VA Loan Stats and Reports - New for 2009

There are many common misconceptions about the federal Veteran Loan Program. Below you will find basic information explaining how the program is used, as well as important stats and figures about the program for 2009.

Availability and Awareness

20% of Veterans remain unaware of the VA Loan Program

Of the nearly 24 million living Veterans, less than 10% have used a VA Loan.

Although nearly all Veterans are eligible for VA Loans, there are only 2.1 million VA Loans currently issued.

Nearly 20% of Veterans are not aware of the VA Home Loan Program.

Over the history of the program, 18 million VA Home Loans have been insured by the government.

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Qualifications and Typical Loans

Over 80% of VA Borrows don't qualify for a typical loan

Over 80% of VA Loan borrowers could not qualify for a conventional loan.

Because the VA understands the unique needs of Veterans, it has a different set of standards for helping those who've helped their country.

VA Home Loans are nearly identical to most conventional loans, but often offer many extra benefits.

The main factor that sets VA Loans apart from other loans is the no down payment requirement.

Over half of VA Loan borrowers cited not having to make a down payment as their main reason for taking out a VA Loan.

Another government program, the FHA, is trying to implement no down payment loans, but that is unlikely to happen. For Veterans, putting money down doesn't have to stand in the way of owning a home. In fact, many of the loan fees can even be packaged into the mortgage.

Who Benefits from VA Loans?

Census Bureau Statistics on VA Borrowers:

  • Less than 8% of Veterans are women. However, an overwhelming majority of homebuyers using the VA Loan Program are married couples. Spouses are highly involved in the buying process and are entitled to VA Loan benefits.
  • 39.5% of Veterans are aged 65 years of age and over. Elder homeowners and home buyers can benefit from the new Veterans Benefits Improvement Act, which allows for up to 100% cash out on a VA Refinance
  • Nearly 30% of US Veterans are disabled. When taking out a VA Loan, the funding fee (which can be up to 3.3% of the loan amount) is waived for disabled Veterans.
  • Although the number of Veterans nationwide is decreasing, Veterans living in the southern United States rose by nearly 7% over the course of a decade.
Over 80% of VA Borrows don't qualify for a typical loan

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act protects service members from financial woes that may occur as a result of active duty commitments. If a service member goes on active duty after his or her loan has closed, he or she may apply for relief and have the interest rate on the mortgage set at 6%. This rate applies as long as the service member is on active duty. The Act also provides protection against eviction if the service member's rent is less than $1,200 per month and also suspends civil court proceedings, such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Other VA Benefits

Along with VA Home Loans, Veterans are entitled to a number of other VA-backed benefits, including health and disability coverage and small business funding. Veterans interested in learning more about the many benefit programs currently being offered should visit The Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Funding and Future

The VA Home Loan program received nearly $6 billion in funding in 2008. VA funding remains strong for 2009. With arguably the best home financing option on the market today, military home buyers are expected to take advantage of this funding and be a driving force in the recovering housing market.

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Many people think they have to get their VA Loan through the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs does NOT lend money to borrowers; they simply guarantee the loans.

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