responses to $5,000 Contest for Military Bloggers

  1. You can’t go wrong with http://www.sgthook.com

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  3. There is none better than Blogs of War. It’s been there since the start and remains just as valid, interesting and informative today.

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  5. Please do not leave Neptunus Lex off this list!

  6. I’d vote for

    but I don’t see it on your list.

  7. One Marine’s View (www.onemarinesview.com)
    and Sandgram (sandgram.blogspot.com)

  8. Please consider the following two blogs written by soldiers who just recently returned from Iraq.


  9. Castle Argghhh!!! is always a good read, for both history and current ops. http://www.thedonovan.com They have my vote.

  10. I too say A Soldier’s Perspective and A Soldier’s Mind should be on your list. Both are great blogs.

  11. I’m with b, but I also think Samantha Speaks and Cookiecrumb Express should be added. Thankyou.

  12. I would like to nominate my own blog, and say that if I were to win any winnings would be donated 100% to the Fischer House Foundation. This blog is of my true to life experiences while serving as an Embedded Training Team member with the Afghan National Army.

  13. My Husband, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan, has a web blog on our family website. our family web site is http://www.bouhammer.com. He is blog is called Afghanblog. I would like to nominate my husband’s blog for this contest.

  14. Mudville Gazette (http://www.MudvilleGazette.com) should be on there as well as MilBlogs (http://www.MudvilleGazette.com/Milblogs). Also Curt at Flopping Aces (http://www.floppingaces.net).

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  16. Written by 1SGT Troy Steward. Down to earth, factual, not weighted down with politics. Read 1SGT Steward’s blog to get the very latest, most accurate news about what’s going on over in Afghanistan! 1SGT Steward tells it like it is!! And, there are some great pictures on his blogsite, too!! ; )

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  18. I’m not above shamless self promotion. boredsoldier.blogspot.com

  19. Pam I love your blog! Great job!Hope http://WWW.iraqwarnews.net will win!

  20. The blogs which have been submitted up until this point have now been added to the list.

  21. I would like to nominate two blogs –

    Pen and Sword – http://zenhuber.blogspot.com/

    Anger Management – http://airbyrne.blogspot.com/

    I would also like to suggest that the order of ballot be changed randomly every once in a while.

    Thank you for this oppurtunity to vote and promote the best Mil Blogs.


  22. 1SG Troy Steward has the BEST military blog on the internet! Excellent writer and most blogs are supported with

    1SG Troy Steward’s Afghanistan Blog is the greatest military blog on the internet.
    He is an excellent writer and many times supports his blogs with wonderful
    pictures. His blog has been mentioned with high honors on several blog sites.
    He should be voted #1 in my book.

  23. Vote Afghanistan Blog by Troy Steward for the Best Blog. He explains the living
    conditions for both the US and ANA military without disclosing security issues.
    If you want the real deal; vote for Troy!

  24. I will check into the settings on the blog to see if we can periodically change the order. I once again updated the blog nominations.

  25. I hope you guys have a secure votign system in place. People tend to get greedy and cheat. Also, I am curious to know if you would match the winners donation if they desire to donate to a military/soldier organization?


  26. This house has boxed so many treats and items of interest to the owner of Afghanblog, we often have tape in our hair. The daily life of US troops in A-stan lets Americans know that when they mail to troops there, we all make a difference. A vote for Afghanbog will again matter to Fischer House, again helping US troops. If he wins, so will Fischer House!!

  27. I would like to nominate Brandonblog@aol.com. Great organization.Proudarmymom

  28. I nominate Badgers Forward. http://badgersforward.blogspot.com/

  29. Thank you, to all of you. The blogs let me keep up on what is happen. My son is going in July.

  30. Good Luck Pam and Soldier Angels!

  31. Laurel Tremaine

    I nominate 1SGT Troy Steward’s excellent military blog, http://www.bouhammer.com.

  32. When does this contest end anyway?

  33. The newest nominations have been added. Once added, feel free to place your votes.

    American Soldier asks if we can match donations for anything going to charity. We are going to offer the winning bloggers the chance to be a guest blogger on our site. For the bloggers that accept, we are willing to compensate them if they help add relevant posts and content for our visitors. And we would be willing to donate more money if any would simply like this money to go to charity.

    In addition, we will have future contests and/or events that will help raise money for military/soldier organizations.

    Every blogger listed on this page provides a great service and most of them probably get absolutely no compensation for their amazing work. It is an extremely honorable gesture to donate any of the winning money. On the other hand, if a winning blogger chooses to use the money for personal reasons, they should be allowed to do so without regret. If you are winning blogger and donate the money, feel free to make this information public. We feel it would be appropriate if did not disclose what each winner does with their money.

    Once we feel all military bloggers have had a chance to get their blog added to the list ,we will announce the end date.

  34. How often can we vote? I can’t find any rules.

  35. So would you be willing to match the winners donation amount? I will guarantee that if you would be willing to do that, you will get a even greater response from the Milblog community.

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  37. Would like to see Andi’s World on here!

  38. Laurel Tremaine

    Per VA Mortgage rules, it appears you can only vote once:

    “Post the name of a military related blog in the comments to nominate a blog/blogger. If you have a blog, you may nominate yourself and even vote for yourself one time. However, an attempt to manipulate the results via automated submissions will result in a disqualification from the contest or removal of any votes that are in question. The final winners will be based solely on the discretion of VA Mortgage Center.com. Only one vote per IP address is allowed.”

  39. Hi,

    I would like to ask that you add the marinecorpsmomblog:


    Deb has started the Operation Santa program, sending Christmas stockings filled with gifts to our Marines in Irag, and the project has turned into a huge success. Furthermore, she is a treasure trove of information for new Marine moms. I know- because of Deb’s support and encouragement, my oldst son is applying to the Corps. I would love to see Deb’s site added to that list – it’s the site I’ve gotten the most use from, and I’d love to see her honoured by her fellow bloggers.


  40. Carren Ziegenfuss

    I would like to nominate my husband’s blog “From My Position… On The Way!”

    Who can resist his wacky sense of humor and intellectual choices in “verbage?” Not to mention his views on the military (and politics) and his experience when he was wounded. Gotta love him!

  41. The best military blog is ANGER MANAGEMENT!!

    Thanks to all our troops for their incredible sacrifice.


  42. I vote for Anger Management as the best Military Blog, this blogger pulls no punches, he tells it like it is and provides a brilliant perspective on the modern military, he is a verey insightful writer.

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  44. Michael Skelton

    I believe a Soldier’s Perspective is the best web blog you’ll see! Well Done CJ! Thanks to all of our troops for their wonderful service!

  45. A soldier’s perspective is a truly great military blog.

  46. Seems fixed to me, you had one order of names THEN got yourself a complaint, then
    You said you would mix them up, but the same row is there.
    You did not do what you said you would. Are you going to match funds or not.
    Who is pushing your buttons here, something appears to be very fishy,
    Is this just for leads or is this an honest and true contest.
    When does it end, when you feel you have enough leads?
    Who is guaranteeing payment.
    Answer the questions so we can make intelligent decisions.
    All of these milblogs are very worthy and definately deserving of a fair Contest.
    TS Frank

  47. Frank,

    They are not answering the questions being asked that is for sure. So yes it seems fishy. They opened this contest on 1/8/07 and they said it’s for 10 days. So come 1/18/07 I suspect this page will be updated to show the winners.

    Here is the kicker:

    Bloggers that win the contest will simply be invited to post relevant, interesting informational posts on our blog. However, the blogger does not have to accept our invitation to receive their prize money.

    Does that mean they will be obligated to post in ‘order’ to receive any prize money? Can the winner just tell this company where to send the funds?

    And will you match the top winners donation?

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  49. I apologize, but I took part of Sunday off. It looks like some people are getting a little frustrated with the lack of responses from me and I do apologize. I will hopefully address all questions and concerns here:

    “Does that mean they will be obligated to post in order to receive any prize money? Can the winner just tell this company where to send the funds?”

    The Blogger Information Page (http://www.vamortgagecenter.com/blog/military-blog-and-nomination-information/) explains that we ask nothing from the bloggers. We just need to know where to send the funds. Absolutely nothing is expected from any winner.

    “And will you match the top winners donation?”

    I tried to address this in a previous post, but I need to clarify it. We are not going to match the funds for a variety of reasons. First, the goal of this contest was to find the best bloggers. We do not want to influence people’s decisions based on what the money will go for. Second, we are planning on doing many things in the future with a focus on helping military charities and the community and we are currently maxed out on what we can spend on this contest. Third, how do we define the charities?

    At least one blogger will use the money (if they win) to go to the Milblog Conference. I think that would be a great cause, but that is not a charity. Hopefully over $5,000 will be enough reward for the bloggers (and some charities), especially since we ask NOTHING from the bloggers.

    Finally, we did not set an end date for the contest (I do not know where there was a mention of 10 days, but if that was mentioned, it was not accurate). We want to make sure everyone had a chance to submit their blogs and we are getting new blogs added daily. I don’t mind ending it soon, I just want to be fair and make sure people can promote their blog and get a chance to win.

    I will make the announcement right now. The contest will end on January 23 at Noon Central time.

    Once again, good luck to everyone. All of your comments are appreciated and will help ensure this is a fair contest.

  50. I’m torn over this as I think TF Boggs and Buck Sargent are the top two blogs for Soldiers who have completed their tours of duty in Iraq. However their is an amazing young Soldier currently blowing up IED’s in Ramadi and Fallujah called Teflon Don. Please add his blog to the list: http://acutepolitics.blogspot.com/



  51. All blogs submitted up to this point should be added. If not, please leave a comment to notify us.

    Also, American Soldier, I sent you a personal email form your blog contact form.

  52. Where is Mike Fay’s blog? He’s a Marine combat artist and has seen alot of action in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Your list is incomplete without him.

    Fire and Ice

  53. Very informative and showing much pride in the Armed Forces.

  54. What happened to the votes? Blackfive was near/over 200, now has one??


  55. Nevermind- cookies needed updating.. odd return

  56. I definitely think Mike Yon should be on this list. He pays his own way as an independent embed in Iraq, and his writing is simply superb.

  57. Afganistan Without a Clue [traversa.typepad.com]

  58. Someone I voted for had two votes yesterday but has a zero today. What happened? Thankyou.

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  60. I see, it is listed twice, once with 0 votes and once with 2 votes.

  61. Lex is a asterful writer

  62. While my paratrooper son trains in Kuwait, anxious for his impending move to Baghdad, I’d like to nominate our blog “From a Canadian Cadet to an American Soldier” http:yankcanuck.blogspot.com

  63. A soldier’s perspective has my vote.

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  65. You know,
    something I have noticed, is of the current top 5 blogs, (Soldier’s Perspective, Sgt Hook, Black Five, Afganistan Without a Clue and, Stryker Brigade News) only Afghanistan Without a Clue (spelled wrong on the site) contains no advertisements or other abatements to degrade the quality and meaning of the site.

    Afghanistan Without a Clue remains my choice. My father is a lt. Col and id surely vote for his blog if he had one, but next best is where I sit, so Captain Doug Traversa you have my vote sir.

  66. William,

    You ever think that many of those sites with advertisments send all their proceeds to charity’s? Personally speaking that is where my funds go.

    Having Ad’s don’t degrade the site. Whether it’s for profit or not, there are costs with some sites with hosting and paying for bandwidth, etc. It’s not always free to spread the word of soldiers.

  67. Yes I realize that profits go to charity, in fact one site states so, this I support, however, I believe (on an unrelated and unimportant note) that the spread of true and integral information over the entire globe should be free,
    I am more idealist in this manor than most other ways, I understand that it is necessary, I just like to think that some CEO is reading this somewhere and decides to take action.

    My previous post not only reflected my aesthetic tastes of the websites, but also my overall choice adds- or no adds, I would choose Mr. Traversa’s Afghanistan Without a Clue and in no way did I intend disrespect or slander. Deepest apologies for a poorly related notion. -William

  68. No worry’s William. The net and these pixels yield no emotion. Therefore I didn’t think you intended slander or disrespect.


    There is a fine panel of sites here. Funny thing is the big Blog Awards never got this many names in the Mil Blog category. Strange!

  69. William, I hardly make any money off of the ads on my site (A Soldier’s Perspective). Honestly, in the two years I’ve been doing this I’ve made MAYBE $250 at best. My money has gone to shipping girl scout cookies to troops in Iraq and other charities. I haven’t spent a dime on myself yet. Every dollar I make from the site goes to someone besides myself. Some of it even went to a “baby shower in a box”. I don’t have any way of proving this, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

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  71. “American Soldier”, so do you think the contest is still fishy? It seems that winning is very important to you.

  72. Please include Armysailor.com

  73. I never get enough time to read all the milblogs that I want but I wanted to make sure that the ones that I always look at as long as I am breathing are listed…

    ****Spouse BUZZ
    ****Army Wife Toddler Mom
    * Tanker Brothers
    * The Iceblog – The Journal Of A Polar Bear In Iraq
    * The Patriette
    * This Is Your War II
    * Yankee Mom
    * Akinoluna
    * Everyone Needs A Spare
    * Fuzzilicious Thinking
    * Most Certainly Not
    * Straight White Guy
    * BlackFive
    * Michael Yon’s Frontline Forum
    * Mudville Gazette

  74. Debbie Kuczynski

    I what to add a fav of mine “Dude Where’s the Beach”- USAF blog
    at http://tmmkkt22.blogspot.com/

  75. Check out “Standing By” at http://blogs.tampabay.com/standingby/ for an intimate look at the thoughts of an Army wife and journalist facing 14 months alone while her husband is deployed.

  76. Human –

    First, don’t be a jack ass!

    Second, when I referred to the term ‘fishy’ I was referring to VAM not answering the questions right away. Later it was explained to me that there was only one person at the time doing the Q/A. That person had some real life things going on. No biggy! I get ambitious at times.

    Third, winning is important in anything in life. Read my site and you will know where my proceeds would be going.

    Please don’t hijack this contest with troll remarks towards me. You can email me directly and we can handle it there.

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  78. 1. Could somebody fix the spelling on my site? Afghanistan has an “H” in it.

    2. Don’t know who submitted me, but thank you. I think it was Kathi.

    3. I’m not web savy enough to put ads on my site. I can barely run what I’ve got. But I’m having fun running with the big dogs.

    4. A big thank you to all who have voted for me, but all of us bloggers are in this together; Brothers and Sisters in Arms, letting the folks back home know what we are going through. It’s an honor to be part of the group.

    5. May the best blog win, and may something good come from all our efforts!

    Doug Traversa
    Afghanistan Without a Clue

  79. One simply must read – blogs.tampabay.com/standingby. It is a true insight to the war-time military spouse & suddenly finding oneself as a single parent

  80. Are these adult bloggers? All the bickering is uncalled for. Get real! How can we
    win a war if we can’t get along here. God Bless You All

  81. I can’t believe no one has nominated Murdoc (murdoconline.net). One of the best milbloggers, and a stand up guy for all that he lives in Michigan. You should definitely add him to your list of candidates.

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  83. I nominate Mike(Red2Aplha) at http://thisisyourwarii.blogspot.com/
    One of the best writers(okay, besides “american soldier”soldierlife.com) about life as a soldier in Iraq and very deserving of this award

  84. I nominate Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com]

  85. I nominate the Air Force Blogger ‘El Capitan’ @ Dude Where’s The Beach!


  86. Good Luck, CJ.

  87. “Blog-Ah!”— Great Website, don’t see it listed?????????

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  89. I want to vote for soldiersperspective.us but it is not ‘clicking’. Is the contest over?
    I am going to bookmark all these sites, so I can stay informed. It is an honor to be allowed
    to read postings by the men and women actually putting it all on the line.
    My son will be deploying in April.

  90. Paula, God bless you. Keep us informed on your son’s deployment so we can make sure he’s taken care of.

  91. Yes Paula, as CJ said, keep us posted on your son’s deployment. Those of us who frequent ASP, love to spoil our soldiers as CJ can attest to!

  92. Hello, I’d like to nominate the blog Standing By, blogs.tampabay.com/standingby, that tells what life is like for the families who are waiting for soldiers to return. I didn’t see it on the list and apologize if I read over it in the comments section. Thanks!

  93. My vote goes to: bouhammer.com. Been reading this site for a few months and Troy tells it like it is in a real world, day-to-day style.

  94. I vote for “A Soldier’s Perspective”.

  95. Stryker Brigade News gets my vote!!

  96. I would like to vote for soldiersperspective.us You guys are Hero’s in every since of the word. Thanks for all you do.

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  98. I vote for Sgt. Hook.
    I tried to “click” my vote in; but, was unable.
    Hope you can make the conference.

  99. IWT Nominated in VA Mortgage Center Contest!
    …Now, when the likes of BlackFive, Sgt. Hook, OPFOR, Smash, Froggy, and others are my competition, I’m not suffering delusions of grandeur. But making the top ten would be nice…

  100. I vote for “Soldiers Perspective” Thank you all for everything you do!! Be safe out there!! Semper Fi!

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  102. Go http://www.soldiersperspective.us/ ! Came from MilitaryPrideNews@yahoo Good luck!

  103. Blackfive, if they win, is donating the money for computers to the soldiers who have limb injuries! Wow. Now that is a well-spent vote!

  104. I want to know why David Hardts articles are not in this contest. He is well known, better known then this sgt hook guy. Politics………….You guys should read what this guy writes,,,,,,,,,,,,true wisdom and nothing watered down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shame on this site…………I am telling all my friends to blacklist this,,,,,,,,,leaving the best one out isnt fair,,,,,,,,,,I am sure he dont care because he is above all this, but give the man some respect. He has a huge following,,,,,,,,I am sure this sgt hook don’t match at all……….I read his stuff nothing no feeling no emotion,. David Hardt is in the infantry on the front lines and you give him no respect.
    shame on you.
    bill williams

  105. Please add The Chronicles of Narmya to your list.

  106. Bill Williams – “I want to know why David Hardts articles are not in this contest.”

    Maybe because nobody has nominated him?

    Here I’ll do it for you. I do hereby nominate http://blog-ah.typepad.com/ (it’s good to give the address when promoting a place).

    To VMC – Thanks for putting up with all the crap that comes with trying to do a good deed, and I hope it does not deter you all from having the contest next year.


  107. I agree with Human. Thanks VMC for what you’re doing to honor our Military Bloggers. I too hope that you’ll do this again next year. These men and women deserve nothing less than our respect. ALL the blogs are great!

  108. Vote for Sgt Hook. The site is great.

  109. Great site. I higly recommend a visit.

  110. I would nominate Michael Yon’s blog. His three-part photo essay in the Anbar province with CSM Mellinger is captivating and very insightful.


  111. All current nominations should be added at this point.

    Bill Williams wrote “I want to know why David Hardts articles are not in this contest.” That blog was already added, Vicki nominated it on the 18th. It’s ok, I know there are so many awesome blogs out there and most have been nominated, it is hard to sort through them all.

    The response for the contest has been awesome, we are hoping to do this contest again and/or many others to help show support for the community. No worries about anyone making negative comments, it just helps keep us all on our toes.

  112. I vote for strykernews.com! A great military blog for soilders & familes both!

  113. Check out strykernews.com. It’s the greatest!

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  115. Pingback: Saluting Angels Europe - - supporting deployed and injured USAREUR units » Proceeds will go to the Camp Lejeune Ballerinas

  116. For 4 years I have been a daily visitor of STRYKER NEWS ( http://www.strykernews.com/ ). I found them during my Son’s 1st deployment.
    It is a wonderful website dedicated to the News & Support of the US Army’s 7 Stryker Brigade Combat Team’s. For the Soldiers, their Families and Friends. The website is powered ‘nonprofit’ by devoted volunteers and donations.

    Should Stryker News win any money in this contest it will be donated to Operation Second Chance.
    The Operation Second Chance Mission: To aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded service men and women. To assist in the modification of housing to accommodate disabled veterans. To assist the families of wounded service men and women. To facilitate the transition of wounded service men and women back into civilian society.

    STRYKER NEWS is indeed a worthy vote!

  117. I really think the Strategy Page http://www.strategypage.com/default.asp needs to be included in this list. Excellent articles on Military matters world wide.

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  120. A blog from a Marine (that was just) in Iraq. Google “marine blog” or visit: http://midnight.hushedcasket.com

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  122. I voted for Sgt Hook

  123. As an Army wife, we often feel “left out” and “left behind” as our spouses go away for training, deploy into combat operations, etc. Stryker News has kept me going many days and nights away from my husband. I feel a sense of pride and like I belong to a very special group of soldiers, even if it’s only reading about them. The founder of this site is amazing! I share this site with all of my friends, family, and coworkers. The site is organized well and has been a godsend to many of us Stryker families.

  124. When my boyfriend was in Iraq for a year, this website helped me pull through. I was always I mess as I read the paper or watched the news on TV. Everyday seemed to be “the bloodiest day” or the “day with the highest death toll since….”. I’d freak out crying, praying that my boyfriend was ok and I’d rush to the computer to sign on this site.

    Because of it, I was given the real facts, the most informative facts, the facts that helped seize the tears from falling. I’d sign on to the Stryker bulletin board to talk to other users because I knew each one of us was going through the same thing.

    I read poems and heard stories from both soldiers and family and friends of soldiers…Some people are new at this and don’t know how to feel or act in the situation where your loved one in such a dangerous situation (like me) and others have been doing this for years with husbands and fathers and relatives and friends in the military their whole lives going on different deployments all over the world.

    This site allowed all of us to bond and let us hold eachothers hands through this hard time. The year I spent waiting was so difficult for me to begin with, but because of this site, I was able to become friends with people from across the country. They’d give supportive words to make me feel better and send internet hugs to me. Sometimes I would be so scared and I’d post a bulletin about it…and in response, so many people would message me telling me that it will be ok, that I just need to pray, sending me these “internet hugs” that just made me smile. And that is what got me through that year…

    I met a lot of great people at the site and for those who are still waiting, I continue to pray for our men and women out there…and for those whose stories I have heard end in sadness, I am so proud and greatful for the commitment that your loved one has made to our country.

    Thank you StrykerNews.

  125. My vote is for sgthook.com



  127. David B Hardt (*The Writer)

    I got wind of all this (black list group that was going on )and I just wanted to say that I support all those sites that have writers sharing the stories of the front line. Everyone has there supporters and thats great. I would like for the (Blacklist member) group that has been a huge supporter for the http://blog-ah.typepad.com/ to lay off and let this wonderful progrom to excell. I am so glad to see so many people support the art of vision.

    Keep the great work up.
    David Hardt (*The writer)
    I vote for all of the sites……………………….

  128. No more slamming (Blacklist boys).
    Sorry Hardt, we will stand down.

    Black Cat

  129. David B Hardt (*The Writer)

    Thanks Black cat, who ever you are…..I would assume your the ring leader.,,,,,of the (Blacklist boys)
    At any rate…………all these sites are for the greater cause……….Don’t get me wrong I love your mens support,,,,,,,,,,but this is a good site. I am humble and I would like for you to be the same

    Dave Hardt\

    give him props

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  131. I would like to vote for Blackfive.net. Thank you for helping our brave men and women. If I could, I would vote for all of them. :)

  132. My vote is for the awesome strykernews.com

  133. strykernews.com helped keep me sane while my son was deployed. Now his best friend is going to Bagdad and I’ll keep glued to the page for updates on his unit. Thank goodness for strykernews.com they have my vote.

  134. SgtHook is a must read!

  135. Hands down, all the way.

  136. There’s no other site 2 go to.

  137. I nominate Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com]

  138. Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com] All The Way!

  139. I never would have gotten by without The Stryker Brigade News when my son was in Iraq. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  141. Strykernews all the way

  142. My vote is for strykernews.com

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  144. My vote is for strykernews.com

  145. I vote for strykernews.com.

  146. January 22nd at 10:20
    My vote is for stykernews.com

  147. Vote for Strykernews! It was the only thing that kept me sane while my son was deployed. A refreshing respite from politics and rhetoric. Straight support and frienship. Period.

  148. Strykernews.com should be the honored one!

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  150. I vote for Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com].

  151. Jennifer J. Carroll

    I vote for Soldiers Perspective

  152. I vote for Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com].

  153. I vote for Stryker Brigade News [strykernews.com]

  154. I vote for the Stryker Brigade News.

  155. I vote for Stryker Brigade News.

  156. I vote for Stryker Brigade News–strykernews.com

  157. Stryker Brigade will always be a favorite resource for news while my son serves his country.

  158. I vote for Soldiers Perspective

  159. My Vote: Stryker Bridage News!! They are the best out there!!

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  162. I vote for soldier’s perspectives

  163. I just want to say THANKS to each and every MilBlogger out there for providing the country and the world the real news of what’s happening. Each of you are a winner in my books!

  164. I vote for soldier’s perspectives

  165. I vote for soldier’s perspective

  166. I vote for soldier’s perspective also, they are the best!


  167. I cast my vote for:


    Thanks for letting us vote for our favorite – the BEST!

  168. I vote for soldiers perspective.com

  169. I vote for soldiers perspective.com

  170. I vote for Strykernews.com

  171. I vote for this website as GWB is giving the State of the Union Address.

  172. An Unofficial Congrats to “A Soldiers Perspective”!

    Stryker Brigade News

  173. This website is a wife’s best friend during a deployment.

  174. I vote for Strykernews.com! Kudos!

  175. I would like to vote for the “Solider’s Perspective” blog.

  176. Strykernews.com is by far the best


  178. I vote for Strykernews.com

  179. I vote for Strykernews .com

  180. Stryker Brigade News all the way!

  181. This young man is an amazing person!! Not only does he let us into his life but he gives graphic details and has made me cry on several occasions. He is helping the poor people of Afghanistan and letting us know about it and trying to get us to help.. He doesnt complain about the war in Afghanistan but supports it and for that reason I think we should support him not only for this contest but in his mission to help out Afghanistan.. Keep fighting the good fight CPL Larkin!!

  182. I don’t know who’ll win or loose, but if there’s this many blogs, why isn’t there a concentrated voice for veterans?
    blackfive is a familiarand comfortable, but I just got a whole lot more input sources.

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