Selfless Service: Memories of a Medic

August 19, 2012 By
Posted in Selfless Service, Video

Medics have one of the most fulfilling and one of the most horrifying jobs on the battlefield. It is a job that is truly a double-edged sword. These brave men and women are able to directly help and sometimes save their fellow soldiers but also are able to help save the lives of innocents on the battlefield.

However that means they also see some of the worst carnage that weapons can produce on the human body. It is a job that is no easy to do and for many leaves an imprint on their soul and psyche. However they are highly revered and respected by those around them and by those who entrust themselves in the medic’s hands.

Larry Titzler was a medic in the Battle of the Bulge and recently he went on record to talk about some of the memories he still has of that time.

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